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home depot scratch and dent appliances

home depot scratch and dent appliances

home depot scratch and dent appliances

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home depot scratch and dent appliances
home depot scratch and dent appliances

12 Secrets to Shopping at Home Depot

Home Depot is probably the first retailer to come to mind when you’re thinking “ubiquitous big-box hardware store.” The rise of these orange-hued home-improvement centers was a revelation to those who grew up with small, neighborhood hardware stores in the 20th century and who became adult homeowners and DIYers in the 21st.

flooring, roofing, lighting, appliances, lawn and garden supplies—all in one cavernous warehouse. Amazing! Home Depot has been a boon to consumers but a bane to the mom-and-pop hardware stores of our youth, driving many out of business and leaving only Lowe’s Home Improvement as its head-to-head competitor.

Best Time To Buy Appliances at Lowes and Home Depot and Pay Less

Shopping for a new appliance at Lowes or Home Depot? What about your local appliance store? Today’s appliances offer great looks and more efficiency over models from just a few years ago. Shop appliances and save on top brands like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Frigidaire, and Kitchenaid. Looking for the most affordable dishwasher? Searching for a new refrigerator?

Have trouble deciding between a top freezer refrigerator and a French door model? Thinking about replacing the washer and dryer in the basement? What are the brands aside from Samsung, Whirlpool, and Electrolux? Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy have all of the major brands and the variety of appliances offered in each store is outstanding.

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle For Your Best Appliance Price

This is frequently overlooked in today’s online world. After you’ve done your research and narrowed down your appliance models, don’t be afraid to negotiate your best price.

Price is the top reason shoppers buy a certain model over another. Not features, benefits, warranty, or service. And while the price is important, most shoppers never try for a better deal. Getting a better deal is as easy as asking for free delivery or removal of your old appliance. Need your old refrigerator moved out to the garage? Never hurts to ask. In my 15 years at Lowes, I’ve seen quite a bit of negotiation and it’s not always about getting a lower price.

For all major appliances consider timing your purchase to our suggestions below.

1. September and October for anything except refrigerators.

The best time to buy most major appliances is during the months of September and October. Why? During these two months, manufacturers start shipping their latest models. This means that the previous year’s models will be discounted in order to make room for the new models. Except for REFRIGERATORS!

2. April and May For Refrigerators Only!

Refrigerators Only. Unlike the other major appliances, most manufacturers roll out their new models of refrigerators in the summer, usually in July.  This means that last year’s models get discounted during the spring. Look for clearance prices on refrigerators from March to June.

3. Any Holiday Weekend

Retailers have sales that correspond to virtually all major holidays. Columbus Day, President’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and most other holidays are good times to get great deals.  Black Friday can be a perfect time to purchase a major appliance.

Make sure you comparison shop first to know whether or not the advertised deal is really the lowest around. Remember, Lowes has a price match guarantee! 

4. End of the Month and Lowes Clearance Center.

The end of the month can be an excellent time for serious savings. Stores want to make their sales numbers.  Don’t forget clearance pricing on closeouts, scratch and dents, and returns.  You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a model that is very close to want you really want.

Year-to-year model changes are usually limited to style and features, so buying last year’s model of refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer or range will not put you at a big disadvantage.

5. Weekdays

Lowes appliance department can be a nightmare on the weekends.  Salespeople are all busy, and you may feel rushed into a decision. To get the best deal, avoid the weekend rush and make time for your appliance shopping during the week, or going in the evening. You’ll get more attention from the salesperson.

6. Anytime Online

By just running a quick search, you can get a good idea of where the best deal is online. The best months to buy online don’t differ from the best months to buy in brick-and-mortar stores, but good online prices can be found year-round. That said, remember to factor shipping into the final cost.

Timing purchases can help save you money.  Remember, sales before and after the winter holidays are common. In September or October, Lowes appliances prices tend to be lowered on cooking appliances to make room for next year’s models. Refrigerators also go on sale around May for the same reason.

Where People Shop For Appliances

When it comes to new appliance shopping and comparisons, it’s all about the big three.  Lowes, Home Depot, and Best Buy.  It doesn’t always mean purchasing from these retailers, but almost everyone is going to check out the prices and models available.

Always Check Prices At Locally Owned Stores

While many big-box retailers will deliver appliances nationwide, local appliances can often be a great place to buy big-ticket items. Many family-owned businesses have been around for years and rely on word-of-mouth reputation. They usually will have an expert on hand who can answer all your questions and most install your appliances too. The downside is that the selection and number of brands won’t be as great, but prices will be competitive.

You can sometimes combine special offers from a product’s manufacturer and from a store, or save by buying multiple appliances. But first, you have to find the offers. And don’t forget to sign up on Lowes website weeks before purchase.   You can get an e-mail offering coupons and other promotional deals such as rebates, free shipping, and weekend clearance sales.

The Number 1 Harsh Reality Of Appliance Shopping

We’ve all been there. There’s water in the laundry room or the clothes aren’t drying. The refrigerator doesn’t get cold anymore. You need a new appliance and you need it today!

Many of us don’t have the luxury of spending a few days or even weeks looking at new appliances. You are sometimes forced to buy an appliance because its an emergency situation. After all, how many days can you go without a refrigerator, freezer or washing machine? You may make an emotional purchase because you just want the problem fixed now. You have a few options during these breakdown times that often get overlooked.

Remember that these new purchases will easily be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Don’t spend that money on an item that you will have to live with for years to come and don’t really like. Here are some options:

  • Use your garage refrigerator or freezer if you have one.
  • Go to the laundromat, friends, or relatives to do laundry for a few days.
  • Shop Craigslist for a cheap used appliance that will get you through for a week or two.

Additional Information

home depot scratch and dent appliances
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Does anyone else have problems with appliances from Home Depot?

Just curious if anyone else has experienced problems with appliance purchases from Home Depot? I ordered all new LG appliances from Home Depot at the end of May. They were about $4,500 for a double gas range, 36″ french door refrigerator, upgraded steam dishwasher, and over-the-range microwave. The appliances were delivered on June 10th by a 3rd party delivery company. The first problem arose with the refrigerator.

I have a 36″ opening and the refrigerator was supposed to be 35.75″ wide. I told the delivery guy that the fit would be tight, but that it should fit and he may want to measure. The refrigerator bulges on the sides and the delivery guy tried to force into the opening, resulting in scratches on side of the refrigerator. The second issue arose with microwave installation. Installers must have pressed too hard on the stainless steel door and left a dent in the microwave. I reported these issues to Home Depot the same day and they agreed to let me reorder a 33″ refrigerator and send a replacement microwave.

A few days later I ran the dishwasher for the first time and got an error code. Instead of replacing a dishwasher, Home Depot advised me to contact LG. Contacted LG and then a third-party repair company and I am still waiting for the parts to come in for my dishwasher. I am very disappointed in Home Depot’s policy which requires you to contact the manufacturer for a repair if the problem is not reported within 48 hours of installation. $900 for a dishwasher that has to be repaired? Not to mention the terrible service I have experienced from third-party delivery companies.

Thanks for your supports.


does lowes or home depot have scratch and dent appliances
does lowes or home depot have scratch and dent appliances



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