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avengers movie series order

avengers movie series order

avengers movie series order

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avengers movie series order
avengers movie series order


It’s insanely simple to see all of the Marvel movies in chronological sequence with Disney Plus, which contains practically all of the most recent entries in the MCU. Our comprehensive guide on watching the Marvel movies in order outlines two basic approaches: you may recreate the theatrical experience by sorting by release date or watch them in chronological order to follow the Avengers on their journeys.

Marvel Movies in Order

Creating a Marvel movie chronology can be divided into two main approaches.  In the second option, the Marvel films are listed chronologically, following the events of each film. In addition, it would be beneficial to promote CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER to the top of the priority list and reorder Phase Three’s film slate in new ways. Here is our most recent tip for what to see when the Marvel movies come out.

Marvel Movie Release Order

First and foremost, here’s how to view the Marvel films in the sequence they were released. It’s important to remember that Marvel films are divided into Phases, with the completion of a Phase often signaling the conclusion of a plot arc that was previously established. Thus, the beginning of a Phase is marked by the arrival of new and noteworthy characters.

Captain America’s story begins in World War II, but by the time he awakens in current day New York, the story ends in the late 2000s. Nick Fury is the next character he meets. It is however not the first time we’re going to see the former head of SHIELD – that occurred in the 2008 film Iron Man, with events in that movie happening prior to the end of Captain America: Civil War.

We prefer to watch Marvel movies in the order that they were released, thus we watch them in chronological order. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will view them in their manner – some may even incorporate the TV episodes in their marathon binge-watching sessions. However, in our opinion, the solution to “how to watch the Marvel movies in sequence” is straightforward: binge-watch them in the order they were released.

The entire MCU in chronological order

If you want to follow the events of the MCU, you can’t watch the Marvel films and shows in the order they released. They’re not chronological. So, we’re showing you a different order – arranged by when the events happen. The MCU officially started in 2008 with Iron Man, but it’s not the first Marvel film you should watch. Start with Captain America: The First Avenger. It released in 2011 and is the fifth film from Marvel Studios. It begins in 1942 – decades before Iron Man.

We’re only featuring the Marvel feature films and the new Disney+ shows in this main chronological order. There will be a few spoilers. If you want to avoid that, go to the bottom of this guide for a list of every Marvel movie and TV show. Along with that list, we’ve compiled others.



Captain America: The First Avenger (2011 – movie)


avengers movie series order
avengers movie series order

Captain America is the fifth Marvel Studios film, with Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor all having films before Cap. But it’s the first film on our list because the events take place first – during World War II. We see the creation of the super-soldier portrayed by Chris Evans, as well as his first battle with Hydra and its leader Red Skull. The film also introduces the Tesseract, which we later discover is the first Infinity Stone, one of the powerful gems that control reality.


Captain Marvel (2019 – movie)

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The second film on our list hit theatres in 2019. In Captain Marvel, which is set in 1995, we see the titular hero Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, fall to Earth and begin a hunt for the shape-shifting Skrull aliens. There’s as much action here as there is nostalgia, especially if you’re a 90s kid, thanks to scenes with Blockbuster stores and even dial-up internet.


Iron Man (2008 – movie)

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According to the official Marvel timeline, Iron Man takes place in 2010. It’s all about genius/inventor/philanthropist/playboy Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. He is captured by a terrorist organization, the leader of which wants the latest weapons system designed by Stark. However, Stark designs something even more powerful to help himself escape: The first Iron Man suit.


Iron Man 2 (2010 – movie)

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The second Iron Man picks up where the first left off: Tony Stark grappling with his Iron Man identity being revealed. The government wants the technology behind his suit, and when Stark refuses to hand it over, another weapons manufacturer shows he’s willing to do anything to get his hands on it. This film also introduces fellow Avengers the Black Widow and War Machine.

Note: Technically, you could watch The Incredible Hulk before Iron Man 2. Marvel said The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, and Thor all happen around the same time – though The Incredible Hulk released a couple years before the others. Confusing, we know. We’ve followed Marvel’s official guidance, however, and recommend you watch Iron Man 2 first for consistency purposes.


The Incredible Hulk (2008 – movie)

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The Incredible Hulk follows Bruce Banner on the run from General Thunderbolt Ross and the US Military. Realising he can’t ever hope to control or contain the Hulk, Ross decides to create his own version of the Hulk using another soldier, but he quickly loses control. The Incredible Hulk stars Edward Norton, but Mark Ruffalo replaced him in 2012 and has been the big green man since.

Which order is best to watch?

While the basic plot makes sense regardless of how you watch the films, if this is your first time in the MCU, you should start by viewing them in the sequence they were released. It is the release order in which the films were released. Still, it also allows you to see the growth and refinement of the MCU narrative as Marvel Studios sorted out the bugs and mastered the art of making a Marvel movie throughout the time.

avengers movie series order
avengers movie series order

Watching the Marvel films in chronological sequence, on the other hand, is a rewarding experience if you’ve watched the majority of them or all of them. No part of the movie is altered as a result, but it is strange to see “Captain Marvel” so early and then wait for another 20 movies for Brie Larson’s character to be addressed again. However, it helps you appreciate how nicely Marvel refitted their prequel films into the established canon of the franchise.

  • MCU Non-marvel Movies

    We’ve arrived at the most perplexing part of the story: the multiverse. Thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home, we’ve seen a slew of Spider-Man villains from across the universe appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and properly comprehend everyone’s motivations and objectives in No Way Home, you’ll need to have seen a good number of prior Spider-Man films.

    In three alternate timelines, Tobey Maguire may or may not be Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield may be Spider-Man, and Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock may or may not become Venom.

    There’s also the minor issue of Netflix’s Marvel series having a tenuous presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’ll even be appearing on Disney Plus shortly. At the moment, they will remain out of the picture, but they will all occur after 2012’s Avengers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Marvel have a phase 5?
  • Phase 4 of the MCU begins today, and Marvel Studios is already looking ahead to Phase 5 and beyond with more than one Avengers team. Marvel Studios has teased the Avengers team for Phase 5 as Phase 4 begins.
    Marvel has three phases. What are they?


  • We learn about each of the Avengers in Phase 1. The second phase deals with the aftermath of The Avengers. Avengers: Age of Ultron (and the introduction of new heroes) set the stage for the horrifying Avengers: Infinity War, followed by Avengers: Endgame.
    Spiderman is in which phase of his life?
  • It has initially been planned that Ant-Man would be the first film of Phase Three. However, it was changed to be the last film of Phase Two. As a similar example, Spider-Man: Far From Home was initially designated to be the first film of Phase Four but was later renamed the last film of Phase Three.
  • What are the chances of an Avengers movie?
  • According to Kevin Feige, Avengers: Endgame will be the last Avengers movie. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, has called Avengers: Endgame the last Avengers film.
  • avengers movie series order
    avengers movie series order
    Is Black Widow’s sister going to join the Avengers?
  • Random Posts

  • Since Hawkeye made her feelings about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes clear, Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) likely will never become an Avenger. The Black Widow post-credits scene established Yelena’s intent to kill Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in New York City.

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