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emperador light alcohol content

emperador light alcohol content

emperador light alcohol content

There’s nothing wrong with a little emperador ; we’re not here to judge!

Don’t go too far, but enjoy yourself and let go of your worries.
What is the amount of alcohol in emperador  that will get me drunk? what is emperador light alcohol content ? Solsarin will help you!

Emperador brandy

emperador light alcohol content
emperador light alcohol content

Alliance Global Group’s subsidiary Emperador Inc., which owns 81% of the brandy company, produces the Emperador brand of cut brandy and brandy.
The Philippine Stock Exchange trades Emperador Inc.
shares under the symbol “EMP”. Philippine consumers primarily consume the beverage.

In terms of quantity sold, it has been the world’s leading brandy brand since 2006.
As of 2015, 275 million liters of brandy were sold. By international standards, Emperador Light (introduced in 2010) is considered a “cut brandy” rather than a true brandy, since it contains sugar cane-based neutral spirits alcohol.

Early in 2015, the brand was estimated to hold a 97% share of the brandy market and 50% share of the overall spirits market in the Philippines (population 100 million), as well as a 73% share of the spirits market in Manila.

Initial sales were limited to the Philippines, but now the brand is also available in Thailand, China, the United States, and other countries.

A brief history

Emperador Brandy became the first brandy label in the Philippines in 1990. It has since begun to expand its brand footprint outside the Philippines. Currently distributed in 40 countries in Asia, North America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, it holds its position as the world’s largest “cut brandy” by volume.

With a lower alcohol content than Emperador, Emperador Light was introduced in 2010. After launching the “Gawin mong Light” campaign in 2011, Emperador Light sales increased significantly, rising from 57 million liters in 2009 to nearly 300 million liters in 2015. Light variations are labeled “Premium BRANDY Liqueur”, rather than simply “brandy”. There are also neutral spirits alcohol made from sugarcane, along with flavorings, sweeteners, and brandy in this liqueur.

Following its acquisition of Bodega San Bruno in Jerez, Spain, Emperador Deluxe was introduced in 2013. In 2015, the brand recorded a 7.6% decrease in volume sales, but maintained its volume above 30 million cases (270 million liters), the same level as in 2012.

Whyte & Mackay, a Scotch whiskey producer, was purchased by Emperador Inc. in 2014 for £430 million.

Emperador Inc. purchased several brands and production facilities from Beam Suntory for P13.8 billion (€275 million) in 2015. In addition to Fundador Pedro Domecq and Bodegas Fundador (the largest and oldest brandy in Spain with facilities in Jerez and Tomelloso), the company acquired Terry Centenario (the best-selling brandy in Spain), Tres Cepas (the best-selling brandy in Equator Guinea), and Harveys (the best-selling sherry in the UK).

The Spirits Business in 2016 ranked Emperador as the number one spirit in Asia, primarily the Philippines and the Middle East, after Emperador made its sales figures available.

emperador light alcohol content
emperador light alcohol content

Developing a marketing strategy

The Emperador brandy advertisement emphasizes success in life and traditional moral values such as hard work, ambition, listening to parental advice, and professionalism. A professional upper-class appearance was always evident in the advertisements.

Noli De Castro, a television journalist during the 1990s, was its first endorser.

emperador light alcohol content

Weight ‎900 Grams
country-of-origin ‎philippines
Brand ‎Emperador
Item Package Quantity ‎1
Alcohol Content ‎27.5 Percent by Volume
emperador light alcohol content
emperador light alcohol content

The global consumption of alcohol is on the rise

Globally, people consumed 6.18 liters of water per day in 2012, according to the most recent data.

It is easier to understand this average when expressed in bottles of wine. A liter of wine contains 0.12 liters of pure alcohol, which is about 12% alcohol per volume2. Accordingly, the global average consumption of wine is 53 bottles per person older than 15 who drinks 6.2 liters of pure alcohol per year. A liter of wine per week would make it even more memorable.

There is a wide variation in the average per capita consumption of alcohol around the globe, as shown on the map.

There are large geographical differences: In many countries across North Africa and the Middle East, alcohol consumption is low – even zero in some cases. A person in Czechia consumes approximately 15 liters of alcohol per year, the highest level across Europe. In terms of wine consumption per person, this is equivalent to about two bottles per week.

At around 12 to 14 liters, Western European countries – including Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland, and Belgium – are only slightly behind Eastern European countries.

Alcohol consumption by adults

Alcohol consumption by adults is shown on this interactive map. A drinker’s share is calculated based on how much they consumed within the last year, if they are 15 or older.

The majority of adults drink alcohol in many countries. Most countries in Europe, for example, have more than two-thirds of their population do so.

North Africa and the Middle East have a much lower prevalence of drinking than anywhere else in the world. In a number of countries, less than 5 percent of adults drank within the preceding year, while the average was 5 to 10 percent.

emperador light alcohol content
emperador light alcohol content

Alcohol-free adults as a percentage of adults

Data on alcohol abstinence across the world mirrors data on drinking prevalence. The chart shows who had not consumed alcohol in the previous year, and who had never consumed alcohol.

The North Africa and Middle East show particularly high levels of abstinence from alcohol. There are more than 80 percent of people in this region who have never drank alcohol (often more than 90 percent).

emperador light alcohol content
emperador light alcohol content

The long-term consumption of alcohol

Several countries’ alcohol consumption since 1890 is shown in the chart.

Today, the average annual consumption of water in these high-income countries ranges from 5.6 liters in Japan to 10.4 liters in Austria.

There were countries with much higher levels of alcohol consumption a century ago. The average consumption of pure alcohol per person in France in the 1920s was 22.1 liters. Each person consumed 184 one-liter wine bottles per year, which is higher than the modern statistics that are expressed in alcohol consumption per person older than 15 years – the average alcohol consumption for adults is therefore even higher than the modern statistics.

Conclusion :

Emperador Double Light is a product crafted to appeal to the growing trend of ‘younger, lighter’ consumers. It is for consumers who enjoy the experience and the moment of bonding with friends—the lower alcohol satisfies this social occasion,” explained Perea.

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