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too much of anything is good for nothing

too much of anything is good for nothing

too much of anything is good for nothing

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too much of anything is good for nothing
too much of anything is good for nothing

too much of anything is good for nothing

Excessive amounts of something can have negative effects. I know it’s good to get exercise, but he’s been working out way too much.
—he’s positively obsessed with going to the gym. And, like my grandmother always said, too much of anything is good for nothing.

Too much of anything is good for nothing…

Too much of anything is good for nothing.
To err is human to forgive divine.

Forgiveness is the best revenge

It is very easy to take revenge but it is very difficult to forgive others. It needs a broad and great heart. Because of the material world we live in.

it is common for a person to err but forgiveness is an attribute of god. In taking revenge we all become equal but in not taking revenge we sometimes more than the people.

surrounding us. Thus this proverb teaches us to forgive the person who does some harm to us and not to take revenge upon him .

or not try to harm him in more severe manner than he does in return

Forgiveness is the best form of taking revenge as it makes him suffer from a sort of humiliation.

A man decides to take revenge upon others when one is badly hurt by his friends or by his relatives.

One gets angry when a person goes against him or does some harm.

and loses the mental balance and takes revenge upon him. Instead of taking revenge in the imbalance of mind if one pardons the person who does harm.

the latter will suffer from a kind of humiliation. Jesus was crucified for going contrary to the accepted opinion at that time.

After crucified he prayed to god almighty forgive them as they did not know what they were doing. When we forgive others who did wrong to us, we are also forgiven by God.

Similarly when Gandhi was assassinated by Nathuram Godse he said, “Don’t harm him.” Because, forgiveness is a sign of greatness of a man.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Too much of anything is good for nothing.

This famous proverb literally means that when many cooks are engaged to prepare the broth.

they will spoil it instead of making it delicious as every cook will cook it according to his own taste.

and talent. Similarly, consuming or carrying anything too much beyond certain limit will affect bad consequences instead the good result.

too much of anything is good for nothing
too much of anything is good for nothing

When the broth is to be prepared, one is to appoint appropriate number of cooks required according to the quantity and quality of the broth needed.

In the similar manner when one loads things of even light weight one must be keenly careful on the quantity to be loaded, not to exceed the capable limit.

Similarly when a project is started it should be carried out under the guidance of one

main brain. If many persons do the same project they will all use their own ideas and disturb the project. Their ideas may lead to failure.

Then nobody bears the responsibility for failure blaming others. It is meaningless and difficult to blame for the damage done to the project.

It is not the case of the bigger projects alone but it is widely seen in domestic affairs.

When a decision is to be taken or an affair is to be solved.

everyone suggest his own idea. If one takes the advice of many brains he will surely spoil his game

The well-known Tamil poet and sage

Thiruvalluvar has said a statement to illustrate this proverb.

The feather of the peacock is of lightweight. Yet, if the light weighing feathers are loaded beyond the limit on a cart.

the pivot of the cart will get broken. Similarly a student should study his subjects one by one and day by day.

If he tries to study all the subjects at the same time he will get confused and so he cannot excel in the examination.

Too much of anything is good for nothing

Some people are fat, some have high blood pressure [BP] or some might suffer with type-2 diabetes [T2D]. But we do come across people who have metabolic syndrome [MetS], where the abnormalities like high blood pressure.

high blood sugar, excess body fat, particularly around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels [dyslipidemia] coexist.

Not needed to be mentioned, metabolic syndrome is an open invitation for several ailments such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Although physical activity [PA].

sedentary lifestyle and sleep are known to be closely related to increased risk of cardiovascular disease [CVD], risk in elderly people.

firm evidence is still lacking. A recent study published in the journal “PLOS ONE” assessed the impact of the trio; physical activity.

sedentary behaviour and sleep on the components of metabolic syndrome.

So, when the adequacy is exceeded then everything will get collapsed and thereby spoilt.

The study enrolled 5776 Spanish adults who were at a high cardiovascular risk.

All study participants were overweight/ obese and had metabolic syndrome at baseline (men aged 55-75 years, women aged 60-75 years).

Patients with metabolic syndrome particularly those who spent more time watching TV

were more likely to be obese, had type 2 diabetes and abdominal obesity.

On the contrary, those who spared greater time for moderate to vigorous physical activity [brisk walking, climbing stairs, gardening etc.] were less likely to be obese.

too much of anything is good for nothing
too much of anything is good for nothing

had a meeker chance of developing type 2 diabetes as well as had a reduced possibility of having lower high-density cholesterol.

[(HDL-C), good cholesterol] levels. Interestingly, substituting 1-h/day of TV-viewing with 1-h/day of MVPA seemed beneficial in alleviating the risk of the above-mentioned risk factors.

Similarly, substituting 1-h/day of sleep with 1-h/day of moderate to vigorous physical activity also alleviated the above risks.

Having an active lifestyle but not a sedentary one thus helps elderly to ward off obesity, type 2 diabetes or for that matter metabolic syndrome. In fact it is a gateway to healthier heart and body.

Something (concept)

Something and anything are concepts of existence in ontology, contrasting with the concept of nothing. Both are used to describe the understanding that what exists is not nothing without needing to address the existence of everything. The philosopher, David Lewis, has pointed out that these are necessarily vague terms, asserting that “ontological assertions of common sense are correct if the quantifiers—such words as “something” and “anything”—are restricted roughly to ordinary or familiar things.”[1]

In predicate logic

In predicate logic, what is described in layman’s terms as “something” can more specifically be regarded as existential quantification, that is, the predication of a property or relation to at least one member of the domain. It is a type of quantifier.

a logical constant which is interpreted as “there exists,” “there is at least one,” or “for some.” It expresses that a propositional function can be satisfied by at least one member of a domain of discourse.

In other terms, it is the predication of a property or relation to at least one member of the domain. It asserts that a predicate within the scope of an existential quantifier is true of at least one value of a predicate variable.


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