garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce

garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce

garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce

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garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce
garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce

Top Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood Story Of 2020: Divorcing Over Miranda Lambert

It has been ten years since Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were married, but tabloids have speculated that their union may be coming to an end. According to one tabloid, Miranda Lambert was somehow threatening the couple’s marriage. Gossip Cop investigated the rumors at the time, but decided to double-check our investigation.

‘Trisha and Garth’s Marriage Crisis’

There was a cover story in the Globe in January about Brooks and Yearwood‘s “marriage crisis.” They seemed to be struggling because Brooks wanted to tour with Lambert. According to a source, Yearwood feels humiliated that Brooks chose to tour with Lambert instead of her, and all their fighting “leaves their marriage hanging in the balance.”

Garth’s intense

Garth’s intense interest in Miranda makes Trisha insanely jealous. She’s furious with Garth because she knows Miranda is a notorious man-eater, who recently tried to hook up with a married man.

A suspicious source also claimed Yearwood was “incredibly insecure” and that she is “furious over Garth’s growing closeness to Miranda,” adding, “They’re fighting so much about it that their marriage is hanging by a thread.”

So, So, So Much Wrong

For so many reasons, Gossip Cop busted this story at the time. No tour was ever planned. Lambert is married to a former NYPD officer and isn’t as “maneater” as this tabloid portrays her. She also called Brooks out for lip-syncing once, so if anything, there was tension between them.

Yearwood and Brooks have been married for over fifteen years now, so it’s safe to say they understand each other very well. The story was as wrong as it gets. Yearwood said a few weeks before this story came out that she and Brooks are “friends at the end of the day, and we enjoy each other’s company and enjoy being together.”

How Did The Year Go?

Brooks and Yearwood did not divorce. The two recently hosted a holiday special for CBS. Brooks released a new album entitled Fun. Lambert has remained in the eyes of the tabloids. Her solo tour has been delayed by COVID-19.

garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce
garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce

The Tabloids Did Not Stop

The Globe couldn’t resist writing about Brooks and Yearwood this year. In an especially crass story, it said both had given up on weight loss because “fat’s where it’s at.” This story was plain fat-shaming, saying the two were too weak-willed to ever deny themselves dessert.

It claimed Lambert’s ex Blake Shelton had become “groomzilla” as he prepared for his and Gwen Stefani’s wedding. Shelton and Stefani are still awaiting the outcome of COVID-19 before they begin planning their wedding.

This tabloid has no real insight into country music, and prefers drama over reality. We busted a story about the two of them fighting over a prenup, because more legitimate sources say they’re getting along just fine.

What Garth Brooks’s Ex Wife Sandy Mahl Really Thought of Him Marrying Trisha Yearwood

It is likely that you came away from Garth Brooks’s 2019 A&E documentary Garth Books: The Road I’m On with the impression that he is on pretty good terms with his ex-wife, Sandy Mahl.

Even though both admitted that their 15-year marriage had its fair share of challenges, Sandy spoke highly of Garth’s musical talent during the A&E special. But perhaps the most telling part of the entire documentary is that Sandy was supportive of her ex-husband marrying Trisha Yearwood.

They co-parent their three daughters – Taylor, 28, August, 26, and Allie, 24 – after their divorce in 2001.

Sandy Mahl and Garth Brooks in 1995

Garth explained to the Tennessean that they saw both their parents in the morning and both their parents in the evening for 14 years. “This was how we ran it, because we knew it was right for the kids. Doing what was right for the kids was the same as doing what was right for you.”

According to Garth’s eldest daughter, the singer started dating Trisha around that time, with whom he had met while recording a demo in 1987.

Garth’s dinners often included frozen chicken and boxed macaroni and cheese, adding that “he couldn’t cook for his life.” So when Trisha came along, Taylor said she and her sisters were overjoyed.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t only Taylor who noticed Trisha’s positive influence.

Garth Brooks an

garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce
garth brooks trisha yearwood divorce

d Trisha Yearwood in 2015

Sandy and Garth struggled to make ends meet while they lived in Nashville, Tennessee in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. But as Garth’s success grew, their challenges took on a new shape.

Sandy said, “He’d be gone eight to ten weeks at a time. He’d come home and there would be number-one parties, or shows, or CMAs, or ACMs, American Music Awards; it was constant.” “But we both grew apart really, really quickly.”

In response to Sandy’s comments about the ’90s, Garth told Us Weekly that he was “really surprised” by her response.

He described her as phenomenal. “Because I was away so much [during our marriage], I didn’t hear things she was trying to tell me until I read the biography.” The other side is rare. I just saw her and I think I hugged her harder now that I know things I would have never heard before or that she hadn’t said before.”

Their relationship dates back to 2005, when Trisha and Garth were married.

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