what was invented in 1985

What was invented in 1985?

What was invented in 1985?

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What was invented in 1985?
What was invented in 1985?


CD-ROM, 1985

Compact Disc read-only memory (CD-ROM) was inventing in 1985. It is a device that comes in the form of a pre-pressed compact disc and contains data that can be accessing but not writing onto. It was releasing with the intention of feeding it with music, but later it was making into a form by which any binary data could be storing in it. It was using to transfer games and other computer software. There are certain CD types which hold only audio, while others can store audio, as well as data. The data CDs can be playing only on computers, whereas the audio can be playing on CD players as well.

What was invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985?

He is best known for developing Tetris in 1984 while working for the Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, a Soviet government-founded R&D center….

Alexey Pajitnov
Known for Developer of Tetris
Awards Game Developers Choice Awards First Penguin Award LARA – Der Deutsche Games Award

Who invented Tetris game?

Alexey Pajitnov
Pajitnov, Creator of Tetris. A lifelong love of puzzles and strategy gaming has led Moscow-born (April 16, 1955) Alexey Pajitnov to worldwide recognition as one of the computer game industry’s most renowned game designers.

The hottest gadgets of 1985

It seems like only yesterday for the Gen-X crowd, but it was 30 years ago that some of the most influential innovations in consumer technology were introducing.

Car Phones

For the millennial generation it may be hard to imagine what life would be like without ubiquitous internet, smartphones, digital music and social media. But for those of us Gen-Xers that grew up in the 1980s, here’s the pinnacle of tech that continues to inspire us, even 30 years later.

In 1985, cell phones were so new to the market and so large that they weren’t even portable per se — they had to be installing in your car. Here’s the two coolest dudes on TV at the time — Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas in the first season of Miami Vice sporting a car phone in their Ferrari Daytona.

Radio Pagers

If you were someone folks needing to reach —  like a doctor or a lawyer, and you weren’t in your car, then you needed to have a pager, also known as a “beeper”, which worked with an answering service your clients called into and then a radio signal was sending out that made your pager clipped on your belt beep or vibrate. Then you had to call that service back on a regular telephone. Eventually, pagers evolved to be able to send short two-way numeric and full alpha messages — much like we have Tweets today, but cell phones quickly displaced them in the 1990s. But if you had one of these in 1985, you were important.

Cincinati Microwave ESCORT radar detector

If you had a need… for speed — that is, on the highway, then you needed a radar detector. But not just any radar detector. The sure sign of any confident BMW or Porsche driver of the mid-80s was a Cincinnati Microwave ESCORT, which could give you warnings of X and K- band police radar from at least a mile away. While radar detectors are now mostly obsolete due to instant-on laser and other police anti-speeder technology, in the 1980s, you could have a lot of fun with one of these.


What was invented in 1985?
What was invented in 1985?

Sony Discman

Compact Discs (CDs) were first introduced in 1982, but the first portable CD player, released by SONY came out in 1985. While indeed portable, SONY’s cassette-based Walkman was still considering to be a better mobile music solution because the spinning discs were prone to skipping from bumps if you were out for a jog or had the device installed in your car.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Before there was PlayStation, before XBOX, there was the NES. Sure, there were video game systems that came before it, such as the Atari 2600, Intellivision and Colecovision, but none of those really could produce arcade quality graphics and gameplay at home. This was the console that launched the Super Mario empire.

Computer history – 1985

Major computer events in 1985

On January 4th at CES, Commodore introduced the Commodore 128 PC with 8502 processor 128 kB of RAM and ROM cartridge port.

The first Internet domain name symbolics.com was registering by Symbolics, a Massachusetts computer company on March 15, 1985. Earlier the first domain nordu.net was creating (not registered) in January 1985 that serveing as the identifier for future domains including Symbolics.

Microtek introduces the world’s first 300-dpi black-and-white sheetfed scanner.

Other computer events in 1985

On January 20, 1985, during Super Bowl XIX, Apple debuted its lemmings commercial to help promote The Macintosh Office. The commercial ends up being a complete failure as most feel that it insults the users.

Steve Jobs quits Apple on September 16, 1985.

Richard Stallman created the Free Software Foundation in October 1985.

FTP was defining in RFC 959 in October 1985.

Department of Defense security evaluations (5200.28-STD) or Orange Book was publishing in December 1985.

Software Arts assets are selling to Lotus. Software Arts is most well known for its VisiCalc program.

Calcomp Graphic Solutions LLC was founding in 1985.

The GNU manifesto was publishing by Dr. Dobb’s Journal in 1985.

Microsoft and IBM began collaboration on the next-generation operating system (OS/2) in 1985.

The Mach Project began at the Carnegie Mellon University in 1985.

IBM developed NetBEUI in 1985.

Mary Buckles wrote the first academic paper on video game aesthetics in 1985.

New computer products and services introduced in 1985

On January 4th at CES, Atari introduces the Atari 130XE, 130ST, 260ST, 520ST, 65XE, 65XEM, and 65XEP computers.

Adobe PageMaker was releasing in 1985.

Apple released the LaserWriter printer for the Macintosh computer in 1985.

Atari released the Atari ST home computer in June 1985.

Microsoft released the first version of QuickBASIC on August 18, 1985.

Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. September 13, 1985.

Microsoft released the first version, version 1 of Microsoft Excel, on the Apple Macintosh on September 30, 1985.

Microsoft released Word version 1 for the Mac in 1985.

Intel introduced the 80386 in October 1985.

The first C++ reference guide was publishing by Bjarne Stroustrup on October 14, 1985

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was releasing in North America on October 18, 1985 by Nintendo.

Microsoft Windows 1.0 was introducing on November 20, 1985, and was initially selling for $100.00.

IBM introduced the Baby AT motherboard form factor in 1985.

The Amiga, also known as the A1000, was introducing in 1985.

The first Gamepad was introducing by Nintendo in 1985.

Dell released its first computer, the “Turbo PC” in 1985.

CAT1 wiring was introducing in 1985.

The MIPS microprocessor architecture was introducing in 1985.

Paul Brainerd of Aldus Corporation introduces Pagemaker for the Macintosh, a program that lets users mix type and graphics on the same page. The combination of this software and the new Apple LaserWriter laser printer helps create the desktop publishing field.

The C and an E symbol is first used in 1985 and is an abbreviation of Conformité Européenne. It’s showing on any product meant to be selling in the EEA (European Economic Area) since 1985 and complies with EU legislation.


What was invented in 1985?
What was invented in 1985?

What Food Was Invented In 1985?

1985 Coca-Cola announced it had received permission to sell Coca-Cola in the Soviet Union.

1985 Carmela Vitale received U.S. patent No. 4,498,586 for a plastic package saver “suitable for supporting large carton covers such as those used for pizza pies”

1985 U.S. first class postage rates are raised to 22 cents and post cards to 14 cents.

1985 Clara Peller, the “Where’s the Beef” lady in Wendy’s burger commercials (Jan 10, 1984), was fired for making a spaghetti sauce commercial for Campbell Soup Co.  Wendy’s said this caused her to lose credibility .

1985 During a minor league baseball game in Clearwater, Florida, organ player Wilbur Snapp was ejected from the game for playing ‘Three Blind Mice’ in response to a bad call by the umpire.

1985 Route 66, which originally ran from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, was officially decertified and removed from the U.S. Highway System, having been replaced by the new Interstate Highway System.

1985 The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reported that there were more than 400,000 American millionaires and 13 billionaires

1985 Thomas Stanley, a researcher at Georgia State University, reported that there were 832,602 millionaires in the U.S. Their average age was 57 years old.

1985 Former vice-residential candidate Geraldine Ferraro appeared in a Diet Pepsi TV commercial.

1985 A bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite Bordeaux that had belonged to Thomas Jefferson, sold at Christie’s London for 105,000 British Pounds ($158,000). The world’s most expensive wine.

1985 Two days of record breaking cold temperatures damaged 90% of Florida’s orange and grapefruit crop.

1985 Dorthy Richards the ‘Beaver’ Woman died. (born July 7, 1894). She spent 50 years studying beavers in the Adirondack foothills of New York. July 7 is celebrating annually as International Beaver Day.

1985 Hole in Earth’s ozone shield discovered over Antarctica.

1985 The Food Security Act lowered government farm supports, promoted exports, & set up the Conservation Reserve Program.

1985 Coca Cola introduces its new formula – no one wants it.

1985 James Beard, culinary expert and cookbook author, died in New York at age 81.

1985 Perrier introduced Perrier with ‘a twist of lemon’ – its first new product in 125 years.

1985 Cherry Coke is introducing. Actually, soda fountains (remember them?) had been making them for decades.

1985 Clarence Nash died. The original voice of Donald Duck.

1985 Nathan Pritikin died. A nutritionist who believed that exercise and a low fat, high unrefined carbohydrate diet helped reverse his own heart disease. He founded the Pritikin Longevity Center in 1976.

1985 The Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood, California closed after 57 years. Robert Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby, created the Cobb Salad there in 1936.

1985 First Farm Aid Concert was held at Champaign, Illinois.

1985 The four ‘unicorns’ of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus were declared to be only goats with surgically implanted horns by federal inspectors. The circus was ordering to stop advertising them as unicorns.

1985 The first McDonald’s restaurant, in Des Plains, Illinois, became the first fast food museum.

1985 The largest salmon, a chinook salmon, caught with rod and reel weighed over 97 pounds and was caught in Alaska.

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