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what do people do in the fall

what do people do in the fall?

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what do people do in the fall?

Are you ready for the best things to do this autumn / fall list? A list of autumn items I put together a few years ago, where I share all the best things about autumn, or fall if you’re in the USA, Canada, or anywhere else with a different name to the season. If you came here looking for the best things to do this fall, hopefully you’ll also find this list inspiring. Even if this might read as an autumn bucket list for the UK it should also help for your fall to do list.

Host a glow party

Fall’s shorter days and longer nights make it the perfect time to host a glow party, providing fun for kids and adults alike. (You can host indoors or outdoors, depending on weather.) Set up some black lights, tell guests to wear neon colors, and provide glow sticks and UV body paint or stickers. Decorate with UV balloons, streamers, and tape—it’ll all glow under the black light. You can level up your fall or Halloween party games by making them glow-in-the dark. Crank the dance tunes, put out some snacks, and enjoy all the laughter.

Jump into a Pile of Leaves

Jumping into piles of crisp golden leaves is an autumnal rite of passage which should not be denied to the young and the young at heart. Just make sure that you’ve raked and piled the leaves yourself, so you are more certain the leaves will be free from small branches that can cause scratches!

what do people do in the fall
what do people do in the fall

Host a pumpkin potluck

Pumpkins are versatile, and we’re not just talking about pie filling and Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Whether you’re using a can of pumpkin or the fresh veggie, you can create a wide variety of pumpkin recipes, including pumpkin soup, pumpkin cookies or bread, pumpkin pie smoothies, pumpkin scones, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie lattes, pumpkin ravioli, and so much more. Invite your friends and family to a pumpkin-themed potluck and ask each person to bring their favorite dish with the recipe to share. And come hungry!

Go to a Game

Does one of the members of your family play on a sports team? Next time there’s a little league game, bring the whole family! Most public fields have playgrounds nearby and grass where kids can run around and roughhouse. Bring a ball or jump rope for kids to play with as they watch the game.

Decorate Your Mantle for Autumn

Vibrant colors of leaves in gold, orange and red can be casually placed on the mantel with pumpkins and scented candles perched among them. Keep it bright and simple with plenty of texture to give a warm and cozy feel to your fireplace. If you are on the less creative side, there are some pretty fall mantle examples on Southern Living.

Play in the leaves

Nothing beats the crisp fall air on your face when working in the yard as a family. While it’s important for kids to absorb the wonders of the great outdoors, it’s also valuable to reinforce that household chores are not limited to the indoors. Raking leaves is a great way to introduce the importance of yard maintenance and care to your littles while adding a fun ending…jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves!

Take a Fall Foliage Drive

Foretelling the coming of fall foliage is a tricky endeavor, but well worth the effort if you want to see the colorful dance of stunning reds, yellows, and orange. This color extravaganza is particularly breathtaking, so pack your binoculars, strap your hiking boots and strap your camera around your neck and get ready to fire up your Instagram feed with an explosion of fiery fall colors. To find out where fall is at its best, visit the Smoky Mountains Fall Foliage prediction map and plan ahead. You’re bound to find a number of destinations to add to your fall bucket list.

what do people do in the fall
what do people do in the fall

Crochet something cozy

Knitting and crocheting are two of the best fall activities when you want to spend a chilly night indoors. Both are relaxing and easier than you think. Pick up a basic kit or watch some tutorials online, and you’ll be knitting scarves, hats, and pot holders in no time. There’s something so satisfying about feeling the yarn between your fingers and seeing the stitches line up. Bonus: You can craft homemade holiday gifts! Or create one of these handmade gifts everyone on your holiday list will love.

Catch a College Game

Fall is college football season. See if there’s any smaller colleges in your area that have teams. Division II and III teams often have inexpensive tickets, but still have bands and cheerleaders and all the pageantry of larger college games. Make it a day trip, and tour campus in the morning! Most schools have free tours where they share historical info on the school’s founding.

Visit a local orchard

Apple orchards have proven to be one of autumn’s most treasured outings. It’s fun to explore an orchard and witness all the delicious things that can be made from one kind of fruit. Showing your children the various types of apples and letting them taste the differences makes for an awesome day out. Not to mention, apple picking can result in one of the best fall desserts — Caramel Apples!

Check off the reading list

Stock your shelves with the best Halloween books for kids (you can find the best sellers here). Read books right after dinner while everyone is still gathered at the table, during bath time, before bed, or build a fort and read underneath! It’s fun to do a book-a-day or 3-4 books per week!

what do people do in the fall
what do people do in the fall

Ways to Celebrate Fall

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch.
  2. Make a list of things you’re thankful for.
  3. Pick apples and make delicious apple recipes.
  4. It’s not just for summer. Make s’mores with a Friday night bonfire.
  5. Make your own Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  6. Collect canned goods for your local food bank.
  7. Take your family Christmas card photo.
  8. Meander through a corn maze.
  9. Decorate for fall with a DIY fall wreath.
  10. Rake leaves, make a pile, and jump in.
  11. Take a hayride.
  12. Take photos of the changing seasons.
  13. Clean out your closet to make room for sweaters or start our 31 Days an Organized Life series.
  14. Decorate your home with fall colors and gathered items.
  15. Make cozy and warm soup.
  16. Go for a drive to see the fall foliage.
  17. Light pumpkin-scented candles.
  18. Make leaf rubbings.
  19. Have a tailgate party for the family in the backyard.
  20. Carve pumpkins.

Do a Fall Kids Craft

  • Pick a preschool fall craft to do together, and have fun being creative together. While that fall crafts for kids list is targeted at preschoolers, toddlers and older kids will find plenty to do. It is more fun when the whole family has fun together!
  • Make Jack-o-lanterns from items in the recycle bin, orange paint and black foam stickers.
  • Do a Halloween craft with your kids. Here are a more than dozen projects you can create with your kids.
  • For a fun soap carving ideas, have your kids carve their own arrowheads using a bar of soap.
  • Make your own candles at home by dipping yarn into wax — this is a great stormy afternoon craft activity for the kids.
  • Use our fall leaf pattern to make tissue paper leaves with a traditional crumple craft for kids.
what do people do in the fall
what do people do in the fall

Outdoor Fall Activities

Enjoyable outdoor activities in fall, ideas that’ll make you want to get out of the house more.

Take an early morning, foggy hike.
Hiking in “clouds” is so surreal. And, so worth making the time to do.

Jump in a pile of leaves.
No matter how old you are, this one never gets old!

Take a stroll on a rainy day under an umbrella.
I love to do this year ’round, but especially when the leaves are turning.

Which is why it’s one of personal must-do fall activities.

Check out some tide pools.
This may not be the first idea that crosses your mind when you think of fall things to do, but you can actually go tide pooling whenever there’s low tide! As a bonus, the beaches will be less busy.

Be sure to check out the tide chart in your area so you know when prime times to go are.

Go apple picking.
You can even make candied apples with the ones you get from the orchard.

Have an evening campfire on the beach with friends.
Make sure it’s within the legal limits to have a fire on the beach you go to, though.

Rake leaves.
This may actually be one of those fall activities that everyone has to do – or at least home owners.

No leaves to rake?

You could help an elderly neighbor out just by volunteering your time.

Set up a picnic at your favorite park.
Afternoons are a good time to enjoy a lunch outdoors before the temperate drops.

Run a 5k.
Balance out all those yummy treats with a good ol’ exercise challenge.

Outdoor Fall Activities

Take a camping trip.
There are still plenty of days to go camping before snow fall hits.

Go hunting.
Fall is prime hunting season for a lot of game animals.

Make the most of it and stock your freezer by making time for a hunting trip with some buddies.

Visit a graveyard…at night.
See if it feels just as creepy as when you were an edgy teenager.

Play ultimate Frisbee.

Host a bonfire get together.
Have fun and stay warm in the dropping temps, but don’t stand too close to the flames.

Plan a backpacking trip.
In country or out of country. Whatever you can do, the point is to just get away from it all.

Try trail running.
Now’s the time to pick up a new outdoor activity that you can fall in love with.

Take an REI class or Workshop.
The focus of REI events are almost always centered around outdoor activities.

Some classes are even free!

Take a trip to a National Park on free admission day.
Soak up that sweet, sweet park time and all at no (admission) cost to you.

November 11th is the last day you can take advantage of a free entrance day in 2019.


Fall Activities for Couples

  1. Get spooked in a haunted house
  2. Celebrate Oktoberfest at home with beer and sausages
  3. Re-watch your favorite scary movies leading up to Halloween
  4. Cook a cozy fall meal: Think roasted vegetables or a hearty stew
  5. Have an cider and doughnut date at a local apple farm or farmers market
  6. Make your own mulled wine
  7. Grab a blanket and go stargazing
  8. Give out candy to trick or treaters all dressed up in your own costumes

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