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can a tens unit strengthen muscles

can a tens unit build muscle

can a tens unit strengthen muscles

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can a tens unit build muscle
can a tens unit build muscle


Where TENS is USED ?!

Why TENS Doesn’t Tone

When to avoid TENS?

can a tens unit strengthen muscles
can a tens unit strengthen muscles

What is the Adaptation of TENS?

Where to place Electrodes of TENS?

“It is like your Physiotherapist knows Electrotherapy better then your Google knowledge”

Can a TENS unit build muscle?

What you need is an electric muscle stimulator (EMS).

TENS and EMS devices look very similar, both use electrode pads and mild electrical impulses, but there are some big differences.

EMS machines stimulate motor nerves, causing muscles to contract, rather than impacting on pain signals.

The programs on an electric muscle stimulator are created with the intention of causing muscle contractions, making them more effective for muscle building and rehabilitation.

Muscle Cramps

Overuse of muscles is one of the main causes of cramps.

EMS can stimulate overused muscles, helping them to recover without any exertion.

Respondents who experienced cramping at least once a week, were the subject of a 2018 research project.


Retrains Muscles

can a tens unit strengthen muscles
can a tens unit strengthen muscles

Amazingly, electrical muscle stimulation can even retrain muscles following an injury.

Some evidence was found to show that the treatment can increase voluntary function in partially paralyzed muscles.

That’s because the repetitive stimulating pulses effectively help to teach the body how to operate the muscles again.

Improves Cosmetic Muscle Tone


Age-related loss of muscle mass is what contributes to the aging of the human face.

The use of an EMS facial device for 12 weeks, led 80% of test subjects to report improved firmness, tone and lift, with a significant increase in muscle thickness!

Preserves Muscle Mass

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Critically ill patients in intensive care can struggle to preserve muscle mass, as they’re unable to take part in active exercise.

Electrical muscle stimulation provides a way to work those muscles, without any limb movement.

A study in Greece showed that muscle mass decreased significantly less in intensive care patients when they received daily EMS treatments.

Human data


With respect to stimulation modalities, a broad variation has been reported. Based upon several review articles, Paillard concluded that following criteria with respect to efficiency and comfort should be taken into account:


the stimulation current should be biphasic, large pulses (between 300–450 μs), high frequency (50–100 Hz in young and around 30 Hz in older individuals), the electricity should be applied using surface electrodes, the relaxation time between the pulses should be at least equal the stimulation time, intensity should be as high as individually tolerated, and a minimum of three sessions per week for at least 5–6 weeks.


Following these principles, a significant gain in muscle mass and function can be expected.

can a tens unit strengthen muscles
can a tens unit strengthen muscles

Based on the evidence available in the current literature, we may conclude that EMS is safe and would limit or reverse the sarcopenic process and its structural alterations by modulating molecular processes involved in atrophy development.


EMS seems to increase muscle mass and functional properties of limb muscles, but adding EMS to conventional exercise training programs is still discussed controversially.


Therefore, EMS may be a valuable tool to treat sarcopenic or CHF patients who do not qualify (comorbidities, or advanced or end‐stage heart failure) or comply with conventional exercise training programs.

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