what is a group of hedgehogs called?

what is a group of hedgehogs called?

what is a group of hedgehogs called?

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what is a group of hedgehogs called uk

Our top 13 delightful hedgehog facts

1. Hedgehogs are one of only three animals to hibernate in the United Kingdom.

2. Baby hedgehogs are called ‘hoglets’.

3. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant, rather than milk they prefer that you to leave out cat or dog food and water for them.

4. Hedgehogs have very bad eyesight but their senses of smell and hearing are impeccable.

5. Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures meaning they only come out at night.

6. A hedgehog can run over six feet per second, that’s about as long as your bed!

7. In one night hedgehogs can walk over two miles.

8. Hedgehogs are insectivores, meaning they love the bugs in your garden.

9. A group of hedgehogs is called an ‘array’.

10. Hedgehogs haven’t always been called hedgehogs, a long time ago they were called ‘urchins’.

11. They have between 5000-7000 spines on their back which raise and lower if they feel threatened. Hedgehogs will curl up in a ball when they feel threatened and use these spines to protect themselves.

12. Hedgehogs enjoy foraging around in bushes and the undergrowth, that’s how they got their name.

13. Hedgehogs are known as a ‘gardener’s friend’ as they eat all the insects that nibble on our much loved plants.

Names for Groups of Animals

name for moneys is my favorite, what’s yours?

A for Apes

The collective name for a group of apes is called a shrewdness.

B for Butterflies

A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope (and when you imagine a massive group of them all taking wing it’s easy to see why!)

C for Cobras

A group of cobras is called a quiver.

D for Donkeys

A group of donkeys is called a drove.

E for Eagles

A group of eagles is called a convocation.

F for Foxes

what is a bunch of hedgehogs called

What Is A Group Of Hedgehogs Called? [It Actually Makes Sense]

A group of hedgehogs. A rare sight but something that can occur, nonetheless. But what are they called as a collective unit? How would you refer to them? Let’s find out.

So, what is a group of hedgehogs called? A group of hedgehogs is commonly called an array. Although, they have also been known as a herd or even a prickle, in reference to their quills.

There’s certainly a few terms to use, in spite of the fact that ‘array’ is the popular one.

And it appears that different the words used describe a particular aspect of their coming together.

Take array for instance.

Do Hedgehogs Live In Groups?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals that do not live in groups. However, they do come together at particular times, such as when mating.

Even then, a male and female will not stay together for long.

As long as it takes, really.

It all starts when a male hedgehog finds a female.

They will circle them to engage mating.

After doing the deed, the male will leave immediately. Leaving her pregnant from anywhere between 30-40 days.

Once she gives birth, she will take care of a group of between 4-6 hoglets.

But even then, its not long.

The female will only look after, and feed, her young for 8 weeks.

After that, the young hedgehogs will go off to fend for themselves.


As such, you rarely, if ever, see a large gathering of hedgehogs.

While not very territorial in nature, they are very routine-orientated animals who appear to love a routine.

Hedgehogs are known for visiting and returning to the same areas at similar times.

what is a group of baby hedgehogs called

Is there a word for a baby hedgehog?

Until relatively recently there was no well established word for a baby hedgehog. Although the word kit had occasionally been used, and sometimes pup or piglet, most books about mammals just called them ‘baby’ or ‘young’ hedgehogs.

However, by the early 1990s the word hoglet (or sometimes hedgehoglet) had been introduced, and this word seems to have been in general use among those people with an interest in hedgehogs since at least the mid-1990s.

What is a group of hedgehogs called?

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What is a group of hedgehogs called?


Hedgehogs are small animals that look like porcupines and are native to Europe and Asia. When they are angry or frightened, the quills stand straight out so that you cannot touch them anywhere without getting hurt.

what is a group of hedgehogs called?
what is a group of hedgehogs called?

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