AUSTIN, Texas – After asking customers not to attempt to make hand sanitizer out of their vodka only weeks ago, Tito’s Vodka announced it will soon be manufacturing it.

According to a tweet published Sunday, the Austin company said its distillery is looking to begin manufacturing 24 tons of hand sanitizer that meets “industry and governmental guidance.”

The tweet explains the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has authorized permitted distillers to being manufacturing last week.

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Tito’s is in the testing phase and is getting the distillery ready for production while waiting for ingredients to be delivered.

It also said it is planning on giving it out for free to the community and those in need.

The CDC and EPA say alcohol solutions used in hand sanitizer needed to have a concentration of at least 60-70 percent to kill COVID-19 and other germs. Tito’s Vodka you’d buy off the shelf only contains 40 percent alcohol.

Don’t use Tito’s vodka for hand sanitizer