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weight watchers chicken breast recipes

weight watchers chicken breast recipes

weight watchers chicken breast recipes

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The chicken (Gallus domesticus) is a domesticated subspecies of the red junglefowl, with attributes of wild species such as grey and ceylon junglefowl[1] that are originally from Southeastern Asia. Rooster or cock is a term for an adult male bird, and a younger male may be called a cockerel. A male that has been castrated is a capon. An adult female bird is called a hen and a sexually immature female is called a pullet.

Originally raised for cockfighting or for special ceremonies, chickens were not kept for food until the Hellenistic period (4th–2nd centuries BC).[2][3] Humans now keep chickens primarily as a source of food (consuming both their meat and eggs) and as pets.

Chickens are one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a total population of 23.7 billion as of 2018,[4] up from more than 19 billion in 2011.[5] There are more chickens in the world than any other bird.[5] There are numerous cultural references to chickens – in myth, folklore and religion, and in language and literature.

Genetic studies have pointed to multiple maternal origins in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia,[6] but the clade found in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa originated from the Indian subcontinent. From ancient India, the chicken spread to Lydia in western Asia Minor, and to Greece by the 5th century BC.[7] Fowl have been known in Egypt since the mid-15th century BC, with the “bird that gives birth every day” having come from the land between Syria and Shinar, Babylonia, according to the annals of Thutmose III.[8][9][10]

Some Chicken Recipes that Taste Too Good to Be So Low in PersonalPoints

There’s no doubt that chicken makes a great, weight loss-friendly staple: Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are rich in protein—read: filling—and super versatile. Think about it: A chicken dinner can be baked, stuffed, roasted, or served in a soup or sandwich. There’s no going wrong unless you play it safe with the same old recipes—boring!

weight watchers chicken breast recipes
weight watchers chicken breast recipes

Weight Watchers Parmesan Chicken Breast

Ingredients For Weight Watchers Parmesan Chicken Breast

  • 4 oz
    4- 4 oz boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 c
    grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 c
    progresso italian bread crumbs
  • 1/2 tsp
  • 1 tsp
    dried parsley
  • 1/2 tsp
    garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp
    ground black pepper

How To Make Weight Watchers Parmesan Chicken Breast

  • 1

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. I prefer to tenderize my chicken breast with a mallet so they wont be so thick, so I make them into a cutlet.
  • 2

    Put all dry ingredients in to a container and mix well. Pour onto a plate and coat each breast (both side) and put in single layer in casserole dish or cookie sheet. Bake at 400 for about 20 to 25 minutes or until chicken is done ( dont over cook or they will be dry)
  • Points Plus: each 4 oz breast- 4 points each
    Parmesan cheese- 6 points
    bread crumbs -6 points
    all other ingredients are 0 points
    total 28 points or 8 points each serving


This whole entire dish comes together in under 16 minutes.  The chicken simmers away in a marinara sauce and at the end, fresh mozzarella cheese is added to make it all gooey and melty!


Homemade quesadillas are super easy and healthy to make in your air fryer! 7 smart points


Weeknight dinner has never been easier. This recipe for BBQ chicken uses frozen chicken breasts. No defrosting! Add in your favorite BBQ sauce at the end. 0 smart points per serving!

weight watchers chicken breast recipes
weight watchers chicken breast recipes


Healthy grilled chicken burgers with only a few simple ingredients!


Looking for the perfect grilled chicken marinade? This grilled lemon chicken is divine! 2 smart pints


Chicken gyros can be easily adapted for a WW friendly meal and I’ll show you how to make them. They’re pretty easy to make and require a lot of yummy zero point ingredients. 1 smart point


My chicken fajitas are not served on a sizzling skillet but are made on a sheet pan. All the veggies and chicken are cooked at once which makes this recipe really easy to put together. The chicken and veggies are zero points because I didn’t use any oil at all. Grab your favorite low point tortillas and have a Mexican fiesta night. 1 point


Blackened chicken alfredo is an easy 5 ingredient one pot dish that can be made in under 30 minutes. The choice of seasoning you can add to your chicken is up to you or if you don’t like chicken use something else like shrimp or lobster.


Chicken Cordon Bleu is a classic chicken dish stuffed with cheese and ham and then the chicken gets breaded and cooked in oil. You can make this dish a lot healthier by air frying the chicken.


Crispy chicken smothered in marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Served with spaghetti noodles on the side.


Low carb and WW friendly


One of my favorite items to order at Chik fil a is their spicy chicken sandwich and I figured out how to make it in the air fryer and less points!


This pizza comes together so quickly with pre-cooked chicken and 2 ingredient dough.


Who says you can’t have soup for dinner? Chicken fajita soup is so warm and comforting on a cold rainy or snowy day.


To increase the crispy factor of this healthy baked chicken parmesan, I used Panko instead of the plain dry bread crumbs called for.

And following the instructions to brush the chicken with reduced-calorie mayonnaise before coating with the crumbs kept the chicken incredibly moist and tender.

Weight Watchers Teriyaki Chicken Sheet Pan Recipe

Cooking a healthy, delicious dinner doesn’t always mean dedicating hours of your time and multiple dishes to the effort.

You can whip up this phenomenal teriyaki chicken on a single sheet pan with about 10 minutes of prep time and another 40 for cooking.

The sauce is a simple mixture of soy sauce, honey, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, cornstarch, and water. It takes practically no time to make.

Then, simply drizzle it over the chicken and bake it for about 20 minutes before adding your veggies.

Weight Watchers Chicken Quesadillas

You might think the tortillas in chicken quesadillas would make them unsuitable for Weight Watchers, but you’d be wrong!

These four-ingredient, 25-minute chicken quesadillas 100% Weight Watchers approved!

The trick is in getting the right tortillas (low-carb; high-fiber).

Everything else is just chicken, low-fat cheese, and a bit of seasoning. Enjoy!

One-Skillet Chicken and Broccoli Dinner

This incredible chicken and broccoli dish has a zesty, flavorful sauce, tender pieces of well-seasoned chicken, crunchy broccoli, onions, and more.

You can have it on the table in just 40 minutes, and you’ll only have to mess up a single skillet (and a few utensils) to do it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

 Weight Watchers – Chicken Ranch Pasta

One of the things that always bothers me about any diet is the thought of giving up pasta.

However, the beauty of Weight Watchers is that you won’t have to “give up” anything.

It teaches you to eat balanced meals and enjoy your favorite things in moderation. Plus, a serving size of this particular pasta is just eight points.

If you love creamy pasta, ranch flavoring, chicken, and bacon, you’ll go nuts for this dish.

Weight Watchers Orange Chicken

Why waste points and money on your favorite Chinese takeout when you can make outrageously good orange chicken at home?

This dish is saucy, delicious, and features just the tiniest bit of crunch from the sesame seeds. Best of all, you can have it ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.

Grilled Maple Cranberry Chicken

This unique and delicious recipe is great for summer grilling! Chicken breast grilled with a maple cranberry glaze and then topped with a Mexican cranberry salsa.

Instant Pot Burrito Bowl

Looking to meal prep with WW? This burrito bowl recipe is perfect. It is also great for families with differing tastes as you can easily customize each bowl.

weight watchers chicken breast recipes
weight watchers chicken breast recipes

Kung Pao Chicken

Just like Chinese takeout, but Weight Watchers-friendly! Lose the restaurant menus and make this quick and easy recipe instead. You won’t miss the take out. Paleo, low carb, Whole30 friendly.

Instant Pot Chicken and Vegetables

Get roasted chicken and veggies in your Instant Pot! This health dinner will definitely be added to your recipe rotation once you try it.

Stove Top BBQ Chicken

Yes, you can enjoy barbecue on Weight Watchers! This stove top recipe is just as good as a slow cooker version but you can eat it in 30 minutes or less.

Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Looking for a Super Bowl or party appetizer that is WW-friendly? These baked buffalo chicken taquitos are perfect! It’s sure to be a crowd pleasure. You can enjoy them for lunch or dinner too.

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