hughesnet girl commercial actress

hughesnet girl commercial actress

hughesnet girl commercial actress

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hughesnet girl commercial actress
hughesnet girl commercial actress

Sitara Hewitt


Sitara Hewitt is originally from Toronto, Canada. Her performing career began in dance and she is trained in classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop and modern, with dance roles in productions like Deepa Mehta’s Bollywood/Hollywood (2002).



Along with her acting roles, Sitara has also hosted shows like “Playtime” on Sportsnet and “Double Down” on Global. Sitara is truly a diverse and spectacular performer.


Sitara Hewitt Biography, Facts & Life Story


who is professionally known as Tara Hewitt is a Canadian film and television actress of Pakistani origin. She was born in Flora, Ontario, Canada.  Her parents are professors at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her father’s name is Dr. Kenneth Hewitt, who is a Wales descent, and her mother’s name is Dr. Farida Hewitt who is a Pakistani descent. Her parents are. Sitara’s childhood is spent at the Himalayan Mountains and the Hunza Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan where her parents did their academic field research on the glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains as well as in the small villages of Hunza valleys. She has studied acting from Toronto.

Hewitt got married to an American actor, Jessie Pavelka. They blessed with a son, Rowan, in 2010. Unfortunately, Pavelka and Hewitt got a divorce in late 2016. She is fluent in both English as well in Urdu but semi-fluent in Balti. Hewitt is a raised Christian as both of her parents are Anglican Christians.

Career Journey

Hewitt started her acting career to make her debut as Dr. Rayyan Hamoudi in a Canadian TV sitcom “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, starred with Zaib Shaikh and Carlo Rota, on CBC Television.

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This series is concerned about the Muslim community in the fictional prairie town of Mercy, Canada.  Hewitt made her theatre debut in many films, such as in a tragicomedy play “Crimes of the Heart” which is revolves around the stories of three Magrath sisters, who meet and reunite at their old Granddaddy’s home, in another improvisational comedy live theater play “Second City’s” and in the “environmental, immersive theatre event which is based on a traditional American-Italian wedding named “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” featured as Tina.



She was also a good host. She has hosted a famous Comedy Network’s Jeopardy-style pop-culture game show “You Bet Your Ass” as a co-host. Her other shows included Sportsnet which is a sports show and TSN which is a sport discretionary on TV.



Tara started her dancing to acting career in the Bollywood followed by Hollywood, and played a lead role in a Spanish-British horror films “Fragile” starred with Calista Flockhart and Richard Roxburgh which tells about a horror story of a train accident on the Island Line and in a video store, clerk TV dreams “Bolly Double”.




Sitara Hewitt Education

Qualification: Wilfrid Laurier University

Sitara Hewitt Career

Profession: Actress

Known For: Little Mosque on the Prairie

Salary: Under review

Net Worth: USD $250,000 Approx

Family & Relatives

Father: Kenneth Hewitt

Mother: Farida Hewitt

Brother(s): None

Sister(s): None

Marital Status: Divorced

Husband/Boyfriend: Jessie Pavelka (2009 – 2016)

Children: 1

Son(s): Rowan

Daughter(s): None



Sitara Hewitt is the daughter of a Welsh father, Dr. Kenneth Hewitt, and a Pakistani mother, Dr. Farida Hewitt. Her parents are professors at Wilfrid Laurier University. Sitara was raised primarily in Elora, Ontario. During her childhood she spent time living in the Himalayan mountains, specifically in the Hunza Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan where her parents did their academic field research on both the glaciers and in the small villages in the valleys.

Hewitt was married to American actor Jessie Pavelka and they have a son, Rowan, who was born in 2010. Pavelka and Hewitt separated in 2015 and divorced late 2016. She is fluent in both Urdu, Hindi and English and semi-fluent in Balti. Hewitt was raised Christian as both of her parents are Anglican Christians.

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In Canada Hewitt starred on CBC Television’s Little Mosque on the Prairie as Dr. Rayyan Hamoudi for 6 seasons.


Hewitt also hosted TV shows for Sportsnet and TSN while studying acting in Toronto and trained with World Wrestling Entertainment in the United States.

hughesnet girl commercial actress
hughesnet girl commercial actress

Sitara Hewitt Interview

First and foremost, I must thank Meera Solanki for this shoot and also want to proudly promote her magazine which is due to launch in 2010 – check out! To quote – Fusia brings three core elements together: female, fusion and Asia.


Meeting Sitara Hewitt is such honor and the fact that “Little Mosque on the Prairie” airs in 60 countries worldwide, makes me proud to be Canadian.  My initial thoughts when I first met her, was that she was pregnant and absolutely gorgeous. She is one of the girls that you would never guess was pregnant for the exception of her belly. And while Meera was interviewing her, you can soon tell why she looks the way she does as her and her husband live and practice such a healthy lifestyle… extremely motivating indeed.


The shoot was awesome and being a photographer for Fusia Magazine, I look forward to upcoming shoots and meeting Sitara again to do her cover shot.  Wishing you all the best with the upcoming baby!


Sincerely, Leon Chai

HughesNet Voice


Internet & Phone Bundle Service Plans
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hughesnet girl commercial actress
hughesnet girl commercial actress

The Power of HughesNet Through Your Phone


HughesNet Voice is phone service that is “voice over Internet protocol,” or VOIP. That means the phone call is transmitted as data, just like your Internet service.


It works just like HughesNet satellite Internet, with only satellite signals transmitting your phone call. This means that HughesNet Voice will be there for you even when the phone lines are out due to accidents and inclement weather. Just like your HughesNet satellite Internet, you can count on HughesNet Voice to always be there for you.

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hughesnet girl commercial actress
hughesnet girl commercial actress


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HughesNet voice also offers two optional international calling plans to over 60 of the most frequently called countries.


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hughesnet girl commercial actress
hughesnet girl commercial actress

Your HughesNet high-speed satellite Internet can save you big on your phone bill.


HughesNet Voice uses advanced “voice over Internet protocol,” or VOIP technology to deliver a feature-rich phone service over your satellite connection. After subscribing, you’ll receive a device called an ATA (analog telephone adapter), which will route your phone calls through the satellite modem and dish installed at your home. It’s as easy as that! All you have to do is add HughesNet Voice to your HughesNet satellite Internet service, and you’ll be ready to call anywhere!


Who Is the HughesNet Spokeswoman?



Doc: HughesNet, the satellite Internet company, seems to change its spokeswoman frequently. I recently saw a HughesNet TV commercial and there is another new person. I think this is the third woman in the past three or four years. Do you know the name of the current spokeswoman and anything about her? Thanks. – Anonymous

Anon: The new HughesNet spokeswoman is Kimberley Joseph, and you can find out about her if you go to this search.

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