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who is superman’s sidekick?

who is superman's sidekick?

who is superman’s sidekick?

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who is superman's sidekick?
who is superman’s sidekick?

Superman’s True Sidekick

Jonathan was Superman’s Robin, though Clark has a much gentler approach than Batman. Jonathan became an audience surrogate, especially for younger readers. Superman had shared his adventures with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen for decades.

which superman sidekick are you

Every Superman fan knows that the character has evolved several times and not only in theatres. It seems like since its creation in the late 1920s, the comic industry went through a lot of changes, mostly due to the change in customers’ needs and also competition. It also turns out that for characters to resist time, he must endure a lot of artistic changes every once in a while. So. Which version of this great American superhero do you think you are? Take our quiz and find out now.

superman’s sidekick : All Of His Sidekicks In The Comics, Ranked

Superman hasn’t had many sidekicks because, well, he doesn’t really need one. But he’s still had a few over the years, to varying degrees of success.

8 Beppo The Super Monkey

The Silver Age of comics led to some weird additions to Superman’s lore. For example, the ability to project rainbows from his hands. One of the stranger changes was when DC decided to give Superman a monkey sidekick. His name was Beppo.

Much like how Superman resembles a normal human, Beppo is actually a Kryptonian simian who blends in with Earth monkeys. Not much else really needs to be said: He’s a goofy character. He didn’t last very long, and for good reason.

7 Krypto The Superdog

Krypto fits in a very similar vein as Beppo, a forced attempt to create more sidekicks for Superman. Unlike Beppo though, Krypto has had more of a legacy over the years. The initial version of him was a basic dog with Superman’s powers.

6 Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy doesn’t wear a mask or a cape but he is a dedicated photographer of the Daily Planet. Considered to be Superman’s best pal, Jimmy has assisted both Superman and Clark Kent. It seemed like DC wanted Jimmy to be Superman’s answer to Robin.

Unfortunately, over the years, Jimmy Olsen has become nothing more than a background character. He rarely ever helps Superman on adventures and is more often a damsel in distress more than Lois Lane is.

5 The Eradicator

So the Eradicator is not exactly a sidekick and more of a temporary replacement. Still, the Eradicator is worth mentioning among Superman’s sidekicks because he does help the Man of Steel in a way. It was originally created with xenophobic intentions: Keep Krypton’s purity and destroy any race that may corrupt it.

4 Steel (John Henry Irons)

One of the heroes that emerged after the “death” of Superman, John Henry Irons was a brilliant weapons engineer who worked for AmerTek. During Doomsday’s attack on Metropolis, Irons attempted to fend off Doomsday with a large hammer. Obviously, it didn’t go well and Irons was knocked unconscious.

Irons awoke after Superman had already died at Doomsday’s hand. This, plus the rise in crime in Metropolis, inspired Irons to create a mechanical suit of armor. Sporting the iconic Superman logo, he fought crime in Metropolis. Of all the Supermen who rose after Doomsday’s attack, Irons was the one who carried Superman’s ideals and mission the best.

3 Superboy (Jonathan Kent)

Named after the man who raised Clark, Jonathan Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane. Jon Kent lived a rather normal life at first but after he and his mother were captured, his powers came out. This soon led to the truth about his father and he became the newest Superboy.

The character of Jon Kent is one of the best things to come out of Convergence and Rebirth. His dynamic with his father is perfect and he has a charming friendship with Batman’s son, Damian. Unfortunately, Jonathan Kent’s development was botched when the character was aged drastically to his teens after an event.

2 Superboy (Connor Kent)

The original Superboy was not the son of Clark. Instead, he was a clone created from Superman’s and Lex Luthor’s DNA. The character was another one of the Supermen introduced upon the Man of Steel’s death. Superboy would later become a member of the Young Justice comics.

1 Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

Of course, the most iconic of Superman’s sidekicks is Supergirl. But, to be fair, the term of sidekick seems a bit reductive when referring to someone like Kara Zor-El. Kara is actually the older cousin of Kal-El but she was lost in hypersleep for decades. So when she arrived on Earth, she was still a teenager.

Supergirl deals with a lot of loss and struggles with adjusting to Earth. Over the years, Supergirl has evolved from a forced teenaged sidekick to her own hero. Supergirl became the star of her own TV series and is a leading character in the Injustice universe.

who is superman's sidekick?
who is superman’s sidekick?

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