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what is john galliano doing now

what is john galliano doing now

what is john galliano doing now

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John Galliano

John Charles Galliano[2] CBE, RDI (born 28 November 1960) is a British fashion designer who was the head designer of French fashion companies Givenchy (July 1995 to October 1996), Christian Dior (October 1996 to March 2011), and his own label John Galliano (1988 to 2011).[3] At present, Galliano is the creative director of Paris-based fashion house Maison Margiela.[4]

Galliano has been named British Designer of the Year four times. In a 2004 poll for the BBC, he was named the fifth most influential person in British culture.[5][6]

Galliano, the son of a Spanish plumber, at age six moved with his family from Gibraltar to south London, where he was educated. At age 16 he left Wilson’s Grammar School for Boys, where he had been an undistinguished student, to study textile design at East London College. In 1980 he entered St. Martin’s School of Art, London, where he became enamoured of historical costuming.


His 1984 graduate collection, Les Incroyables, inspired by the French Revolution, was purchased straight off the college’s catwalk by the owner of an exclusive London fashion boutique. After graduating with first-class honours, Galliano set up a studio in a warehouse in London’s East End and established himself as the “boy wonder” of British fashion. He was British Fashion Council Designer of the Year in 1987 and 1994, and in 1991 he made his Paris catwalk debut.

what is john galliano doing now
what is john galliano doing now

Twice bankrupted, Galliano’s business was rescued in 1994 by John A. Bult, a Swiss-born New York-based investment banker, and Galliano was set up in an atelier near Place de la Bastille in Paris. In 1995 Galliano was appointed to replace Hubert de Givenchy, the refined founder of the house. Galliano revealed his first couture collection featuring sumptuous bouffant ball gowns, bowed dresses, and belted suits, and in 1995, for the third time and second consecutive year, he was named British Designer of the Year.


Upon Galliano’s appointment as designer in chief at Dior fashion house in 1996, the luxury-goods conglomerate Louis Vuitton Möet Hennessy (LVMH) bought Galliano’s company from Bult. Bernard Arnault, head of LMVH, which owned both Givenchy and Dior, hoped that the then 36-year-old Galliano would attract a younger clientele, not only to couture but also to the seasonal ready-to-wear lines produced by both houses.

Indeed, the arrival of Galliano heralded a fresh start for the beleaguered reputation of haute couture and, as designer in chief of two fashion houses, Galliano enjoyed an unrivaled position among British designers. He confessed, however, that Dior’s New Look—an ensemble that paired jackets with padded shoulders and ample ankle-length skirts—was closer to his own aesthetic than were the conservative linear designs of Givenchy.

In 1996 English fashion designer Alexander McQueen succeeded Galliano at Givenchy, and the following year they jointly received the British Designer of the Year award. In 2009 Galliano awarded the French Legion of Honor, the country’s highest honour.


In February 2011 Galliano accused of anti-Semitism after he allegedly made racist insults in a Paris café. In March Dior fired the designer, and the following month Galliano was also fired from his namesake fashion house. During this time Galliano entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, and he later apologized for his comments.

In September 2011 he found guilty of making “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race, or ethnicity” and received a suspended fine. For the next two years, Galliano largely shunned by the fashion world, though he notably designed model Kate Moss’s wedding gown in 2011. In 2013, however, he collaborated on Oscar de la Renta’s fall collection, and the following year he named creative director of Maison Martin Margiela (the Belgian fashion house dropped Martin from its name in 2015).


He was born in Gibraltar to a Gibraltarian father of Italian descent, Juan Galliano, and a Spanish mother, Anita Galliano, and has two sisters.[1] Galliano’s father was a plumber.[7] His family moved to England in pursuit of work when Galliano was six, and settled in Streatham, South London, before moving to Dulwich[8] and later to Brockley.[9] He was raised in a strict Catholic family.[citation needed]

OPPOSITE AN orthopedics store and a scruffy bar in Paris’s 11th arrondissement sits an old convent building, its facade saturated with decades of grime. Across a cobbled courtyard lined with old latrines, a few flights up a stone staircase, is a rambling room decorated with antique eccentricities—from a vintage model ship to an articulated mannequin—like an attic of curiosities pilfered from Miss Havisham’s house.

Into this room bounds a Brussels griffon, followed by a man wearing an odd assemblage of long trouser shorts, sneakers, a yellow T-shirt and a wool sweater slightly unraveling at the collar. “That’s Gypsy,” he announces. “She’s a recovery dog. I never had a dog before—it was just very good for me to be responsible and to not always think about myself.” He chuckles happily.


This is John Galliano, and he could not have chosen a more fitting place to hole up. If that is what he had intended to do. For the past three years, Galliano, 57, has been creative director at Maison Margiela. The fashion house founded in 1988 by avant-garde designer Martin Margiela. Who elevated privacy to performance art. Only a few photographs of Margiela known to exist. And he often veiled the faces of models in his runway presentations, or forwent humans altogether to show his clothes on stark clothes hangers. “Anonymity.

what is john galliano doing now
what is john galliano doing now

A reaction against the ubiquitous star system, the desire to let the ideas do the talking,” reads an official Margiela “glossary” from 2009. In 2004, Maison Margiela took over this 18th-century building, whitewashing the crumbling interiors in keeping with the designer’s affinity for white, both for its cleansing properties and because it highlights imperfections.

The space is just four miles but a world away from the primly perfect dove-gray hallways at the Avenue Montaigne headquarters of Dior. Which Galliano helped build into a pulsing $1.1 billion empire. Until he fired days before the fall/winter 2012 show. When a video of him drunkenly making anti-Semitic remarks at a Parisian bar became international news.

He Still Hasn’t Returned

As it turned out, the creative director of Maison Margiel still has not finally recovered. From the tragic events of the past.

Recently, in an interview with Business Of Fashion magazine, John Galliano told reporters. That he feels more at ease in Margiel than in Dior. In a fit of revelation, the designer admitted that he was still not working at full strength. But was ready to return. It seems that the tragedy for which Galliano himself was to blame still does not let him go.

It must admitted that the collections that John created for Maison Margiela. Nevertheless, did not cause a storm of delight either from critics or from fans. Having received carte blanche from Martin Margiela, the designer still noticeably constrained in his work. Galyano said about this: “I understand Martin’s psychology and use it as a starting point.”. However, it is not yet clear in which direction the brand entrusted to him sent.


“I would like to work more on my own terms. Today it would not be as tiring as it used to be,”. The designer added, referring to the late 2000s, when he created 32 collections every year. However, Galliano’s fans still do not understand what he wants to say with what he does. The designer quickly warns: “I am still not working at my full capacity at Maison Margiela. At the moment, I am focused on giving you the very best. It done with joy and passion. ” It looks like we should still wait for the “return of the king” announced the year before last.

The identity of the thief is still unclear, but his motive is finally clear. The unidentified kidnapper who snuck into Lupita Nyongo’s suite on Tuesday’s Oscar 2015 parties. Was hoping to make a profit by selling the pearls that adorn the model’s lovely white outfit. The news that pearls are just a skillful imitation was an unpleasant discovery for the robber

After Galliano returned to work at the firm, talk of him as a possible successor of de la Renta. As creative director did not stop for a day. Everything changed when the press service of the fashion house officially denied this information in the press. Thereby only inflamed the imagination of observers who follow the news from the world of fashion.

what is john galliano doing now
what is john galliano doing now

Why John Galliano canceled?

The fashion designer’s master class at Parsons The New School of Design canceled in 2013. This came about following his rejection of holding a frank discussion about his career. Including the anti-Semitic tirade that he delivered in 2011, which got him fired from Christian Dior.

In 2011, Galliano fired from his job as Christian Dior’s creative director. After his anti-Semitic rant video’s release, it spread like wildfire.

In the clip, an intoxicated John proclaimed that “I love Hitler”, which went viral. His remarks also became the reason for his arrest.

The designer then filed a lawsuit against his former employer over his dismissal. The French court found John guilty of anti-Semitic conduct and charged him with a financial penalty of 6,000 Euros ($8,400).

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