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2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment

2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment

2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment

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2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment
2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment

How to adjust headlights on Ford Expedition ?

If you experience you can’t see as well at night, or you experience you’re lighting too low, or too high
in all these cases, there’s only one part of your vehicle to take responsibility – your headlights, also identified as high beams.
Nevertheless this adjustment may seem easy thanks to the thumbwheel on your dashboard
a whole adjustment is much more complex than this basic manipulation
and in this article, we are going to see how to adjust the headlights of your Ford Expedition? To achieve this
first we will see why you need to adjust your high beams, and secondly how to adjust the headlights of your Ford Expedition.

Why adjust the headlights of your Ford Expedition?

So let’s begin our content page with the interest of adjusting the headlights of your Ford Expedition.
For many people, our headlights are adjusted good enough, and they seem to light up enough during the night.
However this is not always the circumstance and checking this setting, either because
the headlights on your Ford Expedition are not bright enough, or because you have the feeling that they are too weak is a good idea .

Adjusting the high beams of your Ford Expedition for safety

First of all, the headlight adjustment of a Ford Expedition must be conducted for a very easy safety motive.
Regardless it’s for you, or for the other users you come across during your night trips.
In fact, if you don’t see enough, the risk is to miss out an obstacle while traveling, or to predict a curve badly.
However, if your headlights are too strong, regardless if you are meant to switch to low beam lights
when you cross a car, the time needed to make this switch will generally expose the driver in front of you to the headlight beam of your Ford Expedition .
It is consequently important for others as well as for you to have an ideal adjustment of your headlights.

Adjusting the headlights of a Ford Expedition for legal reasons

In addition to safety, there is a law that regulates the power, the adjustment of motor vehicle headlights (articles R313-2 of the Highway Code)
here is what it specifies: have between 2 and 4 headlights that illuminate at minimum 100 meters.
Another legislation regulates their use, the European one (directive 76/756/EEC)
which stipulates that there is no maximum height for the adjustment of the headlights
but that the maximum width of the beam must be equivalent to that of the dipped headlights and that the maximum luminosity must be 225, 000 cd.

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How to adjust the headlights of a Ford Expedition?

We will now go forward to the part that interests you the most in this article
how to adjust the headlights of his Ford Expedition?
This adjustment may seem a bit complicated, but by following the guidelines you should have the ability to complete it without too much trouble.

Preparations to adjust the headlights of a Ford Expedition

First of all, you’ll need to prepare your vehicle to adjust your high beams in good conditions, here are the preparations to set up:

  • Place your vehicle on a surface in front of a white wall for example, about 4 or 5 meters from the wall.
  • Verify your tire pressure cautiously.
  • Verify that the height adjustment knob for the lights is set to 0.
  • Try doing that with half a full tank.
  • Take out all needless weight from the vehicle, just one person should be in the driver’s seat.

The headlight adjustment of his Ford Expedition

Once your car is in position, you will turn on your dipped beam and make a cross-shaped mark (one horizontal and one vertical section) in the middle of the beam that will be projected on the wall. Verify with a level that both parts of the cross are straight. Then back your vehicle up to a distance of between 7 and 10 metres. For the rest of the procedure here are the steps to follow:

  • Open your hood, identify the screws for horizontal and vertical adjustment of the headlights of your Ford Expedition (they are usually marked, and those on top must modify the verticality and the one on the side handles the horizontality of the adjustment).
  • Use a cloth or something else to hide the projector on which you are not making the adjustment.
  • Using the screws to make the horizontal adjustment, you should have the most intense part of the beam which should be a little to the right of the vertical line marked on the wall.
  • With regard to vertical adjustment, you will have to use the screw to try to position the upper end of the beam at the level of the horizontal marking on the wall, or slightly below.
  • Once finished, check that the headlights setting of your Ford Expedition is coherent, do not hesitate to check it after you have driven it, in some cases it may move.

2004 Ford Expedition Change a Fuel Filter

Ford’s Expedition has been the largest SUV in the Ford fleet since the manufacturer ceased production of the Excursion in 2005. The gasoline delivery system on the Expedition, in both the 4.6- and 5.4-liter engines, relies on an in-line fuel filter to trap contaminants before they reach the fuel rail and injectors. Like all filters, the fuel filter has a limit on how much it can trap before it either plugs or passes large amounts of debris — both outcomes are obviously detrimental to the performance of the Expedition. Ford recommends fuel filter replacement every 15,000 miles to avoid those outcomes.

Change a Fuel Filter

  • Start the Expedition. Remove the number nine fuse from the fuse panel which is located under the right side of the dashboard. Wait for the engine to stall out, remove the ignition key and reinstall the fuse. This depressurizes the fuel system.
  • Open the Expedition’s hood. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery using a battery wrench. Shove the cable end down on the side of the battery to prevent it from accidentally contacting the battery terminal.
  • Climb under the Expedition’s driver’s side, between the front and rear wheels with the drain pan and fuel line disconnect tool. Look up on the inboard side of the left frame rail to locate the fuel filter. If you can’t find it, simply follow the fuel lines from the fuel tank, forward along the frame until you see the filter.
  • Position the drain pan directly below the old fuel filter. Lift the fuel line retaining clips, located where the fuel lines meet the front and rear of the filter, out of their seats with the fuel line disconnect tool. Be careful with the clips as they break easily and are only replaceable by purchasing an entire new fuel line.
  • Pull the fuel line off the front and rear of the filter. Pull the old filter out of the retaining band and place it in the drain pan.
  • Slide the new filter into the retaining band, making sure the flow arrow printed on the side of the filter points toward the engine. Slide the fuel lines onto the front and rear of the new filter. Push the fuel line retaining clips down into place carefully, by hand.
  • Climb out from under the Expedition with the drain pan and old fuel filter. Wipe any gasoline off your hands with a clean rag. Reconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Turn the ignition key to the run position (one notch before you start the engine) and count to 10. Shut the key off.
  • Repeat Step 7 once more to fully prime the fuel system before starting the Expedition.
2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment
2004 ford expedition headlight adjustment

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