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what is the capital of florida

what is the capital of florida

what is the capital of florida

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what is the capital of florida,

Tallahassee, city, capital of Florida, U.S., and seat (1824) of Leon county. It is situated in the central part of the state’s northern panhandle region about halfway between Pensacola (west) and Jacksonville (east).

Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto camped in the area during the winter of 1539–40; it was originally occupied by Apalachee and later by Creek peoples. Seven Franciscan missions were established, with their headquarters at Fort San Luis (1633), which was destroyed (1704) by forces led by Governor James Moore of Carolina during Queen Anne’s War (1702–13). In 1821, when Florida became an American territory, it had two capitals, St. Augustine and Pensacola.

As central location between the two, Tallahassee (derived from a Creek word meaning “old town”) became the capital in 1824. The porticoed capitol building, begun in 1839, acquired its dome in 1902 and was restored after a new skyscraper capitol was completed in 1977. Prince Achille Murat, nephew of Napoleon I, and his wife, Catherine Willis, great-grandniece of George Washington, were early residents of the city. During the American Civil War, Tallahassee was far removed from the significant battle areas and was the only capital of a Confederate state east of the Mississippi River not captured by Union forces, although there was an engagement (March 6, 1865) at Natural Bridge, about 10 miles (16 km) southeast (now a state historic site) when a local militia repulsed a Union march on the city.

what is the capital of florida
what is the capital of florida

what is the capital of florida

By the 1880s, Florida suffered growing pains caused by an economic boom and expanding population. By 1891 the Capitol needed thorough repair. The building was repainted, a small cupola was added, and plumbing was installed.

The first major alteration to the Capitol came in 1902 when the addition of two wings provided more room for the growing State government, and the familiar dome was added. This was the last time Florida’s government operated under one roof. By 1911 State government was moving to other buildings. Further additions to the Capitol were made in 1923, 1936, and 1947.

Florida’s population continued to grow as did its need for government services. In 1972 the Legislature authorized money for a new Capitol Complex to include House and Senate chambers and offices, along with a twenty-two-story executive office building completed in 1977.

Restoration of the old Capitol became an issue in 1978 with the then Governor Reubin O’D. Askew and House Speaker Donald Tucker favoring outright demolition. Luckily, the old Capitol building was saved and refurbished, being reopened to the public in 1982.

Capital City of Florida USA

Located in the Florida panhandle on the Georgia border, the city of Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida and the seat of Leon county. All State Capitals

Things to see in Tallahassee include the historic Capitol Complex, Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee Museum, and San Luis de Apalache Spanish mission & living history museum.

Why is the state capital of Florida in Tallahassee and not Miami or Tampa?

As odd as it may seem now, Tallahassee was half way between those super cities of St. Augustine and Pensacola.

When the US took control of East Florida and West Florida in 1821, travel by ship between those cities was over a month. Add in that Florida’s largest city, Key West, was not exactly a safe middle ground. A compromise was made that the a road would be built between the two and the city of Tallahassee was founded and made the Capital.

At the same time, Tampa was a naval outpost of a few hundred and what would become Miami might have had about 1500 Miccosukee Indians living in the Everglades who mostly feared attacks by American Soldiers.

what is the capital of florida
what is the capital of florida

Geography of Tallahassee

The capital by estimation is approximately 98.2 sq. miles of which a small percentage is water (2.5 sq. miles). Tallahassee is classified as having a hilly terrain. And has two lake basins within its borders one being Lake Jackson and the other being Lake Lafayette.

Tallahassee Amenities

The capital has established itself as an educational hub both in Florida and the USA. This is attributed to the many education facilities and amenities in the state capital. Tallahassee also hosts the state capitol building, the state supreme court and is home to the governor’s mansion. Still in Tallahassee, we have the commerce chamber for Florida.

Natural Resources

The marketable natural resources of Leon County are not numerous, but the few that are present are plentiful. Limestone, a necessary ingredient for the production of concrete, is found throughout the northwestern portion of Florida. Kaolin clay exists in considerable amounts and has proven to be a valuable resource. The abundance of trees and timber is a resource uncommon to many other areas of the state.

The beauty of the local trees is exemplified in Maclay Gardens State Park which is the site of several of Florida’s champion trees including the flowering Dogwood, the Hawthorn tree, the Horsesugar tree, the Sweetbay Magnolia, and the Silverbell tree. These trees and others, including the great Live Oak, often extend their branches over the roadway to create a canopied effect, a feature which is held in high esteem by local residents and visitors.

Seven roads within Leon County (Old Bainbridge, Meridian, Centerville, Miccosukee, Old St. Augustine, Sunny Hill and Old Centerville) have been officially designated as “canopied roads” and enjoy limits on roadside development, serving to protect the trees.

As a result leon County possesses excellent wildlife reserves located in the hilly terrain north of Tallahassee and in the Apalachicola National Forest to the south. The hunter can take his pick of quail, turkey, duck, geese, squirrel and whitetail deer. moreover numerous lakes are available for freshwater fishing including Lake Jackson, Lake Talquin, Lake Iamonia, and Lake Miccosukee.

what is the capital of florida
what is the capital of florida

The Political System of Florida

The state is governed through the state constitution. In general, the political system is composed of three arms of government. There is the executive branch, which is led by the governor, the legislative branch which is mainly composed of the senators and members of the house and eventually the judicial branch which is headed by the chair of the Supreme Court.The state capital of Tallahassee is under the leadership of a mayor. It has a history of being under a black mayor at certain period in time. In terms of political affiliation, Tallahassee has been known to lie with the democrats.

Foodie Favorites

Tallahassee’s creative character extends into the world of food as well. The city is packed with unique and delicious options for every meal of the day. Here are just a few of our office’s favorites.

Lucky Goat Coffee – Start your day with a caffeine kick courtesy of this local bean roaster,

offering everything from hand-made lattes to on-tap cold brew. You can even grab a bag of beans from the shop and brew it yourself.

Wells Brothers Bar & Grill – A favorite of FSU students, and home to one of the most deliciously decadent burgers you’ll ever bite into – the bacon and peanut butter topped “Lip Smacker”.

Gaines Street Pies – Located on the recently-revived Gaines Street, this pizza place is packed with hungry students enjoying cleverly named pies loaded with toppings such as “The Metal Mike” and “Foxy Cleopatra”. Don’t forget the garlic knots!

Sweet Pea CaféWith a focus on local, sustainable, vegan fare, Sweet Pea serves up eats for the Earth-conscious diner including their delicious vegan poutine and homemade baked goods.

Voodoo Dog – Dripping with kitschy punk style, this place is famous for their crazy hot dogs, including the bacon-wrapped, mac-n-cheese topped dog known simply as “The Jefferson”“.

Bella Bella – A favorite of ours for a romantic date night,For instance serving up delicious homemade Italian classics in their cozy midtown location.

Gordo’s Cuban Café – Tallahassee is about as far away from Miami as you can get without leaving the state, so thankfully we have Gordo’s to provide our many students from south Florida with a taste of home.

Cabo’s Island Grill – A true Tallahassee original where you can enjoy a delicious burger, massive burrito, or fresh-from-Florida seafood while soaking in the surf-rock atmosphere.

what is the capital of florida
what is the capital of florida

Tallahassee Today

Florida would be granted statehood in 1845, and Tallahassee would remain as capital.

Today, Tallahassee is home to an estimated 191,000 people. A popular college town, much of this population is made up of students. The main schools in the city include Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College.

Tallahassee is also home to the Florida State Capitol building, the Supreme Court of Florida,

the Florida Governor’s Mansion, and close to 30 state agencies. The city is known for its many law firms, lobbying organizations, and trade and professional associations, like the Florida Chamber of Commerce. It is also the regional center for scientific research.

Tallahassee has a long and interesting history. By understanding this history a little better,

we begin to get a better sense for why Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.

As a result curious to learn about other state and world capitals? Click here for more posts similar to this one. Or, if trivia is more your thing, you can click here to play capital quizzes on Sporcle.

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