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how much does the liberty bell weigh

how much does the liberty bell weigh

how much does the liberty bell weigh

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how much does the liberty bell weigh
how much does the liberty bell weigh


Weight Of Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic and historical symbols of the United States of America.


So How Much Does The Liberty Bell Weigh?

The Liberty Bell weighs in at 2,080 pounds (900 kg).

It stands three feet in height and has a circumference of six feet 11 inches at the crown and twelve feet around its lip.

Crafted in London, England in 1752, the Liberty Bell was installed in the Pennsylvania State House. That building is now called Independence Hall.


What Is The Liberty Bell Made Of?

It is made from many different metals. These include bronze, copper, tin, gold, arsenic, zinc and silver.

It also features a yolk that is crafted out of American elm and this yoke weighs 100 pounds.


What Was The Liberty Bell First Called?

Initially, it was called the ‘State House Bell’. But, it was given its current name of the ‘Liberty Bell’ by abolitionists who were trying to stop slavery in the United States.

Today, the bell resides in the Liberty Bell Center. It sits in Independence National Historical Park.


How Did The Bell Get Its Infamous Crack?

No one is for sure today.

how much does the liberty bell weigh
how much does the liberty bell weigh

Speculation is that it was cracked when it was first tested after arriving in the United States.


What Is The Meaning?

Over the years, the Liberty Bell has become a symbol for freedom. It has played a role in many cultural and historical changes in the United States.

Many historical events that have changed the United States and the world are associated with this famous bell. They include the United States Declaration of Independence and the abolition of slavery.

It was even used as a symbol of peace to unite the country after the American Civil War in the 1800’s.




The Liberty Bell



Liberty Bell & Tower
Origin of the Bell & Tower

The Liberty Bell is the first true replica of the original Liberty Bell in Philadelphia as it was first cast. Liberty’s bell weighs 2,016 pounds and was made at the Whitechapel Foundry in London in 1960.


The bell was given to the citizens of Liberty by Sallie and Nadine Woods, founders of the Liberty Muscular Dystrophy Research Foundation, the first national foundation to fund muscular dystrophy research. The Woods sisters, natives of Liberty, were both victims of muscular dystrophy.

how much does the liberty bell weigh
how much does the liberty bell weigh

The bell tower was built in time to honor the 200th anniversary of our nation’s founding, and the City of Liberty was awarded a certification as a National and State Bicentennial City because of the uniqueness of Liberty’s bell and bell tower project.


The ringing dedication of the tower was held on April 24, 1976, the date of Liberty’s Bicentennial celebration. The bell tower was Liberty’s gift to the nation, representing a permanent monument reflecting pride in the past and hope for the future.

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