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qualities of a wife material

qualities of a wife material

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Wives need to exhibit exemplary behaviorist

Wives need to exhibit exemplary behaviorist because of this exceptional behavior that they qualify for the coveted title wife material. This behaviour, it’s obvious, will make them sell at the marriage stock exchange. They will land the creme de la creme of husbands as well. Here are the characteristics that make a woman wife material.

1. An excellent cook. One needs to cook like the chefs at five star

hotels. She needs to know the right ingredients for each meal. Apart from being able to prepare traditional meals,

she should master how to prepare a complicated meal.

Her chapatis should be soft like the bum of her baby,

her meat tasty,her rice Moja moja and her tea shouldn’t be watery.

2. God fearing.

She should not only be a church goer but also have

roles in church. Like choir leader or youth leader.

The pastor should know her. She should always take the front seat in church.

Lest I forget, she needs to go to church in a dress below her knees. She ought to give offering and tithe.

Anything less than isn’t worth the trouble.

She won’t raise children in a Godly way.
3. She should not be a party animal.

If she drinks and sleeps at the club couch she’s not the one.

She should just like movies, sit at home sleeping,

or reading a novel.

A night club should be a strange place for her. Don’t believe girls who say,

“we were just hanging out with the girls at the club”.

Many are cheats and nag strange men to buy them alcohol.

4. A good home maker.

She needs to portray her home making skills.

Once in awhile or always;

she will wash her boyfriend’s clothes.

She will scrub the veranda,

change the curtains and do all the donkey work in a man’s house. She ought to buy cutlery which she smugglers in a man’s house.

5. Ability to stay with a broke man.

All wife material tolerates broke boyfriends.

They don’t care that their men won’t buy them expensive gifts or take them down to the coast for a weekend.

In fact, some give their boyfriends money,

feed them and believe that all will be well in the future.

True to their faith, these men make it.

They live a life of luxury and marital bliss thereafter.

The girls who rejected broke men keep jumping from one sponsor to another.

6. Submissive.

This quality runs across them.

She should follow all the orders,

rules and regulations laid down by the man without any haa! Or hood!

She should be caught dead arguing with her boyfriend or husband.
7. Should be in good terms with in laws.

A good wife respects and shows unconditional love to her in laws. She loves her mother in law and sister in law as her family.

She never argues or carries grudges no matter what happens.

All in laws love her in turn.


8. Uses money wisely.

She needs to use every coin carefully.

She shouldn’t buy very expensive makeup and Brazilian weaves boasting that “my man has money”.

She ought to live contrary to the slogan;

a man should have a wife who spends more money than he can make.

Money making ventures and good investment should be at her fingertips.

9. Should not be a nag.

A good wife material should deceits from nagging.

She shouldn’t have the habit of calling her boyfriend all the time and sulking if he doesn’t pick.

Her demands should be reasonable.

Questions like “uko wapi?

” Should not come from her mouth.
10. Faithful. Last but not least, she needs to be faithful.

Even if her boyfriend is in the United States or in another town and it takes forever for them to be together,

she needs be chaste. She shouldn’t have a thing going with his friend, a man in the office or that strange man she met.

This will make the marriage strong like the rocks on the peak of Mount Kenya.


qualities of a wife material
qualities of a wife material

What does it mean when a guy calls you wife material?


You are considerate.

“’Wife material’ indicators can range from doing the wallet dance (thanks, but we’ll pay) or something sweet like making our bed after a sleepover.

It’s so simple,

but speaks to a level of consideration you don’t always get in some people who might feel a little too entitled to your chivalry.”


How do you know she’s not wife material?

Not every woman you date… hell,

not even every woman you fall in love with is someone you want to have for a wife.

In this day and age, marriage isn’t really treated as the sacred commitment it once was,

but in my opinion, you should still at least make a good college effort to make it last.

If you’re really planning on spending the rest of your life with one woman,

you better make damn sure she’s the right one.

Here are more than a few signs that she’s not.

qualities of a wife material
qualities of a wife material

1. She’s Clingy


Let’s start simple, shall we? Everybody wants to be with someone who feels they can’t live without them,

but when she takes that too literally, it’s suffocating and it will drive you crazy. Run.

2. She Complains When You Go Out With The Guys
Sticking with the obvious

, this is a huge red flag.

Not letting you hang with your friends means she wants to be the only person in your life, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

3. She Thinks She Can Change You

Ah, this little nugget is as old as time.

She thinks you have potential to be exactly what she wants, and it’s her job to shape you into it.

Well, guess what?

This has never once, in the entire history of relationships,

ever been successful.


4. She’s Jealous

A little jealousy is fine—after all,

you don’t want her flirting with other dudes, right?

But if she flips out every time a woman crosses your field of vision, you’ve got your work cut out for you, my friend.


5. She Doesn’t Trust You

This is really an extension of #4, but we’re going for 100 here, so bear with me.

The truth is, this extends beyond jealousy into something deeper. She wants to know where you are and who you’re with every second of the day, and that’s just not gonna fly.

You know what all good relationships are built on, right?


6. She’s Controlling

She only cares about your opinion and tries to force you into agreeing with her.

She decides where you go and what you do.

Might as well hand over your balls,

because you sure as hell aren’t using them.


7. She Has No Confidence

She doesn’t think she’s good enough for anything,

not her job, not her friends and not you.

It may seem cool to be held up to such a lofty position,

but that’s not someone you want as a partner.

8. She Wears A Stud In Her Tongue

Every time I see one of those,

I think the same thing:

“That girl has probably had a whole lot of dicks in her mouth.”


9. Her Daddy Pays Her Credit Card Bill

This girl has never had to learn anything about fiscal responsibility and will more than likely spend all the money you have and some you don’t.


10. It’s Your Second Date And She’s Already Talking About Marriage

This girl just wants to get married, period.

And she’s not that discerning anymore.

She’s not thinking,

“I’m madly in love and want to spend the rest of my life with this guy.” It’s more like, “He’ll do.”


14. She’s Never Seen STAR WARS

Because… I mean… come on.


15. She’s Been In A Three-Way With Two Dudes

It would be tough to get that image out of your head. Like a pig on a spit.

And I don’t think it needs to be mentioned, but a three-way with another chick is completely acceptable—nay, encouraged.

16. She’s Always Late(qualities of a wife material)

Someone once told her she was worth waiting for and boy, did she run with it.

She’s making you wait for hours on end as a way of controlling you. If she’s not ready when she says she’s going to be

, just leave without her—

she will definitely break up with you and you’ll be all the better for it.


17. She Talks About How Much She Hates Men

Ah, the man-hater.

She’s been dicked over time and time again,

or at least that’s her story.

She tells you what she loves about you is that you’re different from all the other guys she’s ever been with. But guess what?

You’re not.

18. She Thinks She’s Prettier Than She Is(qualities of a wife material)

The opposite is so much more attractive.

I don’t want a woman telling me how hot she is.

That’s my job.

19. The Only Books She Owns Are Self-Help(qualities of a wife material)

If one or two didn’t do the trick, it’s most likely a lost cause. Besides,

if she doesn’t read, she’s probably not all that interesting, anyway.

20. She Thinks Dane Cook Is Funny(qualities of a wife material)

He’s not.


21. She Starts To Cry Every Time You Have A Fight(qualities of a wife material)

Arguing is normal and healthy in relationships.

But she can’t take the heat,

so she turns on the waterworks.

Then you feel like shit.


you can look forward to a lifetime of emotional manipulation.

22. She Tells Her Friends EVERYTHING(qualities of a wife material)

Women talk—we know this. But there are some things

that need to be kept within the confines of the relationship.

If you can’t trust her to know where that line is, then you can’t trust her enough to marry her.


23. Her Only Friends Are Dudes(qualities of a wife material)

Odds are, there’s a good reason why she doesn’t get along with other women,

and it’s probably not their fault.


have you ever had a hot female friend you didn’t want to bang? Didn’t think so.

qualities of a wife material
qualities of a wife material

24. She’s Crazy(qualities of a wife material)

This may seem

another obvious one,

but crazy chicks are dynamite in the sack,

and the way that makes you feel can easily be misconstrued as love. Don’t make excuses for her erratic behavior,

just nail her seven or eight times and move on.


qualities of a wife material
qualities of a wife material

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