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discount formula in excel

discount formula in excel

discount formula in excel

The Excel program can be used in a variety of different places to get your work done.

An Excel file or table can be prepared using a formula.

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about excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program and part of the Office product group.
An Excel spreadsheet can be formatted, organized and calculated using Microsoft Excel.

As data is added or changed, data analysts and other users can organize the information using software such as Excel. Cells in Excel are arranged in rows and columns in rows and columns. Cells with data are placed here.

Microsoft Office 365 and Excel are part of the Microsoft Office suite and are compatible with each other. Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows versions of the spreadsheet software are all available.

Examples of Excel’s use

Business settings are most likely to use Excel. Business analysis, human resource management, operations management, and performance reporting are all examples of applications.
In Excel, a large number of cells are formatted in a way to organize, manipulate, and solve mathematical problems.
Formulas, pivot tables, and graphing tools can be used to arrange data in a spreadsheet.
Visual Basic for Applications is another macro programming language available in the spreadsheet application.

Defining Excel terms and components

New users may not understand Excel’s terminology for its components right away. There are several components and terms involved in this process, such as:

The cell.

Columns and rows intersect in a cell, which contains data entered by the user.

Identifying the cell.

Cell coordinates are the location of a cell. Each row is numbered horizontally, while each column is labelled vertically.

A cell that is active.

A green box surrounds the currently selected cell.

An Excel spreadsheet.

Excel files contain worksheets.

An example worksheet.

The following are the different documents that make up a Workbook.

Tab for worksheets.

  • In the spreadsheet, you’ll find these tabs on the bottom left.

The headings of columns and rows.

Outside of the columns and rows, these cells are numbered and lettered. You can highlight an entire row or column by selecting a header.

Using a formula.

A formula is a mathematical equation, cell reference, or function that can be placed inside a cell to produce a value. A formula must begin with an equal sign (“=”).

An alphabetic formula bar.

Input values or formulas are entered in cells using this long input bar. It is located at the top of the worksheet, next to the “fx” label.

Bar with the address.

A number and letter coordinate is displayed in this bar to the left of the formula bar.


Users can use these rules to display rows in a worksheet. Located at the top of the home bar under “Sort & Filter,” this option displays rows with values matching specific criteria.

Automated filling.

Data can be automatically copied to multiple cells using this feature. When two or more cells are selected in a series, the user can drag the bottom right corner down to autofill the rest.

Using autosum.

Multi-value addition is enabled by this feature. The user can add cells by selecting them and pressing Alt and Equal. Also, a button to enable this feature can be found in the top right corner of the home page, above “Fill.”

Table pivoting.

Using this tool, you can automatically sort and calculate data. On the far left, there is an insert tab.

Chart with pivots.

Graph representations of the data are provided in this chart, which acts as a visual aid to the PivotTable. Near the maps on the insert page, it is located underneath the middle.

Information derived from sources.

Using this information, a pivot table is created.

discount formula in excel

In a pricing system, a discount is a term that is added to the selling price to increase sales. The discount calculation system is widely used in Microsoft Excel all over the world. I will show you how to calculate the discount in Excel.

How to Calculate Discounts in Excel: 2 Simple Methods

1. A formula for calculating discount prices in Excel 

For excel users, getting the discount price is as simple as applying a formula.

Suppose we have a dataset with the selling price of a mobile selling shop’s products and the discount percentages it offers due to the festival. A formula will be used in the workbook to calculate Discount Price. My following formulas will help you to figure out how much to discount.

 Use Subtraction Formula

A simple subtraction formula can be used to determine the discount price.

Steps to follow:

  • Decide which cell you want to select. In this case, I will apply the formula to cell (F5).
  • To continue, press Enter.
  • Fill all the cells by pulling the “fill handle” down.

This way we will get the discount price for all products.

discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel
discount formula in excel

Multiply by the formula

Our discount price can be calculated using the multiplication formula.

Steps to follow:

  • To apply the formula, choose a cell (F5).
  • Hit the Enter
  • You can get the precious output by dragging the “fill handle” down.
  • In Excel, you can also calculate discount using the variables Selling Price and Discount Percentage.

2. Calculate Discount Percentage in Excel Using Formula

You may sometimes be offered a discounted price in Excel. To calculate the discount percentage, you need to use two variables at that point: the sales price and the discount percentage.

Imagine we have a data set that contains sale prices and discount prices for different products. Now the discount percentage will be calculated.

2.1 Divide the original price by 2.1


Calculating the discount percentage using this method is the easiest method. Divide the price difference by the selling price to get the price difference.


  • Choose a cell. Here I have selected cell (F5) to apply the formula.
  • Finally we got our discount percentage in our desired column.

2.2 Subtract from One

Here is a formula for calculating the discount percentage.

Steps to follow

  • The formula should be written in cell F5.
  • Press the Enter key.
  • The “fill handle” must be pushed down to fill the container.
  • Excel makes it easy to calculate discounts.


    My goal in this article was to cover all the simple methods for calculating discount in Excel.  Thank you and I hope it’s useful to you.

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