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what does the green skull mean on tpb

what does the green skull mean on tpb

what does the green skull mean on tpb

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Many of the files on The Pirate Bay are copyrighted, so their distribution is illegal. But some users are unaware they could also be downloading viruses.

The skull symbols will tell you what they mean. And how you can use them to stay safe. Knowing which users to trust can help you avoid malware and other problems.

The skull color on Pirate Bay means how trustworthy a user is on the website. A user can reach a higher level if they consistently upload content without malware or spam. Pink is the first level of trust, and green is VIP. Helper and Moderator tags are marked by blue.

Downloads from otherwise trustworthy sources can still be risky. There’s always the possibility of getting a virus or malware when downloading from unknown sources. This is why active virus protection is strongly recommended.

what does the green skull mean on tpb
what does the green skull mean on tpb

Pirate Bay Skull Colors

Each link on The Pirate Bay website has an icon under it. The skull and crossbones icons provide instant information about the download without you having to click on them. I initially thought they were bad and should probably be avoided. But the skull icons on Pirate Bay have different meanings.

Symbol Color Meaning
No Skull New Unranked Users
Pink Skull Trusted Users
Green Skull VIPs
Blue Skull Helper (No longer used)
Black MOD tag Moderator
Red MOD tag Super Moderator
Black ADMIN tag Administrator

A normal user with limited to no experience or reputation will have no skull icon at all. These users have the least amount of trust according to this site. That is not to say that they are all bad. They may simply be new users and have not gained enough information to make a judgement. In comparison to other users, however, they are more likely to post harmful content.

A pink skull (or purple skull) indicates someone who is Trusted. This is one step above a new user without a skull icon. This person uploads significant amounts of content without malware.

A green skull indicates a VIP, which means they are a long-time user and who provide unique content time and again. A VIP differs from a Trusted user in that it has more longevity and uploads more frequently. It is up to the administrators to determine whether someone should be promoted from one level to another.

what does the green skull mean on tpb
what does the green skull mean on tpb

Additional Tags and Symbols

Helpers used to help remove spam and flag abusive content, but these tasks have been shifted to moderators now. However, anyone who has a blue skull may keep it.

You may also see a black MOD tag for a normal Moderator, a red MOD tag for a Super Moderator, and a black Admin tag for an Administrator.

Can You Get a Virus From Pirate Bay?

It is very easy to get a virus using the Pirate Bay. The website itself does not contain viruses. They are caused by the downloads that are hosted by other servers. By providing Torrents, the website tells your program where the content is located.

In spite of its outlaw environment, there must be a high percentage of viruses in comparison to legitimate content providers. There is a lack of regulation and close monitoring. This allows hackers and the spread of malicious software to flourish. However, you can take some countermeasures to ensure you are as safe as possible.

what does the green skull mean on tpb
what does the green skull mean on tpb

Malware Prevention

Find Good Sources

The first recommendation is to use sources with a good reputation, which means they have a skull icon color, which indicates they upload a lot of quality content.

Check out the user comments

This is a great way to find out what you can expect before you download the file by reading the comments from other users.

Make sure your files aren’t too large or too small

When you’re looking for an application, you should expect it to be several hundred megabytes if not gigabytes in size. If the file size is much smaller, this can be a warning sign. If you’re looking for any download type, such as music or movies, compare the file size with similar downloads.

Early Release Content: Beware

Hackers often target the most sought-after downloads because they know they can reach the biggest audience. Besides, because the content is so new, you won’t be concerned that it has been uploaded recently. The content consists mostly of movies that have yet to be released or that are in pre-release.

Older uploads are preferred

Try to find content that has not been uploaded recently. Older downloads are more reliable, and if there is an obvious issue, other users or moderators are likely to report it.

Use a Throwaway Computer

As a final piece of advice, use a computer system you can afford to compromise, such as a spare laptop with no personal information. Use a public or third-party network like WiFi.

You will immediately recognize a bad download if it contains adware or ransomware. This can save you a lot of headaches compared to downloading it on your main system. Despite this, there is still a possibility that a backdoor or Trojan horse has been added. This will not be obvious at first. However, since this is in a safe environment, any connection into your system wouldn’t pose much risk to you.

Is Pirate Bay a safe site?

There is no guarantee that Pirate Bay is safe to use. Only experienced and careful users can get by without problems. The more frequently you use it, the more likely you are to come across malicious software. At the very least, frequent users of the site will encounter a fraudulent download at some point.

If they follow the tips above, there is no need to worry about downloading this file and being negatively affected. The best way to use Pirate Bay safely is to follow the tips above.

The dangers of tpb

The victim is unlikely to come forward The anonymity of hackers High traffic Unknown sources

There is so much malware on the Pirate Bay because it is a website with content similar to those found on the darkweb.

Since many downloads are illegal, victims of malware attacks are less likely to seek assistance from authorities because of their illegal activities. Hackers may also be more inclined to distribute viruses when they have a smaller chance of being caught because of the way the software is shared.

In addition, there are thousands of downloads going to sites like these. It is almost impossible to moderate it all. The last reason is simply access to many people who are willing to download files from unknown sources. A majority of users download legitimate software from companies they recognize and from companies they trust. Because they cannot find these downloads anywhere else, they are willing to take a greater risk.

what does the green skull mean on tpb
what does the green skull mean on tpb

Is Pirate Bay Still Working?

Pirate Bay has been shut down multiple times, but it seems like nothing is stopping it. Not even the government. Not even a collection of governments throughout the world. Its resilience is testament to the Internet’s power and freedom. Right now, the Pirate Bay is still up and running.

Why Pirate Bay Still Exists

Pirate Bay is still up for a couple of reasons. One is how easy it is to create a new website.

Suppose the Pirate Bay is a physical library. The building can be closed and employees dismissed, but if the content of the library is simply moved to a new location, it can still be used as if it had never been closed. It is because of this that it will appear under a different domain name every now and then. Despite being shut down on one server, it can reappear on another.

Combine the technical difficulty of shutting down a fluid network update with the tenaciousness of the promoters. The Pirate Bay is highly motivated and possessing the necessary technical skills to stay one step ahead of authorities. It is their quest to see their anti-copyright agenda succeed. There are many people who will go to extreme lengths to ensure it continues to exist. Whenever you think the Pirate Bay is dead, think again.

How Pirate Bay Works

Through torrents, the Pirate Bay is able to share large files more efficiently. This is a novel file-sharing system.

As with standard downloads, a torrent relies on a connection with one server that acts as the host. With a torrent, hundreds of computers may have the same file but each computer may have a different piece. This is because the torrent serves as a road map that tells a computer where a specific part of the file is located.

Due to the shared workload, even if one server goes down, the file will still be available. This means that The Pirate Bay does not have to store all of these downloads on its own servers.

Their only possession is torrent files, which function as a table of contents for a book without chapters. So when The Pirate Bay is shut down, these trackers become inaccessible until they are added to a new server. All of the multiple host computers, however, still have the downloads and all of the data.

There is no way to locate where the pirate bay servers are located. Even finding the website’s server does not reveal the files.

How to Use the Pirate Bay

If you wish to use Pirate Bay, you must first have access to the website in order to download the torrent file. If you cannot access the website, it is likely that it is offline and will move to a new location. It is also possible that it has been blocked by your ISP or location.

Once you have obtained access to the website, the torrent file is useless without an application. The software uses the links in the torrent file to locate and download the files you need.

Final thoughts

The Pirate Bay torrent website uses skull icons to show which downloads are more trustworthy than others. Since these downloads are a big target for scams and hackers, it’s good information to know. This can help you avoid viruses and malware!


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