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lee williams gospel singer net worth

lee williams gospel singer net worth

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Lee had been interested in singing since he was a small kid.

He started singing at 8 years of age. His uncle was a famous gospel singer, who was a member of the group “The Gospel Stars”. He and his two brothers used to sing along with their uncle when they were young.
Williams’ uncle formed a band called “The Spiritual QC’s” in 1962.

The band performed together for six years, but, in 1968, the band broke down.

After the band’s break down, Lee went on to form his own quartet gospel group named “Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s” in 1968.

The group(lee williams gospel singer net worth)

The group started recording their songs in 1970. Lee was performing as a co-lead singer in the group along with Willie Ligon. The gospel group recorded their first track on a series of 45 rpm records. After some time, Lee became a solo lead singer after Ligon’s left the group. In 1996, the group recorded their first national recording at MCG Records.

The same year, the group released their first album titled “Jesus Is Alive and Well”.

The album includes the hit record called “I’ve Learned to Lean.”.
Lee Williams has released 13 albums together with his gospel group.

The group’s last album was titled “Memphis Gospel, Live!”, which was released in 2015. Lee took retirement from the group after he was diagnosed with dementia. The group went on to perform their retirement concert with Williams’ son, C. C in 2018. As of now, his son, C. C. Williams is continuing the group.

lee williams gospel singer net worth
lee williams gospel singer net worth

Lee Williams Personal Life

Lee Williams was a married man, who exchanged the wedding vows with a lady named Annie Ruth. As per reports, he was married to her for over 50 years. He shares three kids with his wife, Annie, two daughters, and a son.
Lee Williams passed away at 75 years of age on August 30, 2021. His death news was announced by the gospel group’s official Facebook Page on Monday, August 30, 2021.


Gospel Singer Lee Williams’s Children & Wife Annie Williams
Gospel singer Lee Williams’s children are devastated by his demise.
However, no Lee Williams kids have come forward to talk about the situation. Unlike their late famous dad, they have been always private about their life. Therefore, we do not know much about them.
Lee Williams is now survived by his wife Annie Williams.
Born as Annie Ruth, she took Lee Williams’s last name when the couple got married on August 1, 1969. They had even marked their Golden Jubilee recently in 2021.
Lee’s commercial success came only after Annie entered into his life. The lovebirds supported each other through both thick and then.
In an interview, Annie said, “He was singing here in Tupelo long before anyone knew who he was.”


Lee Williams’s whole family is morning his death right now.

His sad news was confirmed on his Facebook group on August 30, 2021. They wrote, “It is with our deepest sorrow that we announce the passing of our fearless leader, Dr. Lee Williams.”.
They also added, “We thank God for allowing him to Stop By On His Way Home, and though he has moved from his temporary house, the love, the memories, and the music will linger on.”
Apparently, Williams took his last breath in his home in Pontotoc. He was 75 years old in age and had just celebrated his last birthday on July 25.
On the other hand, Lee Williams’s cause of death is still not disclosed.




How Did Lee Williams Die?


Williams was survived by his wife Annie and the couple had completed 50 years of their marriage. Not only this but many more celebrities have lost their lives this year. Dusty Hill from ZZ Top group just died in July, Jamaica singer Lee “Scratch” Perry recently died, and Dominican singer Johnny Ventura died in July due to a heart attack.
Fans did not even emerge from their grief and they got to hear another sad news today. Since the news went viral on social media, many fans and celebrities are paying tribute to the legendary singer and sharing his pictures.

lee williams gospel singer net worth
lee williams gospel singer net worth

Lee Williams Cause of Death


Singer K-Ci Hailey tweet his and William’s picture and wrote, Today gospel music legend Lee Williams has been called home to the Lord. He was a true icon who I looked up to and he will truly be missed. Rest in heaven eternally”. Many more tweets can be seen on the Interner and fans are condolence over the death of Spiritual QC’s leader. He was a real gentleman and no can forget him. He will always be remembered by his fans and family. May God Bless His Soul.

What did people say about Lee Williams’ death?

Lee is trending on Twitter after many fans took to the platform in disbelief, shock, and grief over his passing.
“When I was 7 all I wanted was to go to a Lee Williams concert I took pictures w/ him and everything. RIP man,” a tweet read.
“Lee Williams gave me and my brother our first shot when I was 11 years old at the Gospel Explosion in Houston TX! He let us sing Cooling Water in front of all those people! RIP Lee Williams,” another tweet read.

Is Lee Williams one of the Williams brothers wife?

The late gospel singer Lee Williams is not related to the William Brothers though they the have same surnames. Amanda Williams, Lee Williams, and The Williams Brothers represent two of the biggest names in the idiom of quartet music in the gospel genre


How long was Lee married?

GOSPEL singer from the legendary quartet Spiritual QC Lee Williams passed away on August 30, 2021. Lee, who was 75-years-old at the time of his death. is survived by his wife Annie with whom he was married to for 50 years.

lee williams gospel singer net worth
lee williams gospel singer net worth

Who is Lee Williams’ wife?

Lee Williams, the leader of the Spiritual QC’s and the Godfather of quartet music has passed away aged 75 on August 30 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The band announced the death of the veteran gospel singer through an emotional Facebook post. He had celebrated his 75th birthday on July 28 and days after celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Annie.

How many brother did Lee Williams have?


Lee Williams began performing gospel music as young as age eight, when his uncle, a member of a group called the Gospel Stars, put together a companion group featuring Williams and his three brothers.


When did Lee Williams born?

Born July 28, 1946, Williams was 75 years old at the time of his death. He was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi and following his retirement in 2018, was gifted a key to the city.


Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC’s



Although the Tupelo, Mississippi-based Spiritual QC’s have existed in some form since 1968, it wasn’t until the late ’90s that they began recording and getting their due as a highly skilled traditional-styled Black gospel outfit. And it wasn’t until 1998 that the group started billing lead singer Lee Williams ahead of the Spiritual QC’s’ name. They made up for lost time, at least in a studio recording sense, with successive Billboard-charting albums released throughout the mid-2010s.

lee williams gospel singer net worth
lee williams gospel singer net worth


Williams began performing gospel music as young as age eight

Williams began performing gospel music as young as age eight, when his uncle — a member of a group called the Gospel Stars — put together the Gospel Stars Junior, a companion group featuring Williams and his three brothers. Williams’ uncle also formed a group called the Spiritual QC’s in 1962 (QC’s standing for “qualified Christian singers”), and when this outfit broke up in 1968, Williams took the name for his own group at the time in which he also played lead guitar. In the mid-’70s, two former Spiritual QC’s joined the lineup: second lead vocalist Leonard Shumpert and lead guitarist Al Hollis.

Although the Spiritual QC’s toured off and on over the last three decades of the 20th century, it wasn’t until the ’90s that their music was documented extensively. Through their connection with friends the Gospel Four, the Spiritual QC’s entered the studio to record their first CD, Jesus Is Alive and Well, in 1996; members of the Gospel Four provided instrumental support, and their lead singer George Dean produced the record. A second album, Love Will Go All the Way, appeared in 1998, and the group — now billed as Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC’s — toured extensively behind it.
That set the stage for 2000’s Good Time, which crashed into the Top Ten of Billboard’s gospel chart.

Accolades poured in during the next year; the group won Traditional Quartet of the Year at the Gospel Music Excellence Awards, and was nominated for Best Gospel Album at the Soul Train Music Awards. Right on Time (2003) and Tell the Angels (2005) both peaked within the Top Five of the Billboard gospel chart. Although Fall on Me (2009) was the last studio effort to fare as well, they continued to record regularly and performed up to 50 weeks a year. Leader Lee Williams died on August 30, 2021 at the age of 75.

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