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is juggernaut professor x’s brother

is juggernaut professor x's brother

is juggernaut professor x’s brotheris juggernaut professor x’s brother

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is juggernaut professor x's brother
is juggernaut professor x’s brother

Juggernaut Shows How the X-Men’s Professor X Is Still Human

The Juggernaut has been one of the most destructive foes — and occasional members — of the X-Men for a very long time.
While the relationship between these two men has provided plenty of drama over the years, it’s also been
a beacon of surprising emotion with their latest meeting in Juggernaut #2.

Despite his recent actions painting him in a harsher light since Krakoa’s formation in House of X, Charles
Xavier’s telepathic pep-talk to his step-brother reminds us that the founder of the X-Men still has some of the humanity that’s always defined him.

After finally escaping Limbo and ending up in a hospital, Marko was visited by a telepathic avatar of Xavier.
Wearing his current costume and Cerebro atop his head, Xavier and Marko briefly chat as Xavier fills in Marko about his current medical condition.

Cain asks his step-brother if this is coming with an invitation to Krakoa and to rejoin the X-Men. Although Xavier admits he wanted to check in on Marko, he reveals that since Cain is a mutant, he can’t come naturally to Krakoa — and that he’s apparently not being offered the ability to come to the island, as other humans like Corsair have. However, Xavier reveals that he does genuinely believe in Cain’s attempts at redemption, that he believes Marko is on the right path and that the former villain will continue to follow it.

To put it mildly, Xavier and Juggernaut have a complicated relationship. After becoming step-brothers as children, Marko made himself into Xavier’s worst enemy. He constantly harassed and taunted his step-brother, even after they lost their parents. Xavier was present when Marko was exposed to the strength-bestowing Cyttorak Gem and became the target of Marko’s rage when he resurfaced as the Juggernaut. But over the years, the pair have tried to bury the hatchet, with Juggernaut even attempting to move past his time as a villain and briefly joining the X-Men. But as life has continued to throw curveballs at both men, they’ve each had to harden themselves in their own ways.

Professor Xavier has always employed empathy in his crusade to bring peace between humans and mutants. Even when humans unleash their worst weapons against him and his followers, Xavier has always preached understanding and forgiveness. However, he’s become a harder figure in the “Dawn of X” era. Since the formation of Krakoa as an independent mutant nation, Xavier has had to steel himself against the harsher aspects of having their own place on the world stage.

It makes sense, too. After learning the full extent to which mutants will suffer over the centuries thanks to the multiple lives of Moira MacTaggert, Xavier has tried to morph his dream into a mission where the mutant race can finally succeed.

In the process, Xavier has even been shot and temporarily killed for his efforts. The world has become a more difficult and dangerous place for mutants even as they seem to reach their ultimate place in the universe, and Xavier has had to match it with views and speeches that border on anti-human.

While this moment might be slight, that’s why seeing him and Marko share a small but sweet moment together is so rewarding. Not only does it suggest that Juggernaut’s attempts at redemption come from a sincere place, but it also reveals that Xavier still cares for others, even former enemies like Juggernaut.

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Deadpool 2‘ Confirms SPOILER’s Relationship to Professor X

is juggernaut professor x's brother
is juggernaut professor x’s brother

Despite being a part of the X-Men cinematic universe, the Deadpool franchise has always played fast and loose with the continuity — even more so than Days of Future Past did.

The Merc’ With the Mouth’s movies constantly play up the comic book ties that the main X-Men films tend to ignore, and that trend continued with Deadpool 2 and the appearance of a classic villain.

Warning: Minor spoilers for Deadpool 2 below.

The character previously appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand, but there was nothing there to indicate Cain Marko had a familial relationship with the mutant leader Professor Xavier.

In the movie, Julian Dennison’s character Firefist helps break Juggernaut out from his incarceration, and in return, he will help the young man murder an abusive headmaster from the home where Firefist used to live.

As Juggernaut and Firefist approach the group home, the young boy asks the villain about his iconic helmet, asking if it’s because “your brother tries to read your mind?”

Juggernaut responds by saying yes, but Professor X is in a wheelchair so they’re “even.”


The Untold Truth Of The Juggernaut

In Deadpool 2, Deadpool reveals that he’s a Juggernaut fan. Despite the latter’s interest in nothing but destruction and chaos, the titular anti-hero can’t stop talking about how cool the helmeted giant is. Of course, as superheroes go, Deadpool is also pretty far into destruction and chaos. Now that we’ve all seen the Juggernaut onscreen, as well as a pretty perfect depiction of what he’s capable of, you may be wondering what his deal is.

In the movie, the Juggernaut briefly mentions having a psychic brother in a wheelchair, and even if you’ve never read a comic, it’s probably not hard to guess that he’s talking about the X-Men’s leader Charles Xavier, a.k.a. Professor X (especially since Deadpool rides around in that same wheelchair earlier in the movie).

So what’s the Juggernaut’s story? Despite having been around for more than 50 years, he’s not the most well-known supervillain. This is the untold truth of Juggernaut.

Professor X’s stepbrother

In Uncanny X-Men #12, Professor Xavier fills the X-Men in on the Juggernaut’s origin. Charles Xavier was a smart and sensitive young boy. He had an older stepbrother named Cain Marko, however, who was a boor and a bully. They were rivals their whole lives, although Xavier was able to get the upper hand once his psychic powers manifested.

The cave collapsed with Xavier barely escaping, and years later, Marko hunted down his hated stepbrother to destroy him. The Juggernaut’s distinctive helmet makes him immune to Professor X’s psychic powers, and that first battle with the X-Men, like many that followed, revolved around the X-Men maneuvering the Juggernaut into a position where they could get his helmet off, enabling Xavier to lay down the psychic whammy.

Powered by the Demon Cyttorak

First appearing in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #44, he’s a being of destruction and chaos, which is
why he chooses destruction-prone Earthly avatars (of which Cain Marko was not the first) and grants
them the power to cause untold devastation in his name.

In Amazing X-Men Vol. 2 #15-19, artist Jorge Fornes established Cyttorak’s definitive look by making
him a gigantic inhuman version of the Juggernaut himself.
By giving shape to the character and his motivations, later stories retroactively introduce greater
intention to the Juggernaut’s early stories, where his behavior had previously seemed driven solely by impulse.
Cain Marko’s actions were chaotic, but they were exactly as chaotic as Cyttorak wanted them to be.

Best friends with Black Tom Cassidy

In Uncanny X-Man #101, the Juggernaut begins a long-running villainous partnership with the Irish florokinetic Black Tom Cassidy.
In the first story, their alliance really only existed to justify the Juggernaut’s surprising presence in
Cassidy Keep, the Irish castle belonging the family of Black Tom and his cousin Sean Cassidy, the X-Man
known as Banshee.

Black Tom and the Juggernaut remained close allies for years, however.
It’s a standard sort of supervillain partnership: Black Tom has plans and schemes, while the Juggernaut
has the muscle to carry them out.
Black Tom favors florid speech (pun intended) and has the demeanor of a gregarious, talkative villain,
while the Juggernaut just tells you he’s going to destroy you and then does his best to follow through.

The two were partners for so long that it became common among X-Men fans to view them as a
the subtextual romantic couple, although this never became canon in the comics, and has fallen by the
wayside with the end of their partnership in more recent years.


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is juggernaut professor x’s brother


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