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does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada

does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada

does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada

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does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada
does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada


As the cost of auto insurance throughout Canada continues to rise from one year to the next, car owners across the country are eager for ways to save money. The good news is, there are many ways to cut back on your car insurance spending without compromising your personal and financial safety in the event of an accident. Sometimes, car insurers will give you deals just for being you!

Car insurance premiums reward long term safe drivers. This means that it can take years to build a solid enough driving record that will drive your car insurance rates down (and that young drivers are deemed generally less reliable for car insurance companies). Given this bias, car insurance plans try and open up different savings opportunities, some targeted towards young drivers and others towards more experienced motorists.

Safety discounts

When shopping for cheaper car insurance, it is important to realize that some of the control is in your hands. Remember, car insurance companies are always looking for reassurance that you are a responsible and careful driver. Basically, they are always looking to make sure you are going to cost them as little as possible in insurance claims. When we think of responsible car ownership, we usually think of responsible driving, but your behaviour on the road is just one way in which you can reassure your car insurance provider.

Bundle home & vehicle policies

This discount is applied if you purchase more than one form of insurance from the same provider. The most popular bundle (you have most likely seen these offers because they are so aggressively advertised) is combined  charls home and auto insurance. A couple of things to keep in mind here.

First, Bundling is appealing to insurance companies because it allows them to “lock in” their clients. This is similar to how Apple attempts to make its customers dependent on other Apple products: it’s easier to get an iPhone to sync with your Apple TV and your Apple watch as opposed to a Samsung. However, if you like Apple products, this isn’t a problem in the slightest. Similarly, if you are happy with your car insurer’s services, a bundle might be ideal.

How Much Does Driving School Take Off Your Insurance?

There are a number of factors that go into calculating car insurance rates. In general, driving school will take ten percent off of insurance rates. This can add up to large savings as young drivers are consider high risk drivers with them frequently paying huge insurance premiums.

does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada
does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada

There are a number of other ways that driving school helps out reduce insurance rates. A G2 driver who takes driving school can graduate to a G licenses driver after eight months instead of the usual twelve months. G2 drivers frequently pay more than G licensed drivers. This means that a driver can reduce the amount of time they pay higher insurance rates by four months. It is important to remember that different insurance companies offer different levels of driving school discounts so it the actual amount reduced will vary on a driver by driver basis.


You Could Receive Cheaper Car Insurance By Way Of A Discount

The most direct way that driving schools save money on auto insurance is by receiving a discount from insurance providers. This process requires you to show a driver training certificate to your insurance company. The insurance company should then offer you a discount.

You should also consider a driving school insurance discount when shopping for car insurance. Most insurance companies will list their discount on their site if not the company should be able to tell you about their driving school discount by calling them.

One good option is to check with your insurance company before taking driving school course as  this will allow you to know if they will offer you an insurance discount if you do take the course and vice versa if they do not offer a discount.


How Much Does A Typical Driving School Cost?

The average cost of attending driving school is six hundred dollars. While it is possible to shop around in order to find a cheaper driving school this six hundred dollar cost should be considered an investment towards getting cheaper car insurance.

An example of savings would be a seventeen year old driver who would receive average car insurance rates of $6,870 per year without driving school and $5,181 per year with driving school. This would result in yearly savings of $1,689 per year. This makes it well worth the six hundred dollars that driving school costs. A seventeen year old driver would face close to the same rates for a three year period. This means that driver’s school could result in savings of $5,067 over the course of a three year period. This makes getting a driver training certificate a very attractive investment.


Find An Approved Driver Training School

You must use an MTO approved driving school in order to receive the benefits of a driving school and there are a number of MTO approved driving schools in Ontario for you to choose from. Here is the most up to date list of approved driving schools which can be filtered to your location.

When looking at different driving schools it is important to look at the specific details of the school. This can include such things as the length of a course, the cost, and the times when a course is held. This will ensure that you are able to successfully complete driving school while spending as little money as possible.


What Is Driving School Like?

What driving school is like depends upon the particular driving school. Most driving schools will include a review of the rules of the road, how to properly handle a vehicle, and the process of moving through the licensing process. This is a good way for drivers to learn the information they will need in order to be successful on their official driving tests.

Many driving schools will also take drivers out on the road. This gives them the chance to practice driving with an experience driver who can properly teach them. This is important as many beginner drivers do not have the chance to learn how to perform maneuvers such as parallel parking or driving on highways.

Young Drivers Can Save On Insurance By Taking A Drivers Ed Course

Driving school is generally a good idea for the majority of young drivers. This is because it allows you to save a significant amount of money. Driving school also allows drivers to get their full G license quicker. This can make it much more convenient for families and young people.

does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada
does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada

Not forgetting one of the most obvious benefits of driving school is that it makes young drivers, safer drivers which should reduce the risk of them being involved in an accident and then having higher insurance rates.

Traffic School Made Simple

We’ve collaborated with driver education professionals and learning theory experts to create a program that not only maximizes knowledge retention, but engagement and fun as well. The course includes a number of techniques that make learning easy and enjoyable, such as animated 3D video clips, interactive graphics, and easy-to-understand subject matter.

These materials are spread out through 8 chapters focusing on single subjects for easy learning and quick completion. Topics include:

  • Colorado Traffic Law
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • The Basics of Safe Driving
  • Common Road Signs

Each chapter ends with a multiple-choice quiz that pulls 10 easy questions right out of your lesson material. You must score an 80% or higher to move onto the next chapter, but don’t sweat it too much – you have unlimited attempts to pass.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll take a 25-question, multiple-choice final exam. Just like your end-of-chapter quizzes, you have unlimited chances to score an 80% or better on your test – you’re practically guaranteed to pass.

Earn an Auto Insurance Discount

Did you know that many insurance companies will give discounts to drivers who voluntarily take a Colorado defensive driving course? To find out if you qualify, contact your insurance agent today. Taking our course can make you a better driver and save you money!

Fast, Convenient Certificate Delivery – for Free!
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When you finish your online driving course, you need your completion information as soon as possible – and we won’t keep you waiting! Once you complete your course, and we will process your information the very same day. We deliver your completion certificate for free via email.

does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada
does defensive driving course reduce insurance in canada
You Always Have Support

When you take an I Drive Safely traffic school course, you are never more than a phone call away from our Customer Support Team. If you have questions about the course, your certificate of completion, or anything else about Colorado traffic school or traffic laws, give us a call and one of our driver’s education representatives will assist you. Our team is available to you 7 days a week so feel free to call when you need a question answered.

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