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protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to

protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to what

protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to what

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“Protagonist” is to “Heroine” as “Clothing” is to “Skirt”. Everything revolves around the protagonist i.e., the one who is in the lead role or who changes the path of the story, and a skirt is a piece of clothing which is mainly used to be “wrapped” around a person who wears it. Thus, here Skirt comes under a piece of clothing while the heroine comes under the group of protagonist.

Protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to?

a Protagonist is the main character of the movie. so Protagonist is to heroine as clothing is to jeans , skirt and everything that around the protagonist.


What is male for protagonist?

a protagonist is a hero in a narrative/story. a female hero is a heroine, so there is no sexual differences in the term “protagonist”

Who is the protagonist of rebecca by daphne du maurier?

the heroine

Protagonist is to heroin as clothing is to what?

Protagonist is to heroin as clothing is to skirt. Everything revolves around the protagonist in a story, and a skirt is a piece of clothing that is “wrapped” around a person.

How does katniss fit in the definition heroine?

Um…. She’s the protagonist of the story. and she’s a girl, so…. yeah. Heroine.

What is the name of the heroine in the movie License to Wed?

The heroine (or female protagonist) is Sadie Jones, played by Mandy Moore.

What is a person in a literary work called?

character, hero, heroine, protagonist

What word means a female protagonist in Romeo and Juliet?

Heroine – hero (fem)

Which of these is a fault or imperfection that eventually leads to the downfall or demise of the protagonist (hero or heroine) of a story?

tragic flaw


Littery characters that start with the letter p?

Protagonist – the leading character, hero, or heroine of a drama or other literary work.

Who is the heroine in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by L Frank Baum?

Dorothy Gale of Kansas is the protagonist of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

What are heriones?

A heroine is the female equivalent of a hero.In narrative storytelling, whether film, literature, or some other form, this is often the main character of a story, or protagonist, whose experiences are the main focus of the plot.As with a hero, a heroine is generally a protagonist who displays bravery, overcomes an obstacle or foe, or is at least generally expected to be likable to her audience.

What is the good guy in any story called?

if you’re talking about the main character, that’s the protagonist. also called he hero or heroine.

What is the good guy in any story called?

if you’re talking about the main character, that’s the protagonist. also called he hero or heroine.

What does pretagonist mean?

the leading character, hero, or heroine of a prequel before it is written (Once the prequel has been written, the pretagonist becomes the protagonist.)

What actors and actresses appeared in Yamaho Yama – 2012?

The cast of Yamaho Yama – 2012 includes: Sanjjanaa Archana Galrani as Female protagonist Srihari as Lord Yama Srinivasa Kapavarapu as Comedian Parvati Melton as Heroine Siva Reddy as Comedian Sairam Shankar as Male protagonist

What are the comic book heroes?

Comic Book Hero’s are just hero’s or heroine’s in a comic who do a protagonist like thing or do a good deed for another character in the comic. 🙂

Who was the protagonist in a series of novels by the French writer Colette?

Claudine was the heroine in a series of four novels called the Claudine series. The novels trace the coming of age of a young girl/woman

What is the difference between a hero and a heroine?

While modern speakers generally use the word hero to describe a central protagonist of either gender, traditionally the word was reserved for males. A female was called a heroine. There were some differences in the way male versus female protagonists were generally portrayed but again, modern usage tends to disregard gender.


What is the definition of protagonist?

The main or lead character (or hero / heroine) in a story or event.It is the good guy in the story, who may be opposed by an antagonist (bad guy).A protagonist is the character in which the story surounds. Otherwise, the main character.He is the:-good guy-main character-the movie/book is his storyThe protagonist is a character in a story, usually the main character. It is very often that the Protagonist is facing an antagonist, which is against the protagonist. the antagonist is usually portrayed as an evil person or creature, and the protagonist often wins and defeats the antagonist at the end. (basically, the protagonist is the good guy and main character)The main character in a literary work.Protagonist means the main person or character in the story.

What is another name for the main character of a story?

Another name for a main character in a story is a keycharacter.

Which type of drug is made from poppy seeds?


How do you put heroine in a sentence?

You say “lily is a super heroine”

What is the Man versus man conflict?

“Man vs. Man” just means that the protagonist and the antagonist are people (in some sense of the word). They could be anything from human to alien to animals, but there is another being acting against the hero or heroine of the story.

What part of speech is heroine?

Heroine is a noun.

Which is more Adictive tabaco or heroine?


What is the main goal of a storys protagonist?

a Protaganist is the leading character, hero, or heroine of a drama or literary work. The role/plot is based around them. The object of the role is to take the viewer or reader through the plot allowing us to see the plot from their perspective

Who is Salinger’s heroine?

Salinger’s Girl; Heroine: Esme

Can heroine affect sexual feelings?

of course…its heroine

How do you use the word heroine in a sentence?

My name is heroine

What is the gender of heroine?

Heroine refers to a female hero.

How do you use heroine in a sentence?

“She was a great heroine to the man that almost drowned.” what kind of heroine are you talking about exactly?

How does heroine make you gain weight?

It doesn’t. Heroine will make you lose weight. There is a chemical in heroine that blocks the urge to eat.

What is the masculine form of heroine?

The masculine form of heroine is hero. Heroine is just a woman superhero.

Is heroine an adjective?

No. Heroine is a noun, a person (the female gender of hero). The same word, heroic, is used as an adjective for heroine or hero.

What is the opposite gender to hero?


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