how much does a tic tac weigh

How much does a tic tac weigh?

How much does a tic tac weigh?

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How much does a tic tac weigh?
How much does a tic tac weigh?


Tic Tac

Tic Tac (stylized as “tic tac”) is a brand of small, hard mint manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. They were first produced in 1969 and are now available in a variety of flavours in over 100 countries.

Tic Tacs are usually sold in small transparent plastic boxes with a flip-action living hinge lid. Originally, Tic Tacs were dyed specific colours for different flavours, although in many countries the transparent plastic boxes are now coloured and the actual Tic Tacs are white.

Tic Tac has featured advertising that emphasizes the low calorie count of the mints. Most flavours have approximately 1.9 calories per mint.


Tic Tac were first introduced by Ferrero in 1969, under the name “Refreshing Mints”. In 1970, the name was changed to Tic Tac, after the distinctive clicking sound made by the pack being opened and closed. Besides the original mint and orange flavours, several new varieties were added, including aniseed, cinnamon (or “Winter Warmer”), an orange and lime mix (in 1976), spearmint, peppermint, Powermint, sour apple, mandarin, tangerine, berry, fresh orange, strawberry, wintergreen, pink grapefruit, orange and lime together (in 1978), cherry, passionfruit (in 2007), pomegranate (in 2010), mango, lime, and popcorn (2014). The grape flavour was eliminated in 1976 because of health concerns about the red dye amaranth (FD&C Red #2), a suspected carcinogen.

Other offerings have included holiday gift packs for Christmas, Easter, St Patricks Day and Valentine’s Day.

Since 1980, the Tic Tac slogan has been “The 1½ Calorie Breath Mint.” In the UK, France, Ireland, Italy and Australia Tic Tacs are noted as being less than two calories with the slogan “Two hours of Tic Tac freshness in less than two calories.” In Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and used once in the United States, the Tic Tac slogan is “it’s not just a mint, it’s a tic tac.” In India, the Tic Tac slogan is “Refreshment to be shared.”

During the 1990s, “double packs” were introduced, featuring a regular Tic Tac container with two flavours inside. Available combinations included Tangerine and Lime, Orange and Grape, and Berry and Cherry.

In 2006, Tic Tac introduced a “Bold” edition with more intense flavours of Mint and Fruit.

In 2008, Tic Tac introduced Tic Tac Chill, which is slightly larger than ordinary Tic Tacs and comes in a dual-opening packaging, using the traditional living hinge or a sliding opening on the front of the case. These come in three flavours: Exotic Cherry, Berry Blast, and Paradise Mint. Tic Tac Chill mints are also sugar-free, the Exotic Cherry ones instead being sweetened with xylitol.

May 2010 Australia Trademark Registrar’s office rejected Ferrero application to trademark their Tic Tac container as not being unique enough to distinguish its products from other manufacturers.

Orange, Mint, Spearmint, Mintensity, Peach and Passion, Strawberry Mix, Cherry, Elaichi (cardamom) and Banana are available in India.

Tic Tac sometimes provides limited editions to promote films, such as a banana and mandarin flavour for the 2015 movie Minions. Orange Tic Tacs featured prominently in the 2007 film Juno, in an orange box with white colour mints as sold in Canada and Brazil. Film promoters distributed boxes of the mints prior to the film’s release.


How much does a tic tac weigh?
How much does a tic tac weigh?


Nutrition facts

Nutritional information

Per 100 g – Energy 1663 kJ (391 kcal), Protein 0.1 g, Carbohydrate 97.5 g, Fat 0.4 g.

Per Tic Tac – Energy 8 kJ (2 kcal), Protein 0 g, Carbohydrate 0.5 g, Fat 0 g.


Sugar, fructose, maltodextrin, peppermint essential oil, rice starch, gum arabic, filling agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), glazing agent (carnauba wax).

Each pack weighs 15–18 grams (0.53–0.63 oz) and contains about 38 Tic Tacs. New packs in Australia and Canada weigh 24g and contain 50 Tic Tacs, and the Tic Tac “100 pack” weighs 49g and contains 100 Tic Tacs. The “Big Pack” weighs 29g and contains 60 Tic Tacs. The “Bottle Pack” weighs 98g and contains 200 Tic Tacs.

In the United States, Tic Tac list the sugar content as 0g despite the mints being approximately 90% sugar (depending on the flavour). This stems from the fact that a serving size is one 0.49g mint, and the American Food and Drug Administration permits manufacturers to list sugar (or other nutritional components) as 0g if they contain less than 0.5g. In at least some jurisdictions, the 0g now features a footnote that clarifies “less than 0.5g”.

How Many Tic Tacs Are In A Box?

38 Tic Tacs.

How big is a box of Tic Tacs?

These vibrant little mints come in a resealable container that measures 1.5″ wide by 2.5″ high. Basically, they’re the perfect size to have on hand for when bad breath curses strike.

How many Tic Tacs are too many?

How many tic tacs can I consume daily? Usually as many as you want, just don’t eat more than two boxes. It won’t make you sick, but that’s unhealthy!

How many calories are in a 200 pack of Tic Tacs?

Tic Tac has featured advertising that emphasizes the low calorie count of the mints. Most flavours of the mint have approximately 1.9 calories per mint.

Product Name Tic Tac Fruit Adventure 200 mints – 3.4 oz
Package Count 1
Container Type plastic bottle
Country of Manufacture Canada
Prop 65 No


How much does a tic tac weigh?
How much does a tic tac weigh?


How much does a tic tac weigh?

Every Tic Tac weighs just under.5 grams, and each little mint is considered a single serving.


How many Tic Tacs are in a 24g box?

Each pack weighs 15–18 grams (0.53–0.63 oz) and contains about 38 Tic Tacs. New packs in Australia and Canada weigh 24g and contain 50 Tic Tacs, and the Tic Tac “100 pack” weighs 49g and contains 100 Tic Tacs.

Can you eat a whole box of Tic Tacs?

Nothing “bad” will happen— in that the body will not be damaged from it. However, the pain receptors and brain might see it as bad, as the sugar and maltodextrin can have a laxative effect in excessive amounts. This can also cause stomach cramps and stomach pain.

How many Tic Tacs Did John Cena?

The WWE star and actor said he consumed 10,000 calories of the tiny treat in a 20-minute binge session. John Cena Eats 10,000 Calories In Tic Tacs Be… John Cena revealed that he once had a mind-blowing candy craving that almost sounds too outlandish to be true.

Can Tic Tacs expire?

Tic tacs never expire except when preyed upon by humans or they meet with a tragic accident. They are a cloned species that reproduces feverishly to maintain its population in balance with the scale of predation.

Why are Tic Tacs so addictive?

“Yeah, it’s pretty much 10,000 calories of straight sugar,” Cena said. Cena, 42, said the addiction began as a way to circumvent body odor when stepping into the ring with his opponents. “You always want to try to smell your best,” he said. … ‘” Cena explained.

What’s the best Tic Tac flavor?

Orange and Strawberry Field offer a hint of sweetness to mint fans. In recent years, Tic Tac Mixers, including Cherry Cola and Peach Lemonade, have become favorites among customers. Other good Tic Tacs flavors include Grape Tic Tacs, Fruit Adventure Tic Tacs, and Powermint Tic Tacs.

‘Sugar Free’ Tic Tacs Are Bullshit

Ah the mighty Tic Tac, that powerful little breath freshener that Elaine accidentally uses to drive Mr. Peterman so crazy on Seinfeld that she almost loses her job. It’s a mint that’s often been touted as low calorie and sugar free. But in fact, this 1½ Calorie Breath Mint is 100 percent pure sugar.

That’s right, the tic tac is all sugar. But thanks to a government regulation, its small size allows the product to claim that it’s sugar free. How does Tic Tac get away with it? Every Tic Tac weighs just under .5 grams, and each little mint is considered a single serving. The federal regulation states that if an individual serving size has more than .5 grams of sugar, it has to be reported as such, but any less and the serving is “technically” sugar free because the manufacturer is allowed to report the sugar content as zero. Tic Tac is able to make the claim that its pure sugar breath mint is sugar free simply because the mint weighs less than the amount needed to report the sugar content in the first place.


How much does a tic tac weigh?
How much does a tic tac weigh?


Where is the Tic Tac factory?

Forty-five per cent of the world’s Tic Tacs are manufactured in the Ferrero factory in Cork, Ireland. Tic Tacs are also manufactured in Australia, Canada, India and Ecuador.

How many Tic Tacs can you eat?

How many tic tacs can I consume daily? Usually as many as you want, just don’t eat more than two boxes. It won’t make you sick, but that’s unhealthy!

How many types of Tic Tacs are there?

Tic Tac Flavors
  • Tic Tac Mint Flavors: Grape, Orange and Fruit Adventure, Mixer Cherry Cola, Wintergreen Flavor (24 count)
  • Limited Edition Minions Tic Tac Candy (3.4 oz) (Stuart)
  • Limited Edition Minions Tic Tac Value 3-Pack: Stuart, Kevin & Bob.
  • Tic Tac Be Mine Mix.
  • tic tac Mixers, Cherry Cola, 1 Ounce (Pack of 24)


Is Tic Tac healthy?

Tic tacs are sugar. They’re low in calories because they’re tiny. There’s nothing healthy about them, beyond the fact that the small size makes it easier to control how much of it you eat. A small number of them, however, is a good low-calorie treat with few negative consequences.

How can Tic Tacs have zero calories?

Each Tic Tac weighs just under 0.5 g. US Federal regulations state that if a single serving contains less than 0.5 g of sugars it is allowable to express the amount of sugar in a serving as zero.


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