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how many percent of alcohol in emperador light

how many percent of alcohol in emperador light

how many percent of alcohol in emperador light

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how many percent of alcohol in emperador light
how many percent of alcohol in emperador light

Emperador seeks to become dominant brand in Visayas and Mindanao as well

ANDREW Tan’s Emperador Distillers Inc. also wants to dominate the Visayas and Mindanao markets, where the people prefer to drink rum rather than brandy, in the next few years.

Winston Co, Emperador president, said the company’s products are currently mostly sold in Luzon, where it has a dominant share.

“Today as of July, we own 96 percent of the brandy category, we own 48 percent of the total Philippine spirit category and we own 54 percent of the market share by value. We are half of the industry, with the other players sharing the other half,” Co said in a briefing organized by online brokerage firm

All the opportunities are in the Visayas

“All the opportunities are in the Visayas and Mindanao. So we expect that in the next couple of quarters, we should have, across the nation, 55 percent to 70 percent of the business,” he said. He said Emperador sees itself digging deeper into the budding middle-class segment and it may grow beyond the average industry growth of 6 percent in the next five years.

Co said it sells seven out of 10 brandy bottles in Metro Manila, which was previously dominated by the gin segment.

“Over our short history of 21 years, we are a young entrant but we are [now] the market leader. Last year, we sold 31 million cases, all our products combined. This makes us the No.1 selling liquor in the Philippines,” he added. “It makes us the world’s largest-selling brandy by volume. And the world’s second-largest selling spirit by volume as well.”

Citing the retail audit made by marketing research firm AC Nielsen, Co said Emperador sustained its volume growth at 22 percent, compared with the contraction in the whole industry of 9 percent as a result of the increased tax imposed by the government early this year.

Co also said two of their competitors saw their sales volume decline by between 14 percent and 22 percent.

He said the 31 million cases they sold last year translate to 374 million 750-milligram bottles sold to consumers or over, 1 million bottles sold each day.

drinking Emperador brandy

This means that about 3 million to 4 million people are drinking Emperador brandy a day, with each bottle can be shared by three to four people.

“We project that the Philippine liquor business will be roughly around 75 million to 80 million cases in four to five years’ time. That is based on a 6-percent growth. With the growing middle class, there will be open space that we will cater to. And this is the space a product we have identified for our Emperador deluxe,” Co said, referring to its new product that is brewed in Spain.

Brandy Giant Emperador Releases a New ‘Lighter’ Drink for the Global Market

Low- or no-alcohol beverages are a growing trend worldwide, as today’s younger consumers become more health-conscious. Millennials are drinking less but not quite-sober as they demand drinks that have lower alcohol percentage and fewer calories.

Drink companies are responding to this trend by creating products with lower ABV. In the Philippines, the World’s Number 1 Best Selling Brandy, Emperador, was the first brand to adjust in this market when they launched Emperador Light in 2010. The brand achieved an astounding 600% growth in its second-year release in the market and remained a go-to brand for the local community. Today, Emperador is releasing Emperador Double Light, made for brandy drinkers who are fast becoming mindful about pursuing healthier lifestyles. Bottled at 23.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), described as having a rich, smooth and fruity character, the liquid uses imported brandies from Spain that have spent time in sherry casks.

how many percent of alcohol in emperador light
how many percent of alcohol in emperador light

listen to our consumers globally

We continually look at trends in drinks and listen to our consumers globally.  “With Emperador Double Light, we’re using our expertise to deliver a product that meets the growing number of consumers who wants a better drink and are keeping an eye on their alcohol intake,” he adds.

Emperador Double Light, is a product created from the same DNA of the world’s number #1 selling brandy, Emperador Light but lighter in alcohol by volume. It is designed to be enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a long drink on a tall glass filled with ice.

Emperador Light Brandy, 750 ml

  • Phillipines- Clear golden amber color
  • Yeasty aromas and flavors of raisin bread dough, nut skin and oil, and brown sugar
  • Silky, soft, fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, brisk caramel cream, honeyed dried fruits
  • Touch of pepper and honeydew, and balsa finish

The Brandy Report (2/12): The Philippines

IN THE SAME WAY THAT STICKY TAPE IS SELLOTAPE AND VACUUM CLEANERS ARE HOOVERS, IN THE PHILIPPINES, BRANDY IS EMPERADOR. It too has notable pulling power. In fact, according to the company’s data, Emperador has magnetised 97% of the Philippine brandy market, repelling competitors with 33m 9-litre annual case sales.

Emperador has not only won the brandy battle, it seems it is winning the spirits war, too. It claims to have a 50% share of the total market (73% in Manila) and is approaching a monopoly-dominance of a country of 100 million people.

“We launched the brandy in 1990 when the landscape was just gin and rum,

” says Emperador Distillers president, Winston Co. “We promoted brandy as a young, aspirational product. Brandy may be for older drinkers in other parts of the world but here it’s young and vibrant.”

When Gran Matador was launched against Emperador some 10 years ago, undercutting it on price, a “category fight” ensued. Though it was close at times, Emperador reports Ginebra San Miguel’s Gran Matador is now holding just a 2% share.

how many percent of alcohol in emperador light
how many percent of alcohol in emperador light

Emperador’s more recent growth might go down in history as the most incredible proliferation of a spirit brand anywhere.

In 2009 it sold 6.3m cases, in 2010 it was at 9.6m, in 2011 it managed to double output to 20.1m cases and in 2012 it piled on another 50% to 31m cases.

The past two years have seen more sober performances,

with 6% growth in 2013 and flat growth last year due to a brief bump in the economy. But that didn’t stop it gaining market share.


Emperador is a brand of cut brandy and brandy produced by Emperador Inc., a 81% owned subsidiary of Alliance Global Group. The shares of Emperador Inc. are traded at the Philippine Stock Exchange with the symbol “EMP”. The beverage is primarily sold in the Philippines.

Since 2006, it has been the world’s top-selling brand of brandy in terms of quantity of brandy sold.[2] Annual sales in 2015 amounted to 275 million liters.[3][1]

However, by international standards, the Emperador Light expression (introduced in 2010) is considered a

“cut brandy” rather than a true brandy, as it contains neutral spirits alcohol made from sugar cane.[1][4]

In early 2015, the brand was estimated to have a 97% share of the brandy market and a 50% share of the overall spirits market in the Philippines (population 100 million), and a 73% share of the spirits market in Manila.[1]

Although the brand’s market was initially limited to the Philippines, it has since expanded to Thailand, China, the United States,[5] and other countries.[3]

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how many percent of alcohol in emperador light
how many percent of alcohol in emperador light


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