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2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value


With the Presidential One Dollar Coin Act of 2005, the US Mint proposed redesigning the Lincoln penny reverse to celebrate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln‘s birth.
Lincoln’s life symbolized in four versions created by the US Mint. In the first one, the cabin where this honorable man was born and spent his early years is depicted.

In spite of its low value, the 2009 Penny Log Cabin is a modern coin with a high mintage. Many pieces are still in mint condition, and collectors can choose from beautiful and
high-quality specimens. stay with solsarin to know more  about history of this coin

2009 Lincoln Log Cabin (Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky) penny value

Penny type Grade Price
2009 No Mint mark Bicentennial penny MS 67 $30
2009 No Mint mark Bicentennial penny with a satin finish MS 69 $60
2009 D Bicentennial penny MS 67 $30
2009 D Bicentennial penny with a satin finish MS 69 $50
2009 S Bicentennial proof penny PR 70 CAM $45


Log cabin history for 2009 Lincoln Pennies

In 2009, Lincoln pennies were minted with four different reverse designs, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

2009 Lincoln Penny – Birth and Early Childhood

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value
2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

It depicts a log cabin on the reverse and was designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Jim Licaretz. Lincoln’s birth and childhood were depicted on this first design.
On the Kentucky frontier, where he was born in 1809, this log cabin stands as a reminder of the humble beginnings of the 16th president.

2009 Lincoln Penny – Formative Years

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value
2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

Lincoln’s education is represented on this series of pennies as the second stage of his life. Lincoln worked as a rail-splitter in southern Indiana, where he lived.
He was engaged in plowing and logging, so he could not attend school. As depicted on this coin, where we see the president sitting on a cut log with a book, Charles Vickers designed it.

2009 Capital penny – Professional Life

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value
2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

The penultimate stage depicted is Abraham Lincoln’s working life after moving with his family to Illinois, where he also began to take an interest in politics. In fact, on the coin,
the future president can be seen in front of the State Capitol of Illinois statehouse, which recalls his work as a lawyer and politician before being elected president in 1861,
after having been elected in 1834 to the State General Assembly and in 1846 to the U.S. House of Representatives. Joel Iskowitz designed Lincoln as a lawyer and Don Everhart sculpted him.

2009 Lincoln Penny – Presidency

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value
2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

Between 1861 and his tragic assassination in 1865, Abraham Lincoln is primarily remembered for his presidency. As a reminder of this, the reverse of the coin shows the dome
of the U.S. Capitol being constructed at the time he was president during the Civil War. It is well known that the president declared the slaves free during this war, a fact for which
he is most remembered. The reverse was designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

As for the obverse, it retains the design of the pennies since 1909, with the bust of Lincoln facing right under the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST“, with the word “LIBERTY” to his left
and the year of mintage to the right. As we will see below, the mintmark would appear under the year if there was one.

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value
2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

Importance of the 2009 pennies’ Mint mark

A coin is manufactured at a mint. Each mint produces a different number of coins, which can make the price of the coin very different in certain instances. It is equally important to
consider the place of manufacture of the coin as the quality of its preservation.

Birthplace in Kentucky

The Philadelphia mint struck 284,400,000 pennies with Lincoln’s birth house on the reverse. The Denver mint struck 350,400,000 pieces with the D mint mark.

The US Mint symbolically released these coins on Lincoln’s 200th birthday, 12th February 2009, in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Formative years and youth in Indiana

In this coin variation, Lincoln is portrayed as a young man sitting on a tree trunk reading a book. The idea was to show that Lincoln reads even when he is not busy rail splitting.

On 14th May 2009, they were released in circulation in Lincoln City, Indiana, with a mintage of 363,600,000.

2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value
2009 penny lincoln sitting on a log value

A professional life in Illinois

The Philadelphia mint minted approximately 316,000,000 Lincoln pennies displaying Lincoln outside the State Capitol in Illinois, while the Denver mint struck 336,000,000 coins with
the same reverse design. On 13th August 2009 in Springfield, Illinois, these coins were released for public use.

Washington DC Presidency

The Philadelphia mint produced 129,600,000 pieces, while the Denver mint issued 198,000,000 pieces. This coin type was released in Washington, DC, on 12th November 2009.

Special strikes

Aside from the regular strikes minted in these two mints that year, you can find proofs struck in San Francisco. These coins are frosted with a mirror finish and are made of the original
alloy, like those minted in 1909.

In 2009, the US Mint produced 784,614 sets of Lincoln pennies with a satin finish as part of its uncirculated coin sets.

Features of the 2009 Lincoln Penny Log Cabin

Lincoln’s 200th birth anniversary presented the US Mint with a new opportunity to design the reverse of a coin to commemorate this famous American President’s 200th. As mentioned
above, four reverse coins were planned to commemorate Lincoln’s significant life stages:

  • Lincoln was born and grew up in Kentucky in the first part
  • His youth can be seen in the second photo
  • President’s professional life is considered in the third category
  • Lincoln’s presidency is depicted in the fourth

How do I know the quality of my 2009 D Penny?

A coin’s grade is an important factor, so its price increases exponentially as it becomes more valuable. This is especially true for coins that circulate a lot, such as cents. In order to know how well a coin is preserved, we need an expert eye that comes with time and experience. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to hire a TPG (Third Party Grading Service). Our coins are evaluated and scored by these companies based on their condition.


It is no secret that pennies are among the world’s most collected coins – you can buy all four 2009 penny designs commemorating Lincoln’s bicentennial for a small price in humble grades,
or for a few hundred dollars with a gradation that will impress your fellow numismatic enthusiasts.

Because they are so abundant, you will not have trouble finding them, and compared to other series or coins, they are really affordable.

A common coin in quantity, but a rare coin for commemorative purposes, this small collection of 2009 pennies is waiting for you.

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