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who makes reliabilt doors

who makes reliabilt doors

who makes reliabilt doors

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A door is a hinged or otherwise movable barrier that allows ingress (entry) into and egress (exit) from an enclosure. The created opening in the wall is a doorway or portal. A door’s essential and primary purpose is to provide security by controlling access to the doorway (portal). Conventionally, it is a panel that fits into the doorway (portal) of a building, room, or vehicle. Doors are generally made of a material suited to the door’s task. Doors are commonly attached by hinges, but can move by other means, such as slides or counterbalancing.

The door may be able to move in various ways (at angles away from the doorway/portal, by sliding on a plane parallel to the frame, by folding in angles on a parallel plane, or by spinning along an axis at the center of the frame) to allow or prevent ingress or egress. In most cases, a door’s interior matches its exterior side. But in other cases (e.g., a vehicle door) the two sides are radically different.


Many doors incorporate locking mechanisms to ensure that only some people can open them (such as with a key). Doors may have devices such as knockers or doorbells by which people outside announce their presence. (In some countries, such as Brazil, it is customary to clap from the sidewalk to announce one’s presence.).

who makes reliabilt doors
who makes reliabilt doors

Apart from providing access into and out of a space, doors may have the secondary functions of ensuring privacy by preventing unwanted attention from outsiders, of separating areas with different functions, of allowing light to pass into and out of a space, of controlling ventilation or air drafts so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled, of dampening noise, and of blocking the spread of fire.

Doors can have aesthetic, symbolic, ritualistic purposes. Receiving the key to a door can signify a change in status from outsider to insider.[1] Doors and doorways frequently appear in literature and the arts with metaphorical or allegorical import as a portent of change.

Where To Buy Reliabilt Doors?

Reliable doors that are built to last, that’s what Reliabilt Doors are all about.

For homebuilders, contractors and especially for couples who are building their dream homes, choosing the right type of doors can be a tricky issue. Deciding on the price, quality, and design is like crossing the bridge halfway. You can cover certain issues but you can never get to a strong decision. Of course, there are other concerns along the way like:

What interior-exterior door combination would look consistent with the whole concept of the house? Have you scanned the neighborhood yet? What kind of material can stand against the weather conditions in your area? What type of door would be safe if you have kids running around the living room? Is the door energy efficient? Does it come with tax credit? Would you go for a cheap sliding patio door with poor quality that is likely to last for only a year? Or would you choose a high-quality swinging French door that costs a fortune?

More way :

Does the design and aesthetic cohesion matter to you more? Or do you consider durability and the capacity to withstand harsh weather and conditions above all else? And while other manufacturers let you pick one feature over another, Reliabilt Doors offers a wide variety of doors which can address every specifics you may think of.

Reliabilt Doors are good quality doors that are available at a reasonable price, even cheap – a true value for your money.  These doors are made by manufacturers that are molded and driven by customer service and product innovation throughout the years.

Why Are Reliabilt Doors Relatively Cheap?

Reliabilt Doors are one of the brands distributed by Lowe’s – a home improvement and appliance store. As one of the leading companies in the business, Lowe’s is able to minimize the cost of retailing Reliabilt Doors by purchasing the products in bulk so customers are sure to get the quality that they deserve at the price they can afford.

You can check out Reliabilt Doors review online to know what other people have to say about the products. The review might even help you decide on what Reliabilt door to use on your garage or patio.

What Reliabilt Doors are available in the market?

Although Reliabilt is a house brand of Lowe’s, different manufacturers supply the actual products. To give you an idea on what Reliabilt door are selling in the market,

check out the list below:

  • Reliabilt Garage Doors – most Reliabilt garage doors are manufactured by Amarr. They make all sorts of garage doors from wood to steel that are low maintenance and energy efficient.
  • Reliabilt French Doors – fiberglass-paneled doors that comes in sliding, single-door, double-door, bi-fold or multi-fold.
  • Reliabilt Interior Doors – supplied by Jeld-wen Doors. They make all-paneled, glass-paneled, bi-fold and louver types of interior doors. You can also check out Jeld-wen Exterior doors which are also available at Lowe’s.
  • Reliabilt Patio Doors – when it comes to patio doors, one of the leading manufacturers Reliabilt trusts is Masonite Doors. They make swinging, sliding and folding patio doors that are guaranteed to withstand even the most extreme conditions in your place.
  • Reliabilt Exterior Doors – one of the pioneers and modern innovator when it comes to fiberglass door-making is Therma-tru Doors. Their latest creation is the fiberglass entry door system that are not only energy savers but space optimizers as well.

What do you need to know about Reliabilt doors?

When it comes to choosing the best doors homeowners would like to get the best possible quality for their money. Are you looking for a new entrance door, or a garage door? Whether patio , French or interior doors, at a certain point the necessity to find a reliable and aesthetically pleasing product drives the need to search the market. We shall focus your attention on Reliabilt doors and see their advantages and disadvantages.

who makes reliabilt doors
who makes reliabilt doors

Who makes Reliabilt doors?

It is important to clear out that Reliabilt doors is a brand name distributed by Lowe’s – a home improvement and appliance store and different manufacturers of doors offer their products under the brand name. Exterior and interior doors are manufactured by different companies and their reputation is very good which gives a guarantee that your Reliabilt door will meet all your requirements. After being manufactured the doors get a Reliabilt badge slapped onto them and are sold to Lowe’s.The product range includes garage, French,interior,patio and exterior doors.

What are the advantages of Reliabilt doors?

One of the major pros of Reliabilt doors is the affordable price. Usually the doors come in prefinished steel or fiberglass but there is a great number of colors and finishes available. The glass panel designs give you lots of choices too so you can basically have a custom made door which will complement your home interior and exterior.

Another great advantage is the energy efficient insulated glass of the doors which is of significance when people seek best quality. Although you need to choose the hardware separately, the doors come ready to install, and if you are a DIY project man, this is good news for you. Of course, customers can use the service of professional installers to do the installation.

Are Reliabilt Doors any good?

When it comes to buying cheaper doors such as these, there may be some concerns about the product durability and quality. So how do you know if they are any good? The first thing to ask is who makes the doors? Reliabilt branded doors are not actually made by the company. Instead they sell doors which are made on their behalf by other manufacturers. These doors are then rebranded, and have a Reliabilt badge slapped onto them. The shiny new doors are then sold by Lowes.

So in order to answer the question of build quality, we need to take a look at the companies who actually make these doors in the first place.

Who makes Reliabilt Doors for Lowes?

From our understanding there are two companies that manufacture these doors. The bulk of the entry doors are all made by a company called Jeld Wen. And the interior doors seem to made by a company called Masonite inc. Let’s talk about these two companies very briefly to give you a small idea of their heritage.

Where Reliabilt doors manufactured?

Klamath Falls
JELD-WEN and Reliabilt Interior Bifold Doors manufactured by JELD-WEN, Inc. Details: JELD-WEN and Reliabilt Interior Bifold Doors manufactured by JELD-WEN, Inc. of Klamath Falls, Ore.; sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other retailers between February 2011 and March 2012.

who makes reliabilt doors
who makes reliabilt doors

Does Jeld Wen make Reliabilt doors?

ReliaBilt Doors sold exclusively through Lowe’s, which accounts for their reasonable price. Two different manufacturers make the doors themselves: Jeld Wen and Masonite Inc. Both of these manufacturer’s aim to maintain customer satisfaction by creating the doors from high-quality materials.

Is Reliabilt a Lowe’s brand?

The Lowes salesman that sold me the door told me that Reliabilt and Jeld-wen are the same company, they make separate HD and Lowes brands so you can’t price match between the 2 stores.

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