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what is the alcohol content in modelo beer

what is the alcohol content in modelo beer

what is the alcohol content in modelo beer

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 what is the alcohol content in modelo beer
what is the alcohol content in modelo beer

Modelo Alcohol Content And A Few Other Interesting Things About It

From Modelo alcohol content to its brew, flavor and what not – beer lovers have widely accepted this drink with a wide smile on their faces.

We all love beers. And, all have some of the other brands as their favorite.

Yet, there are some brands that are loved by all, no matter where you are and what kind of drink you like to have – be it strong or light.

One such brand that has been around for years and is not short of popularity is – MODELO!

If you are a beer lover, you must have tried out the Mexican Dunkel-style masterpiece – Modelo Beer.

One of the best things to have happened to the brewing industry in the past, Modelo is one of the most exciting and refreshing beers in the market.

In today’s post, we are going to take a look at some of the interesting facts related to this beer,

its inception and how it has managed to climb the ladder in some of the most loved beers all over the world. So, without wasting any time further let us straight away get to those points one by one –

Modelo Beer Alcohol Content

Okay, so first things first. This is one of the most common questions people ask about a  – what’s the alcohol content? Is it too high or is it too low to not even affect us? In fact, this is one of the first things that come to the mind of every beer lover – what’s the alcohol content of the drink?

This is where Modelo   is a true champion.

don’t really have to be disappointed when it comes to the alcohol content of Modelo beer.

Measured at 4.4% Modelo beer abv is just perfect for people who cherish a mild lager. After all, it has been placed exactly to savor the taste buds of beer lovers.

In fact, if we keep Modelo abv vs bud light abv, we can clearly see that the former is the champ having more alcohol content.

Not just bud light, compare it with any of the modern-day beers that are popular in the market and you will see that Modelo comes on top when it comes to alcohol content and that smooth taste every beer lover wants.

What makes it so good?

Now that we have the answer to the question – what is the abv of Modelo, the next thing we are going to focus on is also quite important – what makes the  so special? Why has this been such a popular name in the market for all these years?

But before that here’s a little bit of information that will help you understand more about the popularity of Modelo   – the founder of the company represents more than 60% of the  market in Mexico.

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Not just this, the company is also co-owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. In fact, Constellation Brands (that also manages Corona beer) manages Modelo.

So, it is kind of a big thing in the international market!

When it comes to the characteristics that make Modelo so good, well here’s the thing –

  • It tastes DAMN GOOD!!!
  • It falls in the category of cheaply priced   (who doesn’t like a beer that’s good to taste and easy on the pocket?)
  • And, it brings that sense of foreign mystique along!

All these features put Modelo right on top of the list when it comes to international   that people love to gulp.

what is the alcohol content in modelo beer
what is the alcohol content in modelo beer

Some of the popular varieties

Moving to the next step after Modelo abv and popularity factors, let us take a look at some of the top different varieties that beer lovers can enjoy of Modelo. Here are the list three most popular types of Modelo beer –

At 4.4% Modelo especial abv falls in the range of light .

However, the smooth flavor and dark texture make it a big hit among people who don’t want to get hit too hard with the  .

Another good thing about this light abv Modelo especial is the low calories that it brings to your system!

  • Modelo Negara

The second of these varieties is Modelo Negra with an ABV of 5.4%.

It ranks somewhere in between the strong and the lighter varieties.

If you like your  a little strong, but not too much this just the perfect variety to have. In fact, this is the reason that Negra is the most popular variety of the three as well.

  • Modelo Chelada

Moving to the last name on the list – with an abv of just 3.3% Modelo Chelada is the lightest of all. In fact, this light nature of the beer also makes it the most light-calorie as well.

Therefore, if you are looking to stick to a diet but still don’t want to compromise on your beer-drinking habits, this is just perfect for you!

three varieties

These three varieties have been around for years, and the great thing is that the company keeps experimenting with new flavors and varieties quite a lot.

This is one of the major reasons that Modelo, no matter, the alcohol content, is always right up there in the list of popular  brands out there in the market.

This was all about the information that we wanted to share with you guys regarding this popular Mexican beer Giant – Modelo.

If you have not tried the  yet, you are definitely missing out on something really exciting.

check it

Check it out right away, by going to your nearest   shop and you are certainly going to get more than what you expected with this  .

As a matter of fact, you can check out a number of positive and strong recommendations for this   in the  -lover community.

Whether it is Modelo Chelada, Cerveza or especial, with great ABV values and amazing taste – you are surely going to have the time of your life.

So, what’s the wait? Get out there and check out what you can – after all, there’s no bad time to have a beer.

What percentage of alcohol is in Modelo beer?

4.5 %

Modelo Especial

This Pilsner style beer is rich with flavor and has a crisp and balanced taste. The refreshing Modelo Especial has a touch of light hop and has an orange blossom honey aroma. It is very pale in color and has a citrusy and herbal hint to it. It has a 4.5 % alcoholic content.

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