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frozen french fries in the air fryer

frozen french fries in the air fryer

frozen french fries in the air fryer

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frozen french fries in the air fryer

As you can guess, there are not too many ingredients to this simple recipe. Pick your favorite brand and type of frozen french fries. These are so good, you’ll want to keep a few bags in the freezer so you always have them on hand.

  • Frozen French Fries 16 oz bag is all you need. If you have a bigger bag you’ll need to cook them in batches.
  • Salt to Taste:  I really like to use season salt here.
  • Olive Oil Spray:  Just to help the salt stick to the fires.

These frozen fries become transformed by the air fryer! In a matter of minutes you have incredible fries ready to be devoured. It’s a total meal saver when you need a side dish to go with your ultimate tuna melt or toasted cheese. Or just when you need a salty good snack.

  • Place:  Place your frozen fries in the air fryer basket.
  • Season:  Spray with olive oil lightly and sprinkle with desired salt.
  • Bake: air fry  at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Give the basket a good shake and cook for 5-8 minutes more or till done as you like them.
frozen french fries in the air fryer
frozen french fries in the air fryer

Crispy Air Fried French Fries in the Air Fryer

If you’re cooking frozen french fries, you must try making them in the air fryer! Geez, it’s so quick and easy without any oil. Seriously, air fried frozen french fries are so crispy and crazy easy when cooked in the air fryer. Within minutes, we had a big batch of crispy hot french fries out of the air fryer. Once you know how to cook frozen french fries in the air fryer, you’ll never look back. The results are aways quick and crispy. Add a bowl of ketchup or your favorite sauce to dip the air fried french fries in and you’ll be a happy camper!

How to Cook Frozen French Fries in Air fryer?

  • Start with your favorite cut of frozen french fries. Different thicknesses will cook a little differently, so adjust timing accordingly. This recipe is for thinner cut french fries like you see in our sample photos.
  • Add frozen fries to air fryer basket. You really don’t need to add extra oil spray. The frozen fries are already pre-cooked in oil that will release when you air fry.
  • Air fry at 400°F for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fries. Make sure to gently shake or toss the fries for even cooling. Amazing crispy french fries with less oil! 
  • All recipe details are in the recipe box below.

How long for Thick Cut Frozen Fries?

We recommend starting with our base time and temp and follow the technique that’s written in the recipe box below. Then check the fries and add additional 2-3 minutes if needed to your liking. Some frozen fries are already pre-cooked and some are more pre-cooked than others. That’s why we suggest starting with the base time and temp, then adjust accordingly to your personal preference.

Potatoes and salt, that’s all! Choose fries to match the entrees. For instance:

REGULAR OR CRINKLE CUT FRIES: 400°F. 12 to 14 minutes on high power. Try them with a Grilled Steak Sandwich or Mini Meatloaf Muffins.

SHOESTRING FRIES: 400°F.  7 to 9 minutes on high power. Try with Chili Cheese Fries, Homemade Mini Corn Dogs, or Homemade Poutine.

WAFFLE FRIES: 400°F.  10 to 12 minutes on high power. These go great with Chili Cheese Dogs or Philly Cheesesteaks.

SWEET POTATO FRIES: 400°F.  13 to 15 minutes on high power. Perfect with BLT Grilled Cheese, Broccoli Cheddar Soup, or Air Fryer Turkey Burgers.

Air Fryers are great for tater tots and homemade potato chips too.

frozen french fries in the air fryer
frozen french fries in the air fryer

Perfectly Crispy Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

Prep:5 minutes
Cook:20 minutes
Total:25 minutes


  • 1 bag frozen french fries see Notes
  • air-fryer-safe spray oil neutral oil, like avocado or olive
  • salt optional


Air fryer


  • Preheat air fryer to 400º Fahrenheit. Lightly spray basket with oil and add frozen french fries. Spray fries with oil and sprinkle salt onto fries, if desired.
  • Cook fries for 5 minutes, then remove basket and toss/shake well. Check doneness and return to air fryer for another 5 minutes. Repeat, adding 5 minutes as needed until desired doneness is reached, up to 25 minutes total. Be sure to shake basket every 5 minutes and check doneness to avoid overcooking. For softer fries, you’ll want to keep the overall cook time low.
  • Remove fries from air fryer and repeat with remaining batches if needed. Serve fries hot with desired condiments.


  • Important: You MUST shake the basket every 5 minutes! Shaking it helps the fries cook evenly, which will also reduce the chance of them overcooking. That’s also a great opportunity for you to check the doneness of the fries to make sure they’re not getting crispier than you like!
  • Time & Temperature: This method was tested and perfected using both a Chefman basket-style air fryer and a Cosori basket-style air fryer. In both, we cooked our fries at 400°F for 20 minutes total. Every air fryer behaves differently, though – even two of the exact same model! Be sure to keep an eye on the fries the first time or two you cook them this way and make any adjustments to the cook time or the temperature that you need to make based on your specific air fryer! Toaster-oven-style air fryers tend to take a little longer than basket-style. The age of your air fryer can affect the results, too. Newer air fryers can cook hotter and faster than older ones.
  • Types of Fries: Different types of fries will also cook differently. Shoestring fries would not need the same cook time as steak fries since they’re much smaller and thinner. In general, start with the cook times below and adjust as needed. If cooking multiple batches, the earlier batches will need more time than the later batches.
  1. Shoestring Fries: 6-10 minutes
  2. Waffle Fries (a.k.a. Lattice Fries): 10-12 minutes
  3. Crinkle-cut Fries: 10-12 minutes
  4. Curly Fries: 10-12 minutes
  5. Steak Fries: 12-15 minutes

This method was tested and perfected using both a Chefman basket-style air fryer and a Cosori basket-style air fryer. In both, we cooked our fries at 400°F for 20 minutes total.

frozen french fries in the air fryer
frozen french fries in the air fryer

Best Way for Air Frying Frozen French Fries

Frozen French Fries

Cook frozen french fries quickly and easily in air fryer. So good and crispy!

Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Air Fried Frozen French Fries, Air Fryer Frozen French Fries, Frozen French Fries in Air Fryer, vegetable
Servings: 2
Calories: 300 kcal


  • 1/2 or 1 lb of your favorite frozen french fries (my favorite is Alexia brand fries with rosemary and sea salt)
  • A spritz of your favorite healthy oil


Spray the basket of your air fryer with oil.

Pour 1/2 to 1 pound of frozen french fries into your air fryer, depending on its capacity.

Cook at 400° F / 200° C for 15-20 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through. Final cook time will depend on your air fryer’s capacity and the thickness and quantity of your fries. A good rule of thumb is to cook for 10 minutes, shake and check at 15 minutes to see if your fries need more time or are ready.

Seasoning Ideas

Frozen french fries come already par-cooked (partially cooked), seasoned, and coated in oil, so technically you don’t have to season them but I prefer to add some extra flavor after cooking. Here are a few ideas:

  • Salt – Normal salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt, or seasoned salt all work. The finer the salt the better it will stick. Always salt after cooking!
  • Pepper – I love a hint of pepper on my fries!
  • Garlic or onion powder – Add lots of flavor
  • Cayenne pepper or Chipotle powder – For some extra heat!
  • Cajun seasoning – Savory flavor with a little hit

Tips for getting the best crispy fries

If you are not using a large 6 quart air fryer, work in batches for more even cooking.

If you are cooking thicker homestyle fries you can adjust the cook time as necessary.

Do not spray too much oil on the fries or they will not get super crispy like we want.

After the initial spray, do not spray the fries again.

If they are too close to being done the oil will make the fries turn soft.

If you have an air fryer that preheats, you can preheat it first. Mine does not preheat, so if yours does you will want to keep an eye out in case the fries cook faster.

frozen french fries in the air fryer
frozen french fries in the air fryer

Ninja Foodi French Fries FrozenAir Fryer Fries

  • Using an air fryer has been proven to be healthier compared to deep frying. Enjoy your favorite fried snacks with less calories and zero worries!
  • Other than making meals scrumptious, avocado oil also has health benefits. It’s proven to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health!
  • Air frying adds an extra crisp you wouldn’t find with deep frying. With only one push of a button, make your fries extra crispy! No need to shield yourself from hot oil, if you know what I mean.
  • A bag of frozen french fries: There are so many potato cuts available in the market – straight cut, thick cut, crinkle cut, you name it! Which kind to pick is entirely up to you!
  • Avocado oil: If you’re health conscious, the best oil to fry foods with is avocado oil.
  • Kosher salt to taste: I use this for everything! Kosher salt has the perfect crystal size to draw moisture from food (i.e. crispy fries!)
  • Seasoning to taste (optional)
  • Turn on Ninja Foodi Grill to Air Crisp mode at 390 degrees.
  • Bring out your fries from the freezer and throw them in the air fryer basket.
  • Spray down fries with Avocado oil. Make sure to spray evenly to get that uniform crisp all over the fries.
  • Season fries with salt and any spice you like to taste. Don’t hesitate to be creative with this step! Make the fries your own.
  • Air Crisp for 20 mins and stir every 5 mins.


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