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what is pandora’s box jewelry

what is pandora's box jewelry

what is pandora’s box jewelry

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what is pandora's box jewelry
what is pandora’s box jewelry

Pandora jewelry: Not a Pandora’s box

Tha Good Life – by John Paul “JP” Tanchanco

Posted at Nov 29 2013 01:18 AM | Updated as of Nov 29 2013 07:01 PM


Charm your loved ones this Christmas with Pandora gifts

MANILA – It’s Christmas shopping season once again, and people like me have started to look for gifts and avoid the rush.

I found out that Pandora, the global jewelry brand, is offering some cool items you might want to consider as gifts for loved ones.


Pandora is a jewelry brand that started in Denmark 30 years ago. It has become popular because of the hip charms loaded on their bracelets.

According to sales & marketing head Tricie Legarda-Mojica, Pandora has gained a loyal following among Filipinos.

JP Tanchanco, Pandora’s Tricie Legarda-Mojica

“Pandora started in the Philippines in December 2010 and we now have seven stores. We are even expanding. Filipinos love the concept. The beauty with Pandora jewelry is we grow with our customers. They keep coming back to build their bracelet with new charms,” said Legarda-Mojica.

Pandora bracelet loaded with Autumn Winter 2013 charms

“Pandora has created more than 600 handcrafted charms to document unforgettable moments…available in sterling silver, two-tone, 14k gold, murano glass, wood and white gold along with semi-precious stones like amethyst, onyx and pearls, sometimes with semi-precious stones or precious gems,” she added.

Tell your story

Legarda-Mojica said Pandora can be a great gift for girlfriends, wives and moms.

“Our jewelry is a great way to express meaningful symbols of love to them this Christmas. You can mix and match different charms to and make a meaningful story that connects to your loved ones from a personal level,” she adds.

what is pandora's box jewelry
what is pandora’s box jewelry

I was happy to view some samples of bracelets loaded with different charms that can also work as positive affirmations. Here are some of them:

Love charms

“Our Love charms are popular as gifts that couples use to tell their story and affirm their relationship,” said Legarda-Mojica.

Pandora’s popular Love charms on a bracelet

Pandora’s top-selling love charms are: “Key To My Heart,” “Frog Prince,” “Swan,” “Heart Dangles,” and my favorite feng shui symbol for happy harmonious relationships, “Chinese Double Happiness.”

Family charms

Bracelets with family charms are also popular gifts. Among the charms I viewed were “Happy Family Faces,” “Mother Daughter,” & “Mother Son.”

The Happy Family charm

“Our family charms can communicate happiness in the family so they are very saleable,” said Legarda-Mojica.

Celebration charms

Pandora also has a wide array of charms for special occasions and celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, Chinese zodiacs and baby showers.

Bracelet loaded with some Celebration charms

“We have wedding charms like wedding cakes, tiaras and wedding rings. For birthday charms, we have gifts, 21 & 18 for debuts, Martini glasses and even flower bouquets,” said Legarda-Mojica.

They also have Christmas-themed charms that’s perfect for the season.

“For Christmas, we have christmas trees, christmas stockings. We also have Santa Claus, pine cones, candy canes and snowflakes.”

Christmas charms galore

Business and wealth

I really enjoyed viewing their business and wealth charms. I was surprised to see that they even had a Hong Bao money bag charm with the “FU” character that attracts good fortune and money luck.

These charms are great gifts that express wishes of wealth and success to loved ones.

Wealth and Money charmed bracelet

“For business and wealth, we have 2 kinds of money charms: the dollar money bag, 4 leaf clovers, Chinese cat, the Chinese Chinese money bag that we have in gold… These charms are very popular all year, people like wearing it to attracts more wealth,” says Legarda-Mojica.

Among the other business charms they have are apple charms that symbolize fruitfulness and profits. They are also popular because of iPhone users. They also have Caduceus charms that are both symbols of business and medicine.

The Caduceus symbol represents trade, money, business and medicine.
what is pandora's box jewelry
what is pandora’s box jewelry

Travel charms

Travel charms can also serve as meaningful symbols to loved ones. They can be icons from memorable trips or serve as desires for travel.

Bracelet full of travel charms

“We have a lot of charms that symbolize different landmarks around the world. They can represent memories or wishes. We have London Phone Booth, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, Venetian Gondola. We also have airplanes and cruise ships,” she said.

Health and fitness

Using Pandora’s health and fitness charms is a fun way of affirming one’s health while communicating memorable experiences.

Healthy charms for a healthy life

“We have charms such as sports activities like soccer, basketball, ice skating. We also have Healthy Buddha and Yin Yang.”

A Celebrity favorite

Pandora has also built a loyal fan base of customers who like adding to their personal collections. Some of these loyal fans include several celebrities around the world. According to reports, celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Miley Cyrus and Katie Holmes are Pandora fans.

“We have all types of customers that like coming back to spice up their bracelets with charms for special moments. Aside from global celebrities, local celebrities like Melissa Ricks, Senator Pia Cayetano and Anne Curtis have sported Pandora items.”

Men’s Line

Pandora’s main market are women but the store has special pieces that are also popular among men.

“Our end-user market is mainly female but a large number of our customers are males who want to buy gifts for occasions like Christmas, Valentines, Mother’s Day, etc… We also have some bracelets that are popular with some men like the leather bracelets with simple charms like a Zodiac sign, money bag or sports.”

JP and his Pandora leather bracelet with Fu Money Bag charm

Autumn winter collection

This 2013, Pandora also launched their autumn and winter selections namely: Enchanted Forest, Feathers, Vintage Nostalgia, Organic Mix, New Heritage, Molten Metal, Animal Passion, Winter and Icy Gems.

The collection encapsulates the warmth and drama of the changing seasons.

2013 Autumn Winter Collection

“Our Autumn Winter collection is special because we have a lot of green charms made of Murano, green pave, peridot. It’s all about enchantment and mystery. Green is a rich color and is popular nowadays. Visit our stores and checkout our new collection,” said Legarda-Mojica.

Pandora is available and located at Adora – Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 4, Bonifacio High Street Central, The Podium, Shangri-La Mall – East Wing, Newport Mall, Elemento – Aura Mall and in Megamall Expansion Building.

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