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can chickens eat pistachios

can chickens eat pistachios

can chickens eat pistachios

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can chickens eat pistachios
can chickens eat pistachios

Sharing your kitchen scraps and leftovers with your flock is a great way to vary their diet, especially when winter has killed the grasses and bugs they usually forage upon.

What can chickens eat? What treats are toxic or poisonous to your birds? Can chickens eat that?

For the ultimate list of what you can and can’t feed your flock, keep reading! And if you’d like to save this list for later, you’ll find a form below to have a printable version of this list sent straight to your inbox (or save it to your computer to reduce paper usage).

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Table of Contents

The Best Treats For Chickens

One of my favorite treats for chickens is mealworms. Mealworms are high in protein, making them the perfect treat during molt.

It is also a ton of fun to watch chickens gobble up mealworm snacks!

I think that everyone with chickens should raise their own mealworms. It’s very easy, inexpensive and (I think) fun. By raising your own, you’ll have an unlimited supply for your flock.

If you choose not to raise mealworms, try to avoid freeze dried mealworms. These are often raised in China and fed things like styrofoam, which is not something I’d want to feed my ladies!

While I raise mealworms, I LOVE Rainbow Mealworms. They are a great company and have the cheapest live mealworms I’ve found. They also have lots of other feeder insects, and even have a Chicken or Duck Sampler Pack filled with goodies.

Save 10% at Rainbow Mealworms with this special link.

Download The Ultimate List

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What Can Chickens Eat

Are you wondering what foods your chickens can eat? Well, you are in luck!

Chickens are omnivores and can safely eat and digest most meats, insects, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. However, there are a number of things that chickens cannot eat and are poisonous.

At the end of the list, you can find more detailed information about the treats and foods listed.

Are Apple Seeds Safe For Chickens

No, apples seeds are not safe for chickens as they contain trace amounts of cyanide. If they happen to eat a few seeds, it should not be a cause of panic. However, chickens should not be allowed to eat a lot of apple seeds.

Are Elephant Ears Poisonous To Chickens

can chickens eat pistachios
can chickens eat pistachios

Yes, Elephant Ears (also called Taro) are poisonous to chickens.

The Elephant Ear leaves contain small needle like crystals called raphines.

These raphines are made of calcium oxalate stored in special plant cells known as idioblast cells. When the leaves are damaged (by being pecked or eaten), the plant released the raphine crystals from the idioblast cells.

The raphines can cut into the linings of the mouth, esophagus and stomach. Raphines also contain a toxic protein that causes pain and tissue damage.

Source: PoultryDVM’s Toxic Plant Finder

Can Chickens Eat A Chicken Carcass

Yes, chickens can eat cooked chicken. While it may sound cannibalistic, chickens are omnivores and can safely eat and digest most meats.

For safety, any chicken you offer your flock should be cooked. Uncooked chicken could transmit disease or make them sick.

Can Chickens Eat A Whole Fish

Yes, chickens can eat a whole fish, including raw fish carcasses, heads, bones, skin, fins and guts. Do not feed chickens a heavily buttered or deep fried fish, as it is too fatty for them.

Can Chickens Eat Acorn Squash

Yes, chickens can eat acorn squash, either raw or cooked. Chickens can eat all parts of the acorn squash, including the seeds and the skin. Squash in general is a very healthy, nutritious treat for chickens.

Can Chickens Eat Acorn Squash Seeds

Yes, acorn squash seeds are safe and healthy for chickens to eat.

Can Chickens Eat Acorn Squash Skin

Yes, chickens can eat acorn squash seeds.

Can Chickens Eat Acorns

No, chickens can not eat acorns as they are toxic. Acorns, oak leaves, buds and twigs should all be avoided. Young leaves and freshly fallen acorns have the most tannins and are therefore the most toxic to chickens.

Tannins (tannic acid) can cause damage to a chicken’s gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Are There Nuts You Should Stay Away From?

As you can imagine, not all nuts are safe for chickens. In particular, there are two types of nuts that you should stay away from at all costs. The first is acorns.

Acorns are highly toxic to your chickens, and even just a few of them could cause issues. So if you have an acorn tree on your property, you might want to keep your chickens far from it.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from the macadamia nut. These nuts aren’t toxic, but they are almost purely fat. So they are the most unhealthy and can cause your hens to gain weight quickly. So if you have table scraps from your macadamia cookies, you might want to think twice.

What About Peanuts?

You might have noticed that we haven’t mentioned the peanut yet. Peanuts are one of the special nuts that you should take caution with. Raw peanuts with green skins contain the same toxic elements as green potatoes. But as with potatoes, there is a way around this.

can chickens eat pistachios
can chickens eat pistachios

To ensure that the peanuts are safe for your hens, you will want to shell and inspect them for imperfections. If the peanuts are moldy or going bad, it’s best to toss them. Then you will spread the peanuts across a cookie sheet and cook them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

Remember to stir them periodically to make sure that all of the peanuts get cooked. Once the nuts finish roasting, they are safe for your chickens to eat. Cool them and toss a handful out for your chickens to have a great treat.

If this seems like a lot of work, you might consider buying roasted peanuts. But remember that most roasted peanuts are also salted, so you will still have to soak the nuts for 10 minutes. But it could cut back on a bit of work.

How Often Can I Feed Nuts?

Can you feed chickens nuts? Yes. But how often? Nuts are a healthy treat that you need to use only in moderation. As a general rule, treats should never consume more than 10% of your flock’s diet. However, that doesn’t mean that your chickens can eat 10% nuts and be ok.

You should only give even the healthiest nuts in small amounts. No more than 1-2 times a week is perfect for your chickens. And let’s not forget that most of these nuts only need to be fed a few per chicken at a time. Anything more than a couple could lead to obesity.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Nuts?

So if nuts are a healthy snack, you might be wondering can chickens eat nuts if they are young? Like most treats, baby chicks shouldn’t have them until they are old enough.

With something as high calorie as the nut, you should wait until your chicks are at least four weeks old. Otherwise, your chicks will fill up on fatty food and not keep up with proper development.


Can you feed chickens nuts? We don’t see why not. As long as you monitor that your chickens aren’t eating too many treats, your chickens will love them. And you will love the benefits feeding a varied diet will give you.

More eggs, beautiful birds, and delicious meat are all in your future. We think that makes the nut a good food for any chicken owner to feed.

Can Chickens Eat Adzuki Beans

Yes, chickens can eat adzuki beans as long as they are cooked. Chickens must never be fed dry beans which contain hemagglutinin (causes blood clots) and can be fatal.

Can Chickens Eat Alfalfa Greens

Yes, chickens can eat alfalfa greens. Alfalfa is a healthy treat that can increase the omega-3s in their eggs, improve gut health, and increases the fiber in their diet.

Can Chickens Eat Alfalfa Seeds

Yes, chickens can eat alfalfa seeds.

Can Chickens Eat Almond Butter

can chickens eat pistachios
can chickens eat pistachios

Yes, chickens can eat almond butter. Try to limit or avoid butters with sugar or salt, as it is not healthy for them.

Can Chickens Eat Almond Flour

Yes, chicken can eat almond flour.

Can Chickens Eat Almond Meal

Yes, chickens can eat almond meal.

Can Chickens Eat Almond Milk

Yes, chickens can drink almond milk.

Can Chickens Eat Almond Pulp

Yes, chickens can eat almond pulp.

Can Chickens Eat Almond Skins

Yes, chickens can eat almond skins.

Can Chickens Eat Almonds

Yes, chickens can eat almonds.

Can Chickens Eat Ant Eggs

Yes, chickens can eat ant eggs, as long as the ant colony was not exposed to poison.

Can Chickens Eat Anything

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Chickens are omnivores and can safely eat and digest most meats, insects, fruits, nuts and vegetables. However, there are a number of things that chickens cannot eat and are toxic.

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