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what country does samsung originate from

what country does samsung originate from

what country does samsung originate from?

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what country does samsung originate from?

Samsung is a South Korean company originally founded as a grocery trading store by Lee Byung-Chull in March 1938. The company forayed in the electronics industry in 1969 and its first electronic product was a black-and-white television. Soon, the company also started exporting its products and became a major electronic manufacturer in its home country. In 1970, the company acquired a 50 per cent stake in Korea Semiconductor.

Early years

Samsung was founded as a grocery trading store on March 1, 1938, by Lee Byung-Chull. He started his business in Taegu, Korea, trading noodles and other goods produced in and around the city and exporting them to China and its provinces. (The company name, Samsung, came from the Korean for “three stars.”) After the Korean War, Lee expanded his business into textiles and opened the largest woolen mill in Korea. He focused heavily on industrialization with the goal of helping his country redevelop itself after the war.

During that period his business benefited from the new protectionist policies adopted by the Korean government, whose aim was to help large domestic conglomerates (chaebol) by shielding them from competition and providing them easy financing. In the late 1950s the company acquired three of Korea’s largest commercial banks as well as an insurance company and firms that made cement and fertilizer. Samsung in the 1960s acquired more insurance companies as well as an oil refinery, a nylon company, and a department store.

During the 1970s the company expanded its textile-manufacturing processes to cover the full line of production—from raw materials all the way to the end product—to better compete in the textile industry. New subsidiaries such as Samsung Heavy Industries,

Samsung Shipbuilding,

and Samsung Precision Company (Samsung Techwin) were established. Also, during the same period, the company started to invest in the heavy, chemical, and petrochemical industries, providing the company a promising growth path.

what country does samsung originate from
what country does samsung originate from

Why Samsung is called Samsung?

the word Samsung means “three stars.”
The name was chosen by Samsung founder Lee Byung-Chul, who envisioned his company becoming as powerful and eternal as stars in the sky. The three stars remained in various forms as the company logo until 1993, when the current logo was introduced.

Who is the owner of the Samsung Company?

Basically in 1938, Lee Byung-Chul established Samsung as a trading company in Southern Korea. Samsung joined the electronic devices market in the delayed Sixties and the development and shipbuilding sectors in the mid-1970s; these locations would drive its following growth. Following Lee’s loss of life later,

the main Samsung was divided into four business categories: Samsung Team, Shinsegae Team, CJ Team, and Hansol Team.

It is also offering solutions about the various naturals like Development, Financially solutions, Ads publishing, Enjoyment, Hospitals availability, Info’s and Emails Technologies Service, Retails store and Healthcare supports. However, effectively it is popular for cell phones, camcorders, and HDTVs.

Its main opponents are Apple and Nokia.  Samsung includes many other products and companies associations which are working under its main company. From its starting day, it has an effective effect on the progress of the Southern Korea Economic system. No doubt Samsung is the biggest and highly popular organization throughout the globe with almost 369,000 (FY 2011) workers.

Since the ’90s Company of Samsung has progressively globalized its actions and products, and electronic devices, especially mobile phones and semiconductors, have become its most essential sources of income and profits.

what country does samsung originate from
what country does samsung originate from

Where Are Samsung Phones Made?

The answer to this question is the same country that made the Samsung smartphone – Taiwan.

In Taiwan, Samsung manufactures both the top of the line Galaxy series and the mid-range Galaxy A series, which includes devices like the Galaxy A71, considered a mid-range best-buy.

Another recent report on Samsung’s China business said that the company “plans to handle premium handsets in South Korea, midrange units in India and a variety of models in Vietnam”.

The Samsung Group is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, originating from South Korea and with headquarters in Seoul.Of course, that doesn’t mean most of their manufacturing happens there.

Instead, Samsung makes their phones in a few major regions.


Approximately 50 percent of all Samsung phones are made in Vietnam. The percentage is expected to drastically increase after Samsung announced a new $3 billion smartphone factory in Vietnam to rival the competition of emerging smartphone brands.

Samsung currently has two phone factories in Vietnam responsible for producing 120 million devices a year for global distribution. In fact, if you’re in North America or Europe or sourced your Samsung phone from one of them,

chances are it was made in Vietnam.

what country does samsung originate from
what country does samsung originate from


Samsung also makes a significant amount of devices in India, where it operates the country’s largest electronics manufacturing factory.

Its Noida plant reportedly produces about 100 million units per year, mostly manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy M and some Galaxy A phones.

If you’re in India,

chances are your Samsung phone is made in India,

since most of the Samsung Noida factory output is sold locally.

A small percentage of the Samsung phones made in India are also sold in West Asia, Europe and Africa.

South Korea

Despite being a South Korean company,

Samsung only produces eight percent of its devices in South Korea. However—and similarly to Indian production—Samsung smartphones made in South Korea are mainly sold in the local market.

When it comes to international sales and exports,

less than 10 percent of all global distributions of Samsung devices are made in South Korea.


It’s the same story for Brazil and Latin America too.

Samsung has a workforce of over 6000 employees in Brazil and has been making phones there since 1999, mostly for the Latin American market.

If you’re getting your Samsung phone from Latin America,

it was likely manufactured in a production facility in Brazil. Samsung has been manufacturing in Brazil since 1999 and has employed over 6000 local workers.

The company manufactures smartphone and home appliances in Manaus and in Campinas, in the state of Sao Paulo.

Still, if the reason why you want to know where Samsung phones are made is because of ethical concerns, you should know that Samsung has a spotty employment record outside of China as well.

Back in 2013, Samsung was sued by Brazil over poor working conditions.

The company was accused of making its employees work up to 15 hours a day, 10 hours on their feet, and sometimes for 27 days straight.

The accusation came after an audit at the Manaus plant, the same one responsible for most of the Samsung phones sold in Latin America.

what country does samsung originate from
what country does samsung originate from


Indonesia is a fairly recent endeavor on Samsung’s end. The manufacturing process only started in 2015, and they only produce around 800,000 units per year, but it’s mostly to cover the local demand.

This manufacturing trial seems to be working,

making it more likely that Samsung would be investing more in production in Indonesia.


At the end of May 2021,

Samsung announced they will be making phones in Turkey as well, as part of a significant move in the country. It makes sense, since Samsung in Turkey has a huge presence, holding up to 43% of the market share.

Until this year, Samsung has made products in Turkey just using contractors,

but soon enough it wants to produce 3 million units per year in its own plant.

The Turkey Samsung factory is located in Tekirda, in the northwest region of the country.

Once again, if you were hoping for a phone not made in China, this move is not something you should be concerned about.

“The factory in Turkey will produce products for the local market. No decision has been made about exporting them,” said a company official.


Samsung has been manufacturing in Taiwan since 1994. It produced around 600,000 units per month in Taiwan,

and rates are expected to grow steadily. The most prominent Samsung products made in Taiwan are the Galaxy series and the Galaxy Note series.


You’d think that China is where the majority of Samsung Galaxy phones are manufactured. After all, China is the world’s manufacturing powerhouse. It is also where Apple manufactures the majority of its iPhones. Not to mention that Chinese OEMs have dominated the smartphone market.

This year, Samsung Company closed its last remaining smartphone factory in China. As of 2019, the company is no longer producing phones in the People’s Republic. It previously had two factories in China,

but as Samsung’s market share in the country fell below 1%,

it was forced to reduce production. It is no longer profitable for Samsung to manufacture phones in China. That is why it has now ceased to do so.

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