The cake cone,

often called a wafer cone, is considered the most basic of all cone choices—though it is often not even cone-shaped! These light and flaky flat-bottomed options are subtle in flavor and have much less sugar than alternate varieties. They’re often used for kid-sized servings but can vary in size.

2. Sugar Cone

Sweet and sturdy, thick and crunchy, sugar cones are made with molasses and brown sugar. They tend to last longer than a cake cone before turning soggy, making them a reliable choice for your scoops!

3. Waffle Cone

Waffle cones are the best of both worlds! They bring together ingredients from both of the previous cone options:

cake and pastry flours—like the cake cone—and molasses and dark brown sugar like the sugar cone. moreover Waffle cones are made in a special press that maintains the waffled exterior,

and their conical shape is designed to collect any melty runoff. These cones also come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and flavors—and you can even make them at home!