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what is the purpose of a propeller guard?

what is the purpose of a propeller guard?

what is the purpose of a propeller guard?

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What is a Propeller Guard?

A propeller is the most important part of the ship. The propeller is submerged under the water and has blades or wings like a fan, propelling the ship in the water. Since the propeller is under the surface of the water, it can happen that rocks and underwater reefs can damage the blades of the propeller. In order to avoid such damage, a propeller guard needs to be installed.

A propeller guard or a prop guard, as it is more commonly known, consists of a steel cage which surrounds the propeller. The prop guard freely allows the movement of the propeller and safeguards it against rough underwater parts.

what is the purpose of a propeller guard?
what is the purpose of a propeller guard?

what is the prupose of a propeller guard?

Prop guards are intended to serve two purposes:

To protect the propeller and gear box from damage in the event of a prop striking a rock or other hard object.
To protect a person in the event they come into contact with a moving propeller.
Some prop guards are designed with both purposes in mind whilst others are specifically designed for one or the other. There is very little data available as to the effectiveness of prop guards in achieving either of their intended objectives. This is not to say they are not effective, simply that there is little or no evidence to support an objective analysis. On this basis, the best one can do is to assess the facts and make a decision based on the information that is available.



Protects expensive propellers
Improves overall safety and protection
Increases propeller efficiency
Increases thrust
Can increase acceleration
Reduces propeller torque effect
Makes propeller highly visible for towing
Non corrosive unlike other guards
Easy to fit with a few basic tools
Off the shelf and not made to order
Can improve handling
Can reduce fuel consumption

As time has progressed many other benefits have been recognized:

Some are specifically designed to preventing fishing lines from being entangled in the propeller. Others provide at least some level of protection from fouling with fishing lines or lobster lines.
Propeller guards (and or water jets / pump jets) have been advocated to reduce injuries to several forms of marine life including manatees, whales, dolphins, manta rays, sharks, penguins, otters, dugong, sea turtles, alligators, sturgeon, other large fish, and even deer swimming in the water.
Some propeller guards reduce the destruction of marine plant life in shallow water, including sea grass,
reduce wake, resulting in less shore erosion.
reduce turbulence and shear that can be harmful to small marine life (See 20 Jan 05 “Motorboats and Ecology” article in “The Providence Journal”.
prop guards reduce channel erosion (erosion of shallow bottom).
Some ring guards and deflectors bring the bow of the boat down, improving visibility for the driver,
increase thrust,
cages and other guards reduce propeller theft.
Many propeller guards increase propeller life by reducing impacts with debris and shallow bottoms (props last longer, costs less to keep the boat operating). Prop replacement costs can be significant.
Increase resale value of the boat.
Reduce insurance costs. (discount for having a guard)
Some propeller guards provide protection for people when the boat is trailered or otherwise out of the water.
A device proposed by Boeing also reduces the “acoustic signature” of the drive making it harder for others to find the boat (military applications).

Improves efficiency

Some of these prop guards are designed in the best way for serving both the purposes. It stands effective in every nature. Moreover, it improves efficiency and helps a lot in saving fuel without any performance loss. Apart from this, all the boat owners can get them at the lowest prices.

Increases safety levels

This is truly a unique safety product which comes without any electrical wiring, hydraulic hoses or moving parts. One can install it few seconds with minimum tools. It is best for the stern drive and outboard applications. It can increase your safety levels and can boost well your overall performance.

This safety guard offers protection to all the divers, water skiers and all the people that are in and around the boat. This is a must-have boat rescue which can keep the solid water around the propeller. It also assists in taking tighter turns and prevents sideways slip.

what is the purpose of a propeller guard?
what is the purpose of a propeller guard?

How Does the Propeller Guard Work?

Propeller is surrounded by prop guard which is like a nozzle. This construction of nozzle action moves water with a controlled directional force which gives the boat which enhance the handling of vessel and increases power. This nozzle action is carried out with no moving parts to adjust or replace. The benefit of introducing prop guard is whether you have an outboard or stern drive, Prop Guard will increase propeller efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and improve vessel handling and the same time it reduces hull and engine stress. Technical testing of the Prop Guard has proven that the performance of pleasure crafts is actually enhanced after introducing propeller guard.

There are different types of propeller guards, and each has a specific function. The heavy mesh basket-type guard not only protects the propeller from rocks and other objects, but also keeps the propeller free of weeds and grasses. Other designs such as the band-type guard protect only against contact with solid objects. The band-type guards are nothing more than heavy steel rings or bands that surround the outside of the propellers. As a propeller spins inside of this band, it is protected against coming into contact with the ground in shallow water or with other objects; this type of guard is primarily intended for launching and loading the boat when contact with the ground is most likely to occur.

Propeller Guards generally fall into one of four broad categories:

Cages / Screens,

Shrouds / Rings,


and Unique Propellers

Cages / Screens

Conventional propeller guards that look like a cage or screen
Cages with rear screens that swing up when underway to reduce drag
Cages that swing up out of the water at high speed to minimize performance and handling impacts
Retractable cage guards.


A deflecting propeller guard comprising a pair of adjacent deflector plates slanting downwardly and rearwardly from a front apex location to provide downwardly and laterally facing deflection surfaces. There is a rear guard section having two guard plates positioned adjacent to one another and extending outwardly and upwardly at a moderate slant from a center axis. The deflecting propeller guard is positioned with the guard section below the propeller and the deflecting section forwardly of the propeller.

A protection and deflection apparatus that is adapted to be mounted in an operating position adjacent to a propeller section of a boat, the propeller section having a propeller blade portion having an axis of rotation and an outer circumferential path of rotation along which tip portions of the propeller blade portion travel, said apparatus having a longitudinal axis, a transverse axis and a vertical axis.

Shrouds or Rings

It has an extended ring or duct is installed around a prop on an existing drive.
It includes ring guards with rear screens that swing up to reduce drag.
This construction contains series of concentric rings, like Prop Guard from Prop Guard Marine, or the Thrustor from Marine Propulsion Technologies.

Unique Propellers

Ring around the propeller (ring is part of the prop, like RingProp)
Rounded leading edges of blades (Australian Environmental Safety Propeller and PowerTech!’s version of it)

what is the purpose of a propeller guard?
what is the purpose of a propeller guard?

what is the purpose of a propeller guard boate exam,

boat engine propellers are a major hazard to anyone who ventures too close to a boat. Each year, hundreds of Americans are injured by propeller blades, and in some cases these accidents are fatal. Propellers are particularly dangerous because they are hidden below the waterline. Propellers are difficult to see when submerged, so people need to be cautious whenever they are near the rear of a boat or on the swim platform.

Stay aware and away from the propeller and have any passengers do the same.

For the safety of others, it is advised that turns off the engine whenever a person, in the water, is near your vessel. If one is in the water near a vessel, never approach it from its stern side. As a passenger, avoid sitting on the transom of the vessel. In the case of a fall overboard, it is best to not drop into the water near the propeller.

Consider investing in propeller guards, lanyard cut-off switches, and person overboard cut-off switches for additional safety.


The purpose for the Prop Guard is to provide a product that will protect a family from deadly propeller accidents and give the boat owner the excitement and enjoyment of improved performance. The Prop Guard provides important benefits for the boat owners throughout the world. Boat safety and performance is a world wide need, not just an American issue. Boating accidents happen worldwide, therefore, the Prop Guard is a truly global product.

As you can see, the Prop Guard is a well designed product which offers many benefits to the boating industry.


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