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tooth extraction soda

tooth extraction soda

tooth extraction soda

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tooth extraction soda

It is important to maintain good nutrition and proper fluid intake following extraction. Eat a lukewarm, soft diet for 48 or 72 hours. Do not drink through a straw or drink carbonated beverages (soda or alcohol, to include mouth rinses containing alcohol) for 48 or 72 hours.

If you are wondering why the reason is simple. The carbonation bubbles present in soda can hamper the blood clot that is needed to heal. This makes the recovery process much longer than usual. Hence, it would be much better, if you avoid taking soda or seltzer water after the treatment. These diet cokes can still wait. There is no need to rush. Instead, you may try drinking a lot of water to facilitate hydration.

Drinking soda after 72 hours will not cause any irritation to the tender, fragile gums. Therefore, doctors usually recommend consuming any drink such as soda, etc only after 3-4 days. Therefore, the stitches and wounds will be saved from the adverse effect of acidic drinks. Also, drinking soda is the major cause of tooth decay in today’s world. The most common ones are cavities and erosion.

tooth extraction soda
tooth extraction soda

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Until I Can Drink Soda?

After your wisdom teeth removal, it is important to rest and recover. To make the most of your relaxation period, it is important to prepare ahead of time so you can stay in bed. By planning before the surgery, you will not have to run errands or be uncomfortable at home. An important question often asked before wisdom teeth removal is, “How long after surgery until I can drink my favorite beverages again?”. Below we will go over a couple of common favorite beverage types, and the guidelines for each one. By preparing for this, you will know what to do and have what you need before the surgery.

One common rule for every beverage after surgery is to not use a straw. A blood clot needs to form after your wisdom teeth removal in order for the tooth socket to heal. Straws can suck or dislodge a blood clot, making your recovery longer. Dislodged blood clots can also create issues like dry socket. No matter what you drink, avoid a straw after your wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Soda is a favorite for many, and often people will have a Sprite, 7-Up, or Ginger Ale when they are feeling down. However, after wisdom teeth removal, it is best to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before drinking any soda. The carbonation bubbles in soda can dislodge the blood clot needed to heal, making your recovery process longer and more painful.


Wisdom tooth extraction is usually performed under a general anesthetic, though many dentists and oral surgeons offer conscious sedation. This means that you can’t feel anything, but are still awake. Wisdom teeth that have already erupted through your gums are pulled out with dental pliers, while extracting them before they erupt may involve cutting open your gum tissue to free the tooth. Either way, the entire tooth is removed, leaving an empty socket.

tooth extraction soda
tooth extraction soda

Avoid Straws, Soda, Alcohol, and Hot Beverages

Many individuals will ask “Can i drink soda after wisdom tooth removal”. After you have your wisdom teeth removed it’s important to avoid drinking soda and other carbonated drinks. (You shouldn’t drink these anyway to keep you teeth healthy.) The carbonation in the drinks can cause issues with the blood clot. Don’t be tempted to use a straw. The pressure created by sucking on a straw may also cause this painful condition.

Similarly, it’s best to avoid alcohol during your recovery period. Alcohol can dry out your mouth, interfering with your body’s ability to produce saliva, which plays a critical role in healing. Alcohol has also been linked to gum disease, which means it could potentially increase the risk of infection after wisdom tooth extraction.

Drinking hot beverages is one activity that can cause dry socket. Not only that, but you are likely to burn your mouth or spill them on yourself and burn yourself elsewhere while you’re numb. Avoid drinking hot coffees and teas while your mouth heals. Instead, try room-temperature versions of the drinks. Iced versions are OK, but they might trigger sensitivity.

What foods can I eat after a tooth extraction?

Immediately after your tooth extraction procedure, avoid solid foods. Focus on eating soft or liquid foods like mashed potatoes, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. Look at it as an excuse to eat milkshakes and mashed potatoes for a day or two. Sounds like a pretty fun diet if you ask us! Definitely avoid crunchy foods like chips or crackers, and hard foods like candies. Avoid sticky foods as well, like gum and taffy. Stick to soft foods or liquids to make sure that your mouth heals perfectly and you’ll be back to solid foods in no time.

Choose Foods Wisely

For the first 24 hours after your extraction, it is important to drink water. As far as foods go during this period, it is best to avoid eating hard foods that could become trapped in the extraction site. Cold foods like yogurt and applesauce provide needed nutrition while offering cooling relief to inflamed and swollen tissue. Patients may also choose to eat ice cream for added relief. But be aware that cold foods can sometimes trigger sensitivity, especially as your surgery sites are healing. For more savory choices, warm (not hot) soup is a good choice.

Over the following few days, you can introduce semi-solid foods to your diet. Pancakes and scrambled eggs would make a better breakfast choice than cereal or chewy bacon. You may also consider cooking up some fish, boiling pasta, mashing potatoes, or preparing a bean burrito. Make sure that all foods have cool-down time before eating them. Eating foods rich in protein and vitamin C is also highly recommended, so try having some hummus for a snack, or drinking fruit smoothies without a straw.

tooth extraction soda
tooth extraction soda

Can you drink soda after wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, you can drink soda after wisdom teeth removal but after the specific time suggested by your dentist. If not I will let you know, when you can have carbonated drinks.

Wisdom teeth are the last four adult teeth that are permanent and strong.

Now you may have to go with surgery to remove wisdom teeth and so you are advised to follow all dentist instructions.

Have some patience, as you don’t need to wait for a long time, so kindly follow the instructions for your healthy oral health.

What Soda Does To Teeth?

When you drink soda, the sugar in it combines with bacteria that is located in the mouth. This causes an acid to form which attacks the teeth. Diet soda contains acid on its own and can cause even more damage to teeth. Every time you take a sip of soda, the acid that forms attacks you mouth for about twenty minutes, weakening the enamel that coats the teeth. Young children and teenagers tend to be more susceptible to tooth decay as their enamel is not yet fully developed. By limiting your intake of soda and other sugary drinks, as well as brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, you can reduce your risk of cavities and other problems. It is also important to regularly visit a dentist for cleanings and to deal with any issues that may arise.

What To Drink Instead of Soda?

One of the most important aspects of overall health is staying hydrated. Soda can actually cause dehydration as most sodas contain caffeine and sugar. Sports drinks are better for staying hydrated but they usually also have sugar that can cause cavities. Sports drinks, soda, and lemonade can also cause damage to the enamel on your teeth which can lead to faster tooth decay. To stay hydrated, you should consume water. Not only is it good for you, it will not damage your teeth like many other drinks can.

tooth extraction soda
tooth extraction soda

Why can’t you drink carbonated drinks after oral surgery?

You are not allowed to drink carbonated drinks after oral surgery because these drinks contain a lot of sugar and acid.

These acids can lead to trouble like all over erosion and spot decay caused by the bacteria that grown in your teeth because of the sugar and acid.

Drinking soda like cold drinks always have negative effects on your teeth which can cause

  • Stain and discoloration
  • Weakening of tooth structure
  • Decay and cavities
  • Many other dental problems

When can I start eating solid food after wisdom teeth?

It’s advised to slowly introduce solid foods into your diet about seven days after your surgery. Wisdom tooth extraction is a simple procedure, but recovery can take some time. Because your mouth is healing, knowing what to eat after wisdom teeth removal is important.

How do I know if my wisdom tooth extraction is healing properly?

The healing process can be broken down into the following stages:
  1. First 24 hours: Blood clots will form.
  2. 2 to 3 days: Swelling of the mouth and cheeks should improve.
  3. 7 days: A dentist can remove any stitches that remain.
  4. 7 to 10 days: Jaw stiffness and soreness should go away.


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