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where was twilight filmed

where was twilight filmed

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where was twilight filmed

The original Twilight film was filmed in Oregon, see the section on the Kalama and Madison High Schools. The exterior shots in New Moon were filmed in a Vancouver area parking lot. Also the original high school building was later digitally added.


where was twilight filmed beach?

Indian Beach (aka: First Beach, La-push, Washington).Ecola State Park, which is identified in the photo, is in Cannon Beach, Oregon – not Washington. This is the location used as the surfing spot for the high school kids of Forks. The picture shown is quite recognizable as the location used in Twilight where Jacob tells Bella the Quileute legends involving their wolf origins and the “cold ones”.



where was twilight filmed in Italy?

Countless Hollywood blockbusters have been set or filmed in Italy – “The Italian Job” in Turin, “The Passion of Christ” in Matera and “Demons & Angels” in Caserta and Rome, to name but a few. In 2009, when it was announced that scenes from the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book series.

“New Moon”, would be filmed in the beautiful Montepulciano area in the province of Siena. the town gained international attention and fans began flocking to the site.

where was twilight filmed in Washington?

In the opening sequence of Twilight, Charlie and Bella drive over a huge bridge on their way to Forks. The opening sequence is a beautiful arrangement of fly-over shots of the Washington landscape, all set to the soothing banjo of “Full Moon” by The Black Ghosts.

If fans want to experience this part of the film they should make their way to the Bridge of the Gods in Washington. According to the Port of Cascade Locks website, the bridge is a toll bridge that operates 24/7. It is free to walk across, so fans can live their Twilight dreams.

where was twilight filmed
where was twilight filmed

where was twilight filmed in Canada?

You don’t need to travel far to enter the Twilight zone. Just head to Vancouver, B.C., where “Eclipse,” the third in the wildly popular vampire-love movies based on the Twilight novels, was filmed.

The book, by Stephenie Meyer, is set mostly in Forks and La Push on the Olympic Peninsula and in Seattle. But the movie, being released on June 30, was filmed in locations around Vancouver, from downtown streets to densely wooded suburban parks that substitute for places in Washington state.

where was twilight filmed cullen house?

For the movie adaptation of Twilight, a modern, rather extravagant house in Portland. That was used to be filmed as the Cullen House.  This house was featured in a magazine Portland Spaces and was noticed by the film makers. It was designed by Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture.  The owners of the house allowed the filming to take place inside and out.  The Cullen House is supposedly located in Forks Washington.  But as we have learned, most of the filming for the original Twilight movie was done here in Portland and the surrounding area.

For New Moon and Eclipse they used another home in Vancouver BC area. For Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 they broke down the house in Vancouver. They loaded it on semi-trucks and transported it to the Louisiana sound stage where those films were made. It’s amazing that it is still so easily accessible for Twilight fans.

where was twilight filmed
where was twilight filmed

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