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folder is to document as envelope is to

folder is to document as envelope is to

folder is to document as envelope is to

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folder is to document as envelope is to
folder is to document as envelope is to

folder is to document as envelope is to

A document tends to be placed within a folder, thus we need to find a term for something that is placed within an envelope. Since a letter tends to be placed within an envelope, the correct answer is letter.


A folder, also called a directory, is a space used to store files, other folders, and shortcuts on a computer. A good analogy is the manila folders seen in an office to store papers or reports.

Why are folders important?

Folders help you keep your files organized and separate. If you had no folders on your computer, your documents.

programs, and operating system files would all be located in the same place.

Folders also allow you to have more than one file with the same file name.

For instance, you can have a file called Resume.doc in your My Documents folder.

and another file called Resume.doc in a different folder called Resume templates.

If all your files were in a single place, every file would need a unique file name.

What can be stored in a folder?

A folder can contain one or more files of any type .

(documents, pictures, videos, etc.) and can even store other folders. They may also contain shortcuts to programs.

Where are my folders?

Folders are most often found on your hard drive.

To view the available folders on a computer, you’ll want to use a file manager. Below are examples of file managers that can be used in each of the operating systems.

Microsoft Windows users use Windows Explorer.

Apple macOS users use Finder.

Chrome OS uses My Files.

The file managers allow you to browse all of the files and folders on your computer. If you’re still having trouble finding a folder, you’ll want to search for the folder. For further help with finding folders on a computer, see: How to find a file on a computer.

How do I open a folder on my computer?

Once found, a folder can be opened by double-clicking the folder. If done successfully, a list of the folder’s contents are shown on the screen. If you do not have permission to view the folder’s contents or it is not accessible, you’ll get an error.

Should I save my files into a folder?

Yes, for better file management, it’s a good idea to save your files in a folder. For example, it’s a good idea to keep your different files separated so that they are found easier.

By default, Microsoft Windows creates starting areas like Documents to store your documents and text files and Pictures to store your pictures.

However, if you have hundreds of the same type of file (e.g., pictures), it’s a good idea to create subfolders in the main folder.

For example, in your pictures folder, you can have a subfolder for different people, families, or events.

How are files added to a folder?

A file could be added to a folder in any of the following ways.

When saving a file, you choose the folder as the destination of where it should be saved.

A file is copied or cut (moved) from another location and pasted into the folder.

A program and its associated files are installed into the folder.

A program is set to use the folder to save its temporary files as they’re being used.

Malware or virus has infected the computer and copied files into the folder.

folder is to document as envelope is to
folder is to document as envelope is to

How are files different than a folder?

A folder is an area on the computer containing other folders and files and helps keep the computer organized.

Files can be contained within a folder and contain information used by the operating system or other programs on the computer. See our file page for further information on files.

How can I merge or combine folders?

To combine the contents of one folder into another folder, follow the following steps.

Open one of the folder you want to combine.

Select all files and folders contained in the folder.

Cut all highlighted files and folders.

Open the other folder you want to combine those files into and then paste everything into that folder.

Does a folder have an extension?

No. A folder does not have an extension like a file.

What contains a folder on a computer?

A folder on a computer can be contained on a drive, diskette, disc, and may also be contained in another folder.

What type of drives can store a folder?

As long as you have permission, any drive can contain a folder, including the hard drive, flash drive, and a mapped network drive.

What is a web folder?

A web folder is a folder or online location that stores files on the Internet or in the cloud.

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The A4 file folder organiser is perfect for daily filing and storing important documents. Fits both A4 paper size and letter size.

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folder is to document as envelope is to
folder is to document as envelope is to

and documents from slipping out. Also for and secure and long-lasting strength. ✦Specifications: ✧Material: Kraft Paper ✧Dimensions: Approx. 12.2”L x 9.2″H.

What is a folder in computer?

In computers, a folder is the virtual location for applications, documents, data or other sub-folders. Folders help in storing and organizing files and data in the computer.
The term is most commonly used with graphical user interface operating systems.

Where are my folders?

Just open it up to browse any area of your local storage or a connected Drive account; you can either use the file type icons at the top of the screen or.
if you want to look folder by folder, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner and select “Show internal storage” — then tap the three-line menu icon in …
folder is to document as envelope is to
folder is to document as envelope is to

File folder

A file folder (US usage) (or folder in British and Australian usage) is a kind of folder that holds papers and money together for organization and protection.[1] File folders usually consist of a sheet of heavy paper stock or other thin, but stiff, material which is folded in half, and are used to keep paper documents.


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