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Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

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Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

First, there are super-dense blood vessels in our nasal that support hair growth. Next, there are two common types of nose hair: growing normally and growing curly.

Basically, when the hair grows curly, you won’t notice its change in length until it unfurls, becomes longer, and is ready to annoy us.

Also, aging is another common cause of long, thick, and coarse hair.

As you get older, the hair follicles become more sensitive to the hormones and extend their lives when long-exposed to the hormones.

Apart from that, physiological characteristics also affect hair properties, and men tend to have nose hair that’s thick, coarse, and grows long.

Why do nose hairs grow so fast?
Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

How Hairs Grow?

All the hairs on your body have a three-stage lifecycle:

  • In the anagen stage, the hair grows quickly as new cells get added to the “bulb” or base of the hair “follicle.”
  • In the catagen stage, the hair stops growing as the cells in the bulb responsible for hair growth die off. The hair stays put but doesn’t get any longer.
  • In the telogen stage, which happens around a few weeks after the catagen stage, the cells in the bulb rest and regenerate. When they’re ready, new hair starts to grow again, and the old hair falls out. Now we’re back to the anagen stage.

While all hairs in your body go through the same three stages, they do it at different rates. How long a hair eventually grows is determined by how long it stays in anagen. Head hairs can remain in anagen for years and grow to over three feet long, while most body hairs only stay in anagen for a couple of weeks and so grow to less than an inch.

what causes long nose hair?

Aging is the most common cause of nose hair that grows long and thick. That’s because your hair follicles, even the ones in your nose, grow in cycles.

As you grow older, your hair follicles may develop what’s called “anagen sensitivity.”

That means that the follicles become more sensitive to the hormones in your body. Exposure to hormones in your body can then prolong the growth phase of the hair follicles so that they grow longer and more coarse.

You may be more or less prone to having long nose hair depending on your family history. Men are more prone to having nose hairs that grow long.

The Role Of Nose Hair

Nose hair plays a vital role in protecting the respiratory system and our overall health.

The hairs prevent dust and debris from trapping in the upper nasal passage, passing into nostrils, or entering the body, thus helping avoid infection and respiratory diseases.

Also, lubricated nose hairs maintain the moisture content in the air you breathe, thus protecting you from getting sick.

They also attract and trap pathogens to reduce the risk of developing asthma if you have seasonal inflammation.

Why Should You Remove Nose Hair?

Although playing an essential role in our body, overlong and thick nose hairs coming out of the nostrils won’t make us look attractive but untidy and unappealing.

Not to mention, coarse and over-density nasal hairs can impede the airflow and bother us the whole day.

That’s why many choose to trim off their nasal hairs. As long as you use a proper method, you will protect your aesthetic while not harming your health.

Why do nose hairs grow so fast?
Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

Methods of nose hair removal

It is generally safe for people to remove nose hair by either trimming it with a nose hair trimmer or undergoing laser hair removal.

Trimming with a nose hair trimmer

Nose hair trimmers can be manual or electric. Manufacturers have designed both types to fit into a person’s nostril safely without damaging the sensitive tissues inside it.

Manual nose hair trimmers are small scissors with blunt or rounded ends.

Electric trimmers are handheld devices with small, rotating cutting blades at one end. The blades sit inside a plastic or metal guard, which stops them from contacting the skin. Small slits in the guard allow longer hairs to enter the cutting mechanism below.

A person should be able to find both manual and electric nose hair trimmers at their local drugstore or pharmacy. The trimmers may be available separately or as part of a personal grooming kit.

Nose hair trimmers are very easy to use. Some general tips for using these devices include:

  • blowing the nose before trimming to get rid of any mucus around the hairs
  • using a magnifying mirror to see the hairs in more detail
  • leaning the head back when trimming to increase visibility inside the nostrils
  • placing the trimmers close to the skin when trimming
  • cutting only the most visible hairs and leaving the rest intact
  • blowing the nose again afterward to remove any loose hairs

The advantage of nose hair trimmers is that they allow a person to shorten only one or two protruding hairs. As a result, the majority of hairs remain intact and able to protect the airways.

The most significant disadvantage of nose trimmers is that the hairs will grow back. When this happens, a person will need to trim them again.

Why do nose hairs grow so fast?
Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

Nose Hair Laser Removal

Laser nose hair removal is used to remove those unwanted hairs that protrude from the nostrils.

Like all types of laser hair removal, it involves the use of laser light technology. With this method, the laser destroys the hair follicles and prevents hair from growing back.

The process begins by cooling and numbing the skin to minimize discomfort. The hairs at the base of the nostrils are then targeted with a laser. The laser destroys the follicle and the root of the hair so that it cannot grow back.

The process is not painful, but some patients say they feel minor discomfort. Many people equate the feeling of the laser to the sensation of snapping a rubber band against the skin. And though the feeling may be unusual for some people, it only takes a few seconds to perform.

Laser nose hair removal does not remove all of the hair from inside your nostrils — it is only performed at the edge of your nostrils. The laser is never used inside the nasal tract, and that’s because nasal hair is extremely important.

Nasal hair is needed to filter debris, pollen, and allergens out of the nasal cavity. Without it, we’d be breathing in all sorts of undesirable elements.

With laser hair removal, the important hair inside the nasal tract remains. Only the hairs that protrude outside the nostrils are removed.

Though the process is brief, it does require multiple sessions, and that’s because hairs grow in different stages. For the laser to be effective in destroying the follicle, the hair needs to be in the growth stage. Multiple sessions are necessary in order to capture every individual hair in that stage.

How to Prepare for Laser Nose Hair Removal?

The first step in preparing for laser hair removal is to have a consultation with a certified and licensed laser technician. During that consultation, your technician will give you instructions on what to do in the weeks and days leading up to your first treatment.

In the weeks leading up to your first session, it is important to stay out of the sun. For the laser to be most effective, the skin must have its natural levels of melanin.

In the days prior to your first treatment, you’ll need to avoid taking certain medications, such as blood thinners and pain relievers. In addition, you’ll need to stop using other hair removal methods. It’s important that your hair is in its natural growth stage when you meet with your technician for the first time.

Your technician may allow you to trim your hair before treatment. But, they’ll give you strict instructions to avoid waxing or plucking.

Why do nose hairs grow so fast?
Why do nose hairs grow so fast?

Dose trimminge nose hair make it grow faster?

Does Trimming Nose Hair Make It Grow Back Faster and Thicker? The response to this inquiry is “NO”. This is a typical confusion about body hairs. Nostril hairs are a significant piece of the invulnerable framework, as they are a compelling channel against soil, residue, and a wide range of allergens.

Here Comes the fantasy buster, hair follicles will not develop back thicker or quicker in the wake of shaving, culling, or eliminating. Here are explanations behind this conviction and how to manage nostril hairs securely and adequately.

  • Many individuals notice more body hairs as the year’s pass. This is a typical event with maturing. As chemical levels change, it influences the body’s hairs. For instance, they may thicken and obscure in certain spaces. For certain individuals, this is an issue, and they try to free the body of these unattractive hairs.
  • Many individuals try to cull hairs that show up unattractive. This is certifiably not a smart thought, particularly with those situated inside the nostrils. Nostril hairs are a significant piece of the safe framework, as they are a viable channel against soil, residue, and a wide range of allergens. This channel holds numerous things back from arriving at your lungs.
  • When aggravations are successfully sifted from the lungs they work better. This assists with keeping up lung wellbeing. Numerous individuals notice an expansion in nostril hairs after they quit smoking. Smoking detrimentally affects cilia in the bronchial cylinders and can influence nasal hairs moreover.

As of now, there is no logical proof to help this case. If you wish to manage these hairs, it is ideal to use an item that is made for that reason. This will be the most secure and best approach to prep. Be certain that you don’t call them, as this can harm follicles, and they may not develop back. You need these hairs in your noses to secure the lungs.


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