phone book doesn’t leave bruises

phone book doesn't leave bruises

phone book doesn’t leave bruises

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Why does a phone book not leave a bruise when using it with a punch?

Any impact to soft tissue will leave a mark of some sort, in this case it wont look like a fist but a large flat bruise.

It is for the most part a movie myth used in cases where the police want to rough up a suspect but not leave incriminating marks, and only a myth.

There is no way to issue a beating without leaving signs of that beating, forecsic science has progressed to the point that they can figure out exactly what was used.

Assault is a serious crime, it is a felony and therefore carries a mandatory jail sentence so live and let live.

the phonebook was used as a torture method. they would use the phonebook to strike the victims head. the strike would compress the cervical spine to cause pain. this torture method does not leave any marks and yes, police officers have used this torture method.

Also, to update my ‘conservation of momentum’ answer just given, be aware the other posted answer is way off track with this nonsense about the impact being “spread out over a larger area…” This shows a poor grasp of physics. Making sure the phone book is tight against the skin will reduce bruising irrespective of surface area. The point us to mimic the billiard ball or the balls in the Newton ball pendulum: there has to be a continuous matrix of SOLID material — ie. no air gaps!

— between the striking object (bat, baton, fist) and the subject’s body. An air gap would present a huge change in density and materials from the flesh/blood/water matrix found within a human body, and this would hugely affect the transfer of momentum, likely causing skin bruising. A phone book directly against the skin with no shirt in between (or at least ensuring a thin or wet shirt) would work best.

phone book doesn't leave bruises
phone book doesn’t leave bruises

Another explain:

If you clobber somebody with a phone book, they will bruise. But there is another way, and it involves knowing a little physics.

Have you ever seen a Newton ball pendulum? It’s a desk toy with 5 stainless steel balls. Notice how only the balls on the ends move. The centre balls stay stationary, but they transfer the MOMENTUM from the first ball to the last ball. In physics this is called CONSERVATION OF LINEAR MOMENTUM and it’s exactly what happens when you ‘break’ the billiard balls in a game of pool. The cue ball literally stops, and transfers its momentum to the ball that it has collided with.

Now, what about the phone book? The phone book plays the same role as the middle balls in the Newton pendulum: it doesn’t move, but it DOES transfer momentum. If the phone book is firmly pressed against a subject’s body and struck with a fist, baton, or bat, the momentum will be transferred deep into the body, causing pain.

In some cases the momentum can travel through the body and cause pain/damage far from the original area of impact. But because there is no open gap between the phone book and the skin, there is no ‘impact’ there, and thus no bruising. Bruising is minimized by making sure the book stays firmly against the skin. Just like a Newton pendulum, just like in billiards.

Does hitting someone with a phone book leave bruises?

Does it not leave bruises? No it doesn’t, you can put a phone book on the side of someone’s head and hit them with a night stick and it will not show up.


Is a phone book Bulletproof?

A car completely covered in phone books will be bulletproof. However, this may phone books weighed significantly more than the car could carry, so the Build Team was forced to cut back the amount of phone books to 400. For their first test, they drove the car around as they fired M14 and deer slug rounds at it.

phone book doesn't leave bruises
phone book doesn’t leave bruises

Do they still print phone books?

Phone books and white pages have gone the way of the rotary-dial telephone. But both still exist digitally online.

Is there a free phone book anymore?

Just dial 1-800-FREE-411 (or 1- from your phone. Since the service is sponsored by advertisers, you’ll have to listen to a 10-second ad before you can speak, but the service is free, easy to remember, and easy to use.

How can you make a bruise on your neck?

Masturbate using a holy cross

How do you unlock a Samsung U800?

Unlock your U800 Samsung mobile phone easy using the usb cable that comes with the phone. No need to leave your house using the SRS service

What muscle allows you to power punch?

Using your hips & legs allows you to “power punch”.

What is the purpose of using a corner punch for your craft?

The purpose of using a corner punch for your craft is very simple. A corner punch makes your crafting experience much better by making the task easier.

How do you heal a stone bruise?

To heal a stone bruise, you need to stay off of it. Using ice and heat will help but ultimately it will just take time to heal it.

Make the sentence using idiom take a punch?

Take a punch means to take a bow. When the sir won the trophy, his students took a punch.

Can you give a sample sentence using the idiom take a punch?

The fighter knew how to take a punch. He had survived many challenges in life and had learned how to take a punch.

What happens when you leave your phone battery out your phone for too long?

It dies a slow death until it’s put back in the phone and charged. If it’s a phone your not using all the time taking out the battery when not in use will prolong the charge.

phone book doesn't leave bruises
phone book doesn’t leave bruises

How can you stop your brother punching your laptop whenever you’re using it?

Punch him whenever he’s using it.

How can one design software for Punch Home?

You can design software for Punch Home using the Home Design Studio software. This software is available for purchase from the Punch Software website.

What are the Safety rules for using a centre punch?

Be careful for the sharp niddle..

Using a Booster for Cell Phone?

The problem with cell phones is that they can sometimes leave you without service just when you need them. Although this predicament is honestly not one that people have to deal with very often, it still happens and can leave you stranded under the worst circumstances.

If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your cell phone’s range, then consider using a booster for cell phone as a way to help extend your coverage. These boosters can help your phone get service in areas where it would normally be useless, helping you to get more out of your phone.

The number of voters who voted using punch cards between 2000 and 2004?

the question on the crossword goes… the number of voters who voted using punch cards ——— between 2000 and 2004 the answer is decreased

How do you punch people on skate 2?

Apparently by buying a “filmer pack” you get an extra “taunt” named boxing. Using that taunt you can punch people.

What are the two ways of using bruise in a sentence?

a got a briuse on my arm. im going to briuse you! There are two ways.

When does honchkrow learn sucker punch?

You will need to teach Murkrow Sucker Punch at level 55, then evolve it using a Dusk Stone. Honchkrow cannot learn Sucker Punch through leveling up.

Can you give me a sentence using resist?

It was hard to resist my temptation to punch him in the face.

How to stop using my smart phone a lot?

The only way that you can stop using your smartphone a lot is to practice self control. Keep reminding yourself that you are strong enough to leave it alone for a while because you are.

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