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body control module reset

body control module reset

body control module reset

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body control module reset
body control module reset


Modern cars are a fest for electronic systems. Compared to mostly mechanical old cars, newer cars are filled to the brim with sensors, controllers, actuators, and control modules. With the complications in technology that accompanied this change, modern cars have modern problems. If you are familiar with the meme world, you must know that modern problems need modern solutions. Body control module reset is one among them.

  • What Is BCM?
  • Where Is It Located?
  • Symptoms Of Failure
  • Body Control Module Reset Cost
  • DIY Fix

Body control module reset is the process of re-flashing the software in the BCM, short for Body Control Module. This is a central processing unit of the car that governs the functioning of many systems. It is a part of an elaborate system of ECUs (Electronic Control Units) in the car that includes Engine Control Module (ECM), Brake Control Module (BCM), Suspension Control Module (SCM), and more. A modern car can have more than 80 ECUs, which is a lot of computing power.

Here, let us focus on the Body Control Module. Body control module reset is done when you experience problems with any of the systems that it controls. A malfunction in these systems can be a sign that calls for a body control module reset. Before we delve into that, let us shift our focus to the BCM and the role it plays in an automobile.


As mentioned above, the BCM plays a vital role in the proper functioning of a car. Like every other ECU in a car, BCM takes input from several devices that include sensors. The information fed into the body control module is then processed to produce a favorable output. This video can help you understand all the ECUs in a car.

The significance of a body control module keeps on rising as modern cars use more and more electrical systems. These can include infotainment systems, driver information displays or dials, sunroof, keyless entry systems, lights, wipers, and so on. Though these systems may not have a direct link between them, a failure in the body control module can affect all.

The functioning of the BCM is like that of the Engine Control Module (ECM). But unlike the ECM, the body control module controls the systems that are external to the engine. So, if you are experiencing some engine-related issues, BCM may not likely be the culprit.

But if there is some problem with the vehicle’s electrical systems, the BCM is the one to nab. If you are interested in knowing what general 10 problems are the most likely to pop up on cars, you can read it here.


Just like many parts in an automobile, the body control module can be positioned in different locations in different models. But in most cars, you can find the BCM located under the dashboard. It is most likely located to the right side of your steering wheel, under the dashboard panel. In some cars, you may have to take apart some bits of the dashboard to reach it.

body control module reset
body control module reset

Once you reach the BCM, unplugging it is quite easy. There will be several wires plugging into the BCM. You will have to unplug them, an easy procedure, and the BCM can be slid out of its housing. But why should you go through all this hassle? The system issues in the car that calls for a body control module reset can be a headache, that is why. Allow us to introduce the symptoms that can be signaling the need for a body control module reset.


The symptoms that show up when a BCM runs faulty are understandably from the systems it controls. Here is a list of all such possible symptoms.


The body control module reset is made necessary when the BCM fails to conduct its task properly. The controlling of the electrical systems in a car is the primary task of the BCM. So, unsurprisingly the very first symptom of a fault in the BCM operation is a drop in the performance of any of these electrical systems.

If you see some of the systems including horns, lights, warning chimes, locks, dials, stereo, wipers, interior lamps, clock, odometer, etc. failing or operating incorrectly, it can be an issue with the BCM. Your body control module reset may be closing in.

These issues do not have to be a complete failure of an electrical system. Most early symptoms are usually trivial with no significant damage. For instance, if the clock, odometer, saved radio frequencies, etc. are getting reset every time you start your vehicle, your body control module reset may be coming up.


A drained battery can mean a plethora of things. It can be a failure with the alternator, or it can be a light that you forgot to turn off, or it can mean that the battery itself has died. Apart from these obvious issues, a fault with the BCM can also trigger battery drain.

This kind of battery drain is called parasitic drain as the battery has dried out even when not using it. When you turn a car off, there are some systems that leech some charge out of the battery under normal circumstances. These include your clock, security alarm, immobilizer, and radio presets. The battery is made to handle this drain, and these will not drink all the juice from it over a few nights.

But if the body control module reset is impending, this drain can be too much for the battery to handle. This can overload the battery and completely exhaust its reserves. So, the next time you encounter a dead battery, keep this in mind. Your body control module may be in need of a reset.


body control module reset
body control module reset

If you turn your car on and the instrument cluster lights up like it is Christmas, it can be a BCM issue. If one or two of those lights stay illuminated for a while, it can be an issue with those respective systems. For example, if the ABS light stays on for a while, you may want to check the ABS module. This is not an issue with the BCM.

But if the warning lights on the cluster start flashing on and off, the BCM may be to blame. This flashing can occur when the body control module is unable to read the sensors correctly. This is an obvious sign that a body control module reset is needed.

When this happens, you may also experience a drop in the vehicle performance as the body control module will communicate with other systems in the vehicle.



As a body control module reset is a process associated with electrical faults, a fuse box can be a place where problems can occur. The fuse box is likely one of the first casualties when an electrical issue crops up. This time too, it is not different.

Smoke coming out of the fuse box or a burnt smell can indicate overheating and failure of the fuse box. If this happens, get your vehicle checked by a professional. You may have repair bills coming your way.

Overheating of the fuse box or a failure in the fuse system can be an issue that calls for a body control module reset. On top of this, you will also need to fix whatever that went wrong with the fuse box.


Acceleration of a car will bring in some vibrations into the cabin of the vehicle. But if they go beyond a certain degree, it points at something that has gone wrong in the vehicle. Trouble inside the body control module can be a cause of excessive jerking or shaking.

This becomes more evident when you slam on the throttle. Under heavy acceleration, the jerking can be quite noticeable. If this happens, a body control module reset may be in order. But do not be mistaken. Severe jerking of the engine can be caused by several other factors as well. So, before you deduce a body control module reset, get the help of a professional. A trained eye can spot any other issue in the vehicle that can cause this jerking.


Just like the jerking of the engine, a reduction in the acceleration of the vehicle can hint at a body control module reset. But just like the jerking, a BCM issue is not the only problem that can reduce the pickup of a vehicle. So professional help is necessary to trace the issue back to its root cause.

A body control module reset may be all that you need to restore your vehicle’s original acceleration. If your luck is not that good, it can be some mechanical issue.


What Does A Body Control Module Do?

The body control module connects door locks, headlights and windshield wipers. It links many electronic vehicle features together and keeps them under central surveillance so that your automobile can operate them easily. Although there might not be much of a functional link between your gauge cluster and your power sunroof, in automotive design, having them all under one roof is a common practice.

Vital Symptoms That Call For Body Control Module Reset

On-time maintenance and servicing of the automobile are necessary to the highest degree. One should not ignore the symptoms or warning signs of a failing Body Control Module (BCM) system at all. Keeping the central system in good health will assist in enhancing the age of your car certainly. Several engine components or electronic supply gets disturbed in the engine sometimes. A well-maintained BCM system will help in identifying and curing the issue for sure.

Let us talk about the symptoms & troubleshooting of failed Body Control Module issue.

1. Burnt Fuse Box

body control module reset

The chief symptom that calls for Body Control Module reset is the burnt or overheated fuse box. If you ever see heat or smoke from the fuse box, make sure to take your car to a professional to avoid the troubles that might be coming your way. A burnt fuse box or failed BCM system can cost you to fortune. Do not ignore this symptom at all. The professional will identify the matter before beginning the troubleshooting process.



2. Jerking Or Shaking

The car starts to produce jerks and shakes if the BCM is not in good condition. It usually happens when you accelerate the car at a higher speed. Your vehicle will become jerky as long as you push the accelerator to increase the speed. One might have to follow the expert maintenance tips for avoiding this dilemma. The mechanic will make things perfect again by repairing or removing the damaged parts.

3. Jammed Electronic Supplies

Trouble inside the BCM system can cause problems to electronic circuits and supplies. One might face some issues while locking or unlocking the doors, windows, and other electrical appliances. Music system and Ac of the car may not work smoothly like before. Retuning the clock and radio frequencies every time you start the engine is also the vital symptoms that necessitate Body Control Module reset in no time.

4. Disturbed Pick-up

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Pick-up of the car gets disturbed when the BCM system is not working properly. You might have to face the issue regularly if not cured on time. The issue generally occurs while you accelerate the car on a higher speed. A professional will examine the pickup by own before troubleshooting the entire module system.


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