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group of alligators called

group of alligators called

group of alligators called

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group of alligators

group of alligators called
group of alligators called

ators called name

A group of alligators is called a congregation. This is the same collective noun used to a group of crocodiles.

a group of alligators called collective noun

One of the collective nouns for a group of alligators is a “Congregation”.

why is a group of alligators called a congregation

Congregation means a group of animals or people. And it also means a group of people assembled to worship or conduct religious activities. This name has probably been given to them because they have the same thoughts and purposes.

group of alligators and caimans are calleds

Crocodiles are intelligent and social animals that communicate in many ways. A group of crocodiles in water is called a float, and a group on land is called a bask.

What is a Group of Alligators Called? [Group of Alligators Name]

Have you ever wondered about these dinosaur looking creatures? Are you often by mistake calling them crocodiles? Yes, you’re right somehow!

These’re alligators!

What to call them if you found so many of them near water. Obviously, there would be some right term. Then buckle up and have a ride of knowledge with us.

What is a group of alligators called? You can call a group of alligators ‘congregation’. This word means a group of people or a group of animals. It also means a group of people who are gathered to worship or conduct religious activities.

Most people confuse alligators with crocodiles. Though, they are from the same family crocodilia.

Why do Alligators form a Group?

They are social animals and do not mind sitting with each other. They form groups to get warmth from each other as well as from the sun. It is called basking and it is also done by crocodiles.

They also form groups because

Protect each other

Yes, you have heard it right. They form the group to protect each other from the danger that can get them. Wondering what danger can hurt these dangerous reptiles? The hippopotamus is an animal that can hurt crocodiles as well as alligators.

group of alligators called
group of alligators called


As we have already discussed they form groups to get warmth from the sun. Crocodiles and alligators can easily be seen somewhere in the mud. This is a natural process that these reptiles adapt to get warmth as they are cold-blooded animals.


Many alligators and crocodiles can be seen hidden in water in the form of groups. They do this when they wait for their prey to get close and attack them. They attack individually as well as in groups. It gets easier for them to hunt this way because then their prey can barely run from death.

Different Names for Group Alligators

Surprisingly, most people are not aware of the correct word ‘congregation’. And many people use different names, the most common names are as follows:


Tough to remember but it is the most common name and correct name to be used for a mass of alligators. It means a group of people or animals and is used especially for groups of alligators. Try not to forget this one.

Family Of Alligators

This word itself indicates that there are more than one alligators somewhere. As this is easy to say and remember, people use this more often as compared to congregation. This word clicks an image in our mind making us imagine a whole lot of alligators.


Yup, bask is also used for groups of crocodiles as it is also used for groups of crocodiles. Bask literal meaning is to be exposed to the warmth of the sun. As crocodiles are cold-blooded animals and so are the alligators. Both belong to the same family and are reptiles and they can be seen basking in the sun somewhere in groups.

Bask is the word for a group of crocodiles so people may use it for the alligators as well. Amazing, no doubt!

Den of Alligators

Umm, basically den is a hidden home of an animal if we want to know the literal meaning of ‘den’. We use ‘den of snakes’ for referring to a group of snakes, so yeah people can and mostly use den for a mass of alligators.

Den of alligators is most probably used when you see a bunch of alligators combined somewhere, it is a hazardous sight for sure.

In the end, I would like to tell you all that all these words can be used if needed but note that the only suitable and right word is ‘congregation’. But if someone tries to puzzle you with the above words that can be used for alligators, don’t get all sweaty and answer proudly.

Do Alligators Live in a Group

Amusingly, these dangerous-looking reptiles are social animals and they would not mind living in a group with each other. And yes you can often see many of them basking somewhere in a group form.

group of alligators called
group of alligators called

They do not mind staying with each other and they take the warmth of the sun, they are cold-blooded animals and staying in a group and staying still helps them get heat from each other as well.

Interestingly Weird Names for Group of Alligators

Hilarious and weird names that you can expect from people to be used for alligators are

The coterie of alligators

Yes, I know what you are thinking, is that even a word? Yes most of us do not know but the word Coterie means a group or a mass of people who share the same thought and ideas. So alligators look alike and believed to share the same interest and thoughts.

Gang of Alligators

Who doesn’t know what gang means but yeah it is awesome and weird at the same time. Gang means a group of people or criminals so people use gangs for alligators as they are dangerous and meat-eating animals.

Interesting Facts about Alligators

There are many interesting and important facts about alligators. I have gathered some facts that you would love to hear, scroll down to learn them all. Let’s see some facts below –

Alligators have powerful bites

You heard it right, a study in 2004 has discovered that alligator’s bite is very powerful ever to be recorded. With 2960 pounds of force (13,172 newtons).

They eat hatchlings

Yup, they eat the Young ones. And a study has proved that they eat 6 to 7 percent of the population of the young juveniles every year. They are a threat to their young ones.

The large number of teeth

Alligators have 80 teeth and even if they lose some, they can replace it with the new ones as they grow new teeth. They can have over 2000 to 3000 teeth in a lifetime.

Long life span

Surprisingly, they can have a life-span of over 50 years. You never know, they might be older than you and me.


They can weigh about more than half a ton which means about 450 kilograms. They are heavy!

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