what is a baby turkey called?

what is a baby turkey called?

what is a baby turkey called?

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what is a baby turkey called?

A baby turkey is called a poult. The baby turkey hatches from a tan and brown speckled egg that has been incubated by the mother turkey for approximately one month.

Adult male turkeys are referred to as toms while adult female turkeys are called hens. Young male turkeys are called jakes, and young female turkeys are referred to as jennies. A group of turkeys is called a flock or a rafter.

After birth, baby turkeys are unable to fly for the first two weeks. The poults roost on the ground with their mother until they are capable of flying. Upon being able to fly, the baby turkeys flock with their mother for the first year of life.

It’s easy to call a baby turkey by the same name as a baby chicken. But a baby turkey is actually called a poult. Poults don’t stay young for long because of the demand for turkey. According to the National Turkey Federation, the average American eats about 16.4 pounds of turkey each year.

what is a baby turkey called?
 what is a baby turkey called?

Why are Baby Turkeys Called Poult?

The name poult result from various considerations, however, the name poult is derived from poultry and its means a young domiciliary turkey, pheasant, chicken or other kinds of fowl consume mainly as food.

As we know, poults don’t remain for long because of the high demand for turkeys for consumption. However, this results in the turkey being classified as poultry leading to the name poult.

What is the Correct Name for a Baby Turkey?

The correct name of a baby turkey depends on which kind of turkey you’re talking about. There are only two wild species of turkey in the world, the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is the one Americans are likely to find walking through their yard and is found in every U.S. state except Alaska. The Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) is only found in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Any wild baby turkey is called a chick. That shouldn’t be hard to remember, it’s just like a chicken!

However, there is a slightly different answer if you’re talking about domestic turkeys, the kind raised on a farm that you might eat for Thanksgiving. Domestic turkeys are actually descendants of the Wild Turkey which were probably first domesticated by the Mayans in Mexico up to 2,000 years ago! So what are baby turkeys called if they’re domestic? You can still call them a chick, but a more common name is a poult. It’s like the word poultry with the end cut off.

Poult can be used for the babies of any domesticated fowl that’s being raised for food, like chickens or pheasants, but is used most frequently for baby turkeys.

what is a good turkey name?

For Males: Geoffrey, Duncan, Preston Garvey, Luke, Andrew or Donovan. For Females: Beatrice, Lorna, Sophie, Rochelle, Hannah or Mavis. Food names: Smokey, Stuffany (a portmanteau of Stuffing and Tiffany), Preston Gravy, Leftovers, MRE or Emergency Food Supply. I would avoid naming any Turkey Gobbles.

what is a baby turkey called?
what is a baby turkey called?

Are baby turkeys mean?

Turkeys are very personable birds and you can easily teach them to eat out of your hand, come to your call, and they will often follow you around, begging for treats and attention. The more you handle them, the tamer they will become.

Different Baby Turkey Names

There are different names of group of turkeys and also there are different names of baby turkeys. Newly born turkeys are just like a lump of meat without fur. They look very strange for up to  3 weeks old. People name them according to their knowledge. There are two names of baby turkeys as poult and chicks. Let’s see the details of each one by one:


This term is educated and mostly used for young ones of domesticated turkeys. Poultry breeders regularly use this word for baby turkeys. However, customers still don’t know much about this name. They still call young ones as chicks. So, it is usually less common than a chick.


Chick is a term used for newly hatched turkeys. This name is relatively more common than poult. People often use it when they purchase little turkeys. It can be used for both wild and domesticated turkeys. If you know little about poultry vocabulary then you can use it for even little hen.

Beware of using other synonyms of chick that means young woman. Doing this may offend young women.


This is an alternative term of poult. A baby turkey is also named as turkeyling. This is because they are associated with turkey so they can be called turkeylings. This term is uncommon. People don’t use it quite often. In the English dictionary, it is a noun. The plural of turkeyling is turkeylings. One thing more, this name is widely used for young ones of domestic turkeys

What does a baby turkey eat?

The most asked question of turkey owners, and people who think a baby turkey chick is adorable, is how to feed a baby turkey.

What exactly do baby turkey chicks eat? It is important to note that, if the turkey is with its parent, you do not need to worry about food. If you want to know what baby turkeys or poults eat, here is a quick answer. Baby turkeys are known to have a diet of at least 16 % of protein. Mostly, a mom turkey feeds its young baby pellets.

Hence, baby turkeys do eat pellets, and if someone is keeping a baby turkey, then mashed or crumbled formulated foods are ideal for the baby turkey chick to eat. One must not feed pellets to baby turkeys. Baby turkeys are also known to enjoy a variety of veggies too. The veggies must contain at least 60 % water. These are ideal treats for baby turkeys. Baby turkeys love eating pumpkins. Pumpkins are all healthy but should not be fed too often. Baby turkeys are also known to eat berries, seeds, and even some insects.

Caring & Raising Baby Turkeys

Baby turkeys are vulnerable to the outer environment and need special care to let them grow happily and healthily. Below are some essential criteria when taking care of and raising them.

what is a baby turkey called?
what is a baby turkey called?

Heat sources

For poults, a heat source is always required. While baby wild turkeys have the natural heat from their mothers, chicks in poultry live without their mothers. Therefore, you should find an artificial heat source to keep them warm and comfortable.

There are four options for a supplement heat source: heat lamps, ceramic bulbs heat lamps, radiant heaters, and Snuggle Safe microwaveable heat discs.

  • Heat lamps: Are not recommended to take care of chicks since they can result in some severe risks. First, heat lamps can cause a fire in the turkey’s housing. Second, some glass bulb lamps might be coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which can cause toxic fumes if heated at a higher temperature.
  • Ceramic bulb heat lamps: These lamps are safer than PTFE coat bulbs, provided that you should set them up outside their housing and at a distance of 18+ inches from flammable materials to avoid fire and burn.
  • Radiant heaters: A radiant heater is considered safe for baby turkeys, such as a radiant heat panel or radiant heat lamp.
  • Snuggle Safe microwaveable heat discs: This heat source requires no electricity and doesn’t cause any fire risk. However, you should cover the discs with a cover/blanket/towel and put them close enough to provide appropriate warmth to the chicks.

For any of the four above heating options, you should ensure that the housing is spacious enough so that chicks can access the heat source when they want or get away from it when they need to.

How do you tell if a Baby Turkey is Male or Female?

In most animals, how to identify their gender seem a little bit easy compared to identifying the poults. How do you tell if a baby turkey is male or female? Considering their gender depends on the species of turkey in consideration.

There’s a general technique used to identify the baby turkey gender, it is called vent sexing, it involves a lot of practicing with observations.

Most experts can determine their gender using genetic factors like their feather color, and the sizes of eggs.

Since, it is not scientifically proven we can say if this means of identification is accurate or not, however, it is one of the well-known techniques used for years.

Turkey Chicks are Super Social.

When you think of social animals, what comes to mind? Cats, dogs? Even though turkeys might not be the first animals you think of, they are extremely social creatures. In fact, they are often called the most social of all birds.

Baby turkeys love to make new friends in their flocks. They can often be seen playing and being affectionate with other turkeys. Scientists say that chicks can even form lasting bonds with other animals in their group. For context, they are about as social as a dog.

Like chickens, turkey babies are also very friendly toward people. They are extraordinarily intelligent animals with trust for their owners. So much so, that some people even keep turkeys as pets! Male turkeys are known for their beautiful feathers, while females are desired for their ability to lay eggs. Turkeys are so smart that they can memorize the details of over 1,0000 acres of land.

what is a baby turkey called?
what is a baby turkey called?

To prevent conflicts with turkeys:

  • Do not feed turkeys. Whether intentional or not, feeding wild animals may lead to bold or aggressive behavior.
  • Clean up bird feeder areas. Birdseed can attract wild turkeys, as well as other animals, so make sure you clean up spilt seed around bird feeders daily or use a feeder designed to keep seed off the ground.
  • Do not be intimidated by turkeys. Bold turkeys can be deterred by loud noises, spray from a water hose, a leashed dog, vigorous waving of your arms, and so on.
  • Protect your garden. Turkeys looking for food in your garden can be humanely harassed by, for example, spray from a water hose or a leashed dog. Also, use fencing and netting to protect your garden, and installing a motion sensor on a garden hose will encourage turkeys to look for their next meal elsewhere. Click here to find a list of vendors that sell these attachments.
  • Cover shiny/reflective objects during mating season. Male turkeys may peck at windows and car bumpers during mating season (late March/early April) because they think that the reflection they see of themselves is a competing Tom. Covering low windows and glass doors can help deter turkeys from pecking at glass. Rubbing soap on car bumpers to make them less shiny is also effective.


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