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lead singer of guns and roses

lead singer of guns and roses

In 1985, Guns N’ Roses formed in Los Angeles, California. They signed to Geffen Records in 1986 with vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. Rose, Slash, McKagan, guitarist Richard Fortus, drummer Frank Ferrer, and keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese make up the current lineup. Join Solsarin in this article to learn more about Axel Rose, the lead singer of guns and roses!

Who Is Axl Rose?

Originally from Indiana, Axl Rose moved to California, working odd jobs and playing in bands until the mid-1980s, when Guns N’ Roses formed. Although Guns N’ Roses achieved critical acclaim, Rose’s antics caused controversy. After the Use Your Illusion Tour, Rose became a recluse. In 2008, he reappeared occasionally with the band, promising to release the album Chinese Democracy.


Axl Rose was born William Bruce Rose Jr. on February 6, 1962, in Lafayette, Indiana. As a toddler, Rose Sr. left his father, William Bruce Rose Sr., who was 16. Rose’s mother married Stephen Bailey and changed her son’s name to William Bruce Bailey. When Rose was 17, he discovered the existence of his father while going through his parents’ files. He changed his last name to Rose.

Police frequently caught Rose in trouble and she spent time in jail on charges of public intoxication and battery. After the police threatened to charge him as a career criminal, he moved to Los Angeles in 1982. He joined the band AXL shortly after. The experience was so overwhelming that he legally changed his name to W. Axl Rose.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses released their 1986 EP followed by their 1987 debut album, Appetite for Destruction, on Geffen Records. Rose played in bands such as Rapid Fire, L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose. Rose played in bands like Rapid Fire, L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose before joining Guns N’ Roses. Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, was released in 1987 on Geffen Records.

As a result of the band’s success, Rose quickly became a hailed and controversial figure at the same time. Despite being hailed as one of the most charismatic and successful lead singers of all time, he was often late for performances, and performances often began several hours late. He was accused of being racist and homophobic when the band released G N’ R Lies in 1988, based on lyrics in “One in a Million.”

Rose became known for stopping shows to deal with unruly fans after two people died while slamming to GNR’s “It’s So Easy” at Monsters of Rock. He retrieved a fan’s banned video camera from the crowd at a concert in St. Louis in 1991. When he returned onstage, he denounced security personnel and left. A riot ensued, causing $100,000 in damages, and Guns N’ Roses was banned from the city. Rose’s rantings and ravings on stage became more frequent during the Use Your Illusion Tour, in support of the double album. Walk-offs and riots also occurred on this tour. As a result of the band’s last Use Your Illusion performance, held on July 17, 1993, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, they went dormant.

A New Era

Guns N’ Roses didn’t officially disband, but lead guitarist Slash left in 1996, Matt Sorum was fired in 1997, and bassist Duff McKagan quit in 1998. Rose became a recluse at his Malibu home. Several years later, Rose reappeared with a new band and toured North America, Europe, and Asia periodically. Chinese Democracy was released in 2008, but Rose disappeared for two months. According to the singer, his record label had not provided him with adequate support when he resurfaced.

While Guns N’ Roses was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, Rose did not attend. However, four years later, in March 2016, it was announced that GNR would be reuniting for a 21-city North American tour, including shows in Las Vegas, at Coachella and in Mexico City ahead of the highly anticipated event.

The Not in This Lifetime… Tour was a huge hit with fans who wanted to see Rose, Slash and McKagan reunite. According to Billboard, the tour sold 4.3 million tickets in 2017, ranking third among the highest grossing tours since 1990.

Rocky Personal Life

In 1990, Rose married Erin Everly, who later claimed that Rose had threatened her with a gun in his car if she would not marry him. 1991, the marriage was annulled. In the same year, he began dating supermodel Stephanie Seymour. They were engaged in 1993, but broke up a few months later due to misunderstandings. In Rose’s case, she sued Seymour, accusing him of assaulting her and Seymour countersued, alleging that he attacked her and she grabbed him out of self-defense. The case dragged on for quite some time, but eventually Rose settled out of court. During the trial, Everly was called to testify and filed a lawsuit against Rose for assault and sexual battery. Rose settled both of these cases out of court as well.

In the early years of Rose’s life, he was diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder and prescribed lithium, but has refused to take it ever since. He believes in homeopathic medicine and past-life regression. According to Rose, past-life regression therapy helped him reconnect with memories of his biological father sexually abusing him at the age of two.


  • Name: Axl Rose
  • Birth Year: 1962
  • Birth date: February 6, 1962
  • Birth State: Indiana
  • Birth City: Lafayette
  • Birth Country: United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Best Known For: Founder and lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose is a celebrated but controversial figure in the world of rock.
  • Industries:Rock
  • Astrological Sign: Aquariu

Legacy, style and influence

Guns N’ Roses signed with a major record label within eight months of the band’s inception, and topped national sales charts weeks after garnering late hours airplay on MTV. Appetite for Destruction is the highest-selling debut album of all time in the United States.[Peers of the band in the music industry often spoke highly of the band. Joe Perry stated that the band was the first group to remind him of Led Zeppelin. Ozzy Osbourne stated that Guns N’ Roses could have been “the next Rolling Stones” if the classic lineup stayed together. Country musician Steve Earle stated in 1989 that “Guns N’ Roses are what every L.A. band pretends to be”…

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