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william shatner plastic surgery

william shatner plastic surgery

william shatner plastic surgery

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william shatner plastic surgery
william shatner plastic surgery

William Shatner 2021

‘Take it easy, nothing matters in the end’: William Shatner at 90, on love, loss and Leonard Nimoy

I think I’m arriving good and early for my interview with William Shatner when I click on our video chat link 10 minutes ahead of time. But Shatner has arrived even earlier: there he is, as soon as my Zoom screen opens, poking away at his computer.

“I like to get in early to ease my mind. But it’s OK, I can meditate afterwards,” he says. His tone is often heavily ironical, as if he is daring you to accuse him of playing a joke on you.

This has led to much discussion from fans about “the Shatner persona”, although Shatner scoffs at the phrase. “I don’t know what that even is,” he says.

I think they think you play up to their expectations, I say.

“What are their expectations?

That I’m Captain Kirk? Well, I am Captain Kirk! I don’t know what people mean when they talk about my persona. I’m just myself. If you’re not yourself, who are you?”

As it happens, I am asking myself those exact three words: who are you, strange person talking to me from my laptop? He certainly sounds like Shatner. But Shatner turned 90 in March, and the man in front of me doesn’t look more than 60, as he bounces about in his seat, twisting to show me the view around him, with the agility of a man two decades younger. Is this actually Shatner or a celebrity lookalike? You look amazing for 90, Bill, I say cautiously.

“Ninety?! A lie! Who told you that, CNN?”

Yes, and every single other news outlet.

“The press has spread this ridiculous rumour. I’m 55,” he says, and he really does look like he could be.

But you first appeared on Star Trek 55 years ago, I say, beginning to doubt myself.

“Oh, OK. Then I’ll admit to being 90,” he grins, enjoying my discombobulation.

There is a website dedicated to Shatner’s toupee, but his youthful appearance goes much further than impressive hair. Has he had some serious work done?

“No. Have you?” he shoots back.

No, because I’m just a journalist and can’t afford it, I say.

“Ha! Well, I don’t have any secret potions.

\It must be genetic. I ride a lot of horses and I’m into the bewilderment of the world, so I open my heart and head into the curiosity of how things work,” he says. I’m not sure if “the bewilderment of the world” is an ingredient Olay can bottle, but it certainly works for Shatner. That, and horses.

“Yes, I’m a competitive rider in an equine skill called reining. I don’t know if you know it, but it’s very athletic and cowboyish,” he says. This is not the only animal-based exercise Shatner has been up to lately.

“Have you heard of Shark Week?” he asks, our interview drifting ever further from my original expectations.

The annual week of shark TV shows on the Discovery Channel?

“Exactly! So they asked me to do it this year, and last month I went to the Bahamas to swim with sharks. Eighteen-foot tiger sharks! They put a 5ft shark in my lap! This will all be on TV,” he says, but then he scowls. “Although they tried to have me say dialogue like: ‘Yes, it’s me, the William Shatner.’ I don’t say that! They had this concept of my persona, as you’d say, and it was just some idiot.”

Shatner is talking to me from his lovely home in Los Angeles, where he has lived for more than 50 years, and his three daughters and five grandchildren all live nearby. He has filled his house, he says proudly, “with love and art”. So much art, in fact, that he cannot fit any new art on the walls, “and that’s a problem”. I had assumed there wasn’t much love currently because, in 2019, at the age of 88, he filed for divorce from Elizabeth Anderson Martin, his fourth wife of 18 years. And yet, when the landline rings, he tells me: “It’s for my wife, she’ll pick it up.”

Aren’t they divorced?

“That’s a long story. I don’t know if this is an appropriate time to get into the reasoning, but I’ve done something really nice,” he says and chuckles to himself.

Did he get un-divorced?

“Well, that’s always hanging there and that makes the relationship really good. Maybe that’s the explanation and I’ve found the solution!” he says, now full-on cackling.

william shatner plastic surgery
william shatner plastic surgery

So he spent lockdown with his fourth wife?

“Yes. Are you married?” he asks, not very subtly changing the subject.

Well, I say, I’ve lived with someone for a decade.

“And how’s it going?” he asks.

Well, we have three kids so there’s not much time to think about that, I say.

“And you bore them all?”

I what?

“You. Bore. Them. All?”

I’m not sure if he means did I give birth to them or do they all find me incredibly tedious, but either way the answer is yes.

“That makes you very busy! You’ve got a whole nest, and that feeling of nesting and belonging is critical,” he says.

Is this something he’s discovered recently?

“It’s been a gradual dawning,” he says.

Shatner has been thinking about other dawnings because over lockdown he has been working on another spoken-word album.

The casual Shatner observer is probably aware of his intensely serious spoken renditions of songs such as Rocket Man, but the real connoisseur knows that the good stuff is in the pieces he writes, which are intensely personal; or, as he puts it, “they make a philosophical point and they’re also meaningful to me”. The best-known track from his 2004 album, Has Been, was his rendition of Pulp’s Common People.

but the most extraordinary one was What Have You Done, in which he talks, voice cracking with grief, about coming home one evening and finding his third wife, Nerine Kidd.

drowned in the couple’s swimming pool. She was 40. The autopsy found that Kidd, who was an alcoholic, had taken Valium and been drinking.

I tell him how powerful I found that particular track. He looks startled.

“How do you know about What Have I Done?” he demands.

Because it’s on Has Been, I say, starting to feel that confusion again.

“Is there a track on Has Been called What Have I Done?” he asks.

It’s called What Have You Done.

It’s the one about your wife, I say.

“Oh my wife! Yes, my wife, that’s right. I didn’t make the connection but there’s a track on the new album called What Have I Done. Hmm, interesting,” he muses.

Despite having apparently forgotten the song’s title, it sounded like it meant a lot to him when he recorded it. I ask if it was hard to talk about his wife’s death in the recording studio.

“I couldn’t get through it. It took me several tries. I can see you’ve had some tragedies and it never goes away, right? And with What Have You Done, who is the question aimed at? Sometimes I think it’s aimed at me.

Why didn’t I do more? During that period when we were together, we were so much in love and she was drinking, but I didn’t understand addiction. Subsequently, I was able to form a charity called the Nerine Shatner Foundation, which has a house, which is connected to a halfway house and 11 women can live there. Women come up to me and say: ‘You saved my life.’ But not me; it was Nerine. She did that,” he says quietly.

william shatner plastic surgery
william shatner plastic surgery

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