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closest beach to kentucky

closest beach to kentucky

closest beach to kentucky

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Even with the lack of oceanfront shores and beaches in Lexington itself, Kentucky does not fail to deliver in a myriad of options for vacation spots.

Whether you’re looking for lake beaches that include a ton of recreational activities, secluded sandy dunes for intimate spots, or soft shores encompassed in a sea of lush landscapes, we might have the perfect beach recommendation for you.

So ready your bags, tanning lotion, swimsuits, and trunks, as we take you through our list on the best beaches near Lexington, KY.

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park’s white sand dunes, along with it’s tranquil and accessible location makes it an amazing spot for quick beach getaways from Lexington.


Why We Recommend this Beach

Among the most picturesque beaches out there, this destination offers a wide array of activities. Take a dip into the pristine waters of Pennyrile Lake, cruise around on paddle boats, go hiking, horseback riding, and biking on the many nature trails for an unforgettable trip.

Expert Tip

This beach sits on a high cliff overlooking the entirety of Pennyrile Lake so make sure to watch out for amazing sunsets.

Closest Beach to Louisville Ky | Discover Which Are Those Spots

While talking about beaches and oceans, it feels like diving in the water at the spot. Our world is covered with uncountable oceans, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, etc. It’s sure that when you travel to Kentucky you must go to the closest beach to Louisville Ky. But do you know what is the closest beach to Louisville Kentucky? Yes, we are going to discuss something very interesting, so that when you visit Louisville you will not miss any of the beauty there. Hurry up, scroll down this travel guide and explore the world with me.

What Is The Closest Ocean Beach To Louisville, Kentucky?

Kentucky is quite far from ocean beaches. However, the nearest ocean is the Atlantic. Myrtle SC is one of the closest beaches to Louisville Ky depending on its location in Kentucky. I advise you to read this blog thoroughly. Here you will learn everything about the closest ocean beach to Louisville Kentucky. Moreover, you will also get to know about other diving and recreation areas inside the land.

Myrtle is the closest beach to Louisville, KY, according to the virtual mapping system. It is in Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is about 300 miles from Louisville, KY, to Lake Michigan. Let’s know more about the closest beaches to KY.


Beaches On Lake Michigan

The Oak Street Beach

It is the most popular beach in Chicago. It is amazingly smooth. Its clear enclosing footways makes it an ideal spot. People love roller skating, skateboarding, and cycling.


Loyola Leone Beach

Indeed, the longest beach in Chicago. It is ideal for swimming lovers. Only some beaches open at 9.30 am in the summer.

closest beach to kentucky
closest beach to kentucky

The Evanston Beaches

There are about 5 beaches found in Evanston. They are located in the north of Chicago city. They have a lovely view of the centre of Chicago.

Find out more about things to do in Michigan as a tourist.


Florida Pan Handle – Closest Florida Beach To Louisville, Ky

While going to the South, The Florida panhandle is the closest beach to Louisville. It carries Pensacola, Panama City Destin, etc. However, if you go East, you will meet Virginia Beach. There are no more beaches that are pretty close. All beaches are hundreds of miles far. It will take a whole day to drive there.

If you want to enjoy Michigan lake beaches while travelling to Louisville, you have to spend nearly 9 hours via car. However, if you travel to Michigan by air, you need three hours by plane and an hour a car ride.


Distance From Louisville To Myrtle By Road

When thinking about what is the closest beach to Louisville Kentucky, you must assess the distance too. The whole drive to Myrtle Beach, SC, the closest beach to Louisville Ky is 1056 kilometres, about 656 miles. If you want to go by road, you should calculate the whole journey from Louisville, KY to Myrtle Beach, SC. It will help you to know your arrival time at your location.

You should also assess the driving cost from Louisville, KY, to Myrtle Beac, SC. It is based on the latest regional fuel rates and your car’s best mileage. You will need to stay nearly overnight in a lodge because your journey will be too long. Just find the city midway among Louisville, KY, and Myrtle Beach, SC. If you plan to travel by plane to the closest beach to Louisville Ky rather, it will make your distance much closer.

closest beach to kentucky
closest beach to kentucky

Beaches In Kentucky

There are not many shores and recreation zones in Kentucky. Kentucky does not fringe water. The swimming spots there include parks, lakes, and resorts. These beaches are truly fun for people. However, they are not ocean beaches.


Lakes In Kentucky

Kentucky is a place people would think they can find a beach. But! The Bluegrass Region has big blows. Though we don’t have sultry trees and fruits, we own wondrous beaches on some lovely lakes. There, visitors to this fair land can:

  • Rest
  • Do fishing
  • Take sunbath
  • Make camp in shelters or a tent
  • Dive
  • Splash
  • Enjoy the beauty

Let’s talk more about the closest beach to Louisville Ky:

Nowadays, time is narrowing many slants of life. Please get proper care or attach them to your to-do list to scan in future. While we proceed to highlight targets that give you a wonderful trip ahead.


Best Closest Ocean Beach To Louisville Ky For Swimming

In Kentucky, you can visit a strong roster of great floating beaches. The most seen of them covered:

Cherokee State Park/Kenlake State Resort Park

This is a family resort park on the closest ocean beach to Louisville Ky. It is found inside a large resort park called Kenlake State Park. It allows diving, trawling, hiking, hot bath, and other pleasant actions.


Pennyrile State Park

This state park is in lake Dawson Springs. It has shelters and lodging to provide the traveller with comfort. You can handle everything along with the beachside fun.

The Green River

Green River is in eastern Kentucky. It has a stunning beach circling with calm water. So it is ideal for swimming or netting. However, many people don’t imagine it as a beach. They feel it is a river. The Green River grants lots of fun and natural surprises as other lovely beaches in Kentucky. You will see a swarm of green turtles there too.


The Moors Resort And Marina

In the Gilbertsville section of the closest beach to Kentucky, there is a little slice of heaven called Moors resort. It allows camping, floating, fishing, and loads of leisure for people.


Barren River Lake

It is a great family beach. Not only for swimming, but you can also do picnics, sunbathe, and play games at this superb state park.


Buckhorn Lake

Another one is Buckhorn Lake. It is situated in eastern Kentucky. Buck is great for divers and sunbathers.


Lake Malone

In western Kentucky, you will find Lake Malone. It is a huge lake with loads of shorelines and the best swimming spots. The water in the lake is fresh, cool and ever refreshing.

closest beach to kentucky
closest beach to kentucky


Carr Creek State Park

This gorgeous lake in Kentucky bears a damp surface. It is great! The area of the lake is 700 acre. It has room for fishing, diving and sunning. Enough like others, now it is up to you how you host yourself.

Besides, there are several little banks, lagoons, and parks on the closest beach to Louisville Ky. In all of them, Cumberland Falls State Park has no swimming rights. It has an Olympic size pond for visitors. Cumberland Falls is known as a resort to the largest waterfall in the U.S., after Niagara Falls.

Any Activity You Want To Do, You Can Do In Kentucky

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Boating
  • Hiking
  • Landscape photography
closest beach to kentucky
closest beach to kentucky
Photography In Kentucky

The closest beach to Louisville Ky is insanely photogenic. Any quick trip you can spot will catch you to breathtaking views. You can camp here to see unusual panoramas and wake up to the charming forest of Kentucky. A lovely state with tonnes to achieve!

Other pastime liveliness holds stuff like snow sledging during the cold breeze. However, there is not too much snow in the State during the summertime when the warmth is close. There are many sprinkles and falls to examine in the hot season! Still, the chances are unlimited after getting knowledge about what is the closest beach to Louisville Kentucky.



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Though Kentucky is famous for its lovely beaches, indeed it is! The Bluegrass State that also has the closest beach to Louisville Ky offers much fun to its tenants and visitors. There are artistic beaches in Kentucky for you. Relish swimming, casting, camping, or relaxing with nature and peace. Rich forests and vivid rock deposits enclose these beaches. However, some have pretty cavern systems too!



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