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how do i level up my weapons on eternal

how do i level up my weapons on eternal

how do i level up my weapons on eternal

Hi, welcome to my website. Today I want to talk you about how do i level up my weapons on eternal in solsarin.


Eternal weapons

Eternal weapons are an interesting feature that allows one to have a single weapon through out the expansion that we are constantly upgrading and evolving.

This is quite interesting, some people quite like it and others don’t. This is always the way of things.

What I want to talk about on this fine day is not my personal opinion on this feature or whether I like it or not but about it’s effect on casual and importantly new players.

We have just had an influx of new players back to the game through the free expansion weekend.

This is good news, I personally had no problem with it and I think it’s always good to have new players and old ones coming back.

A lot of these players are currently leveling up to 70. When they reach max level and obtain their weapon they will be excited and then suddenly see what they have to do to upgrade their weapons, to catch up as it were to current levels.

I have a couple old players come back and hit 70 already and are currently wavering because of what they see as quite an uphill climb, especially for the first upgrade which is 50 event bosses.

This, in my mind shows the overall problem with eternal weapons. The upgrades are two few and with too high blocks of content for each one.

It just puts people off and at the end of the day Rift is not a hardcore, grind mmo. So you say how could we ease this down a bit Bali, you handsome dwarf you?

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  • Break up the upgrades into many incremental stages that each have smaller blocks of content. So instead of 50 bosses for one substantial upgrade make it 20 to upgrade half as powerful.
    Then perhaps 10 experts for another with other acitives etc etc. What this does is make it feel less like climbing a cliff and huge expanses of time between that cool feeling of upgrading weapons while still rewarding more hardcore players that want to burn through the quests (which is fine)
  • Have more actual quests to do rather than arbitrary amounts of in game activities. The team is capable of making some very fun quests, let’s have more!
  • Apart from quests above let’s do something about experts. Is it possible to do experts of any level as long as we are mentored? Running 100 of 4 experts only is frankly quite boring.
    I have not tried experts mentored down for a long time so I am not sure how feasible this is but lets have a look.
    This is also a nod to the idea of developing a system where experts of all levels are always viable with a capable mentoring and loot system, but I digress.
  • General variety of activities. Lets have more activities. Rather than say 100 experts lets do 20 experts, 30 instant adventures, 20 rifts, 20 footholds, dance about, make a cake etc etc.
  • Give alternatives. “What do you mean bali?, also why do you talk to yourself in a forum post?’ shut up you.
    How about 20 experts OR win 15 wfs. Don’t make people do pvp but give people an option to instead if they like.
    Trion has stated several times that most players do a bit of everything so lets give em a chance to do so

    • More Item options – We really do need more options for items. Warriors and Clerics getting access to the tank weapons at eternal is too far off in my opinion and should be accessable way sooner.
      Players should be able to transform weapons as well. For instance a cleric may prefer to use a 1 hand and off hand. Could they somehow transform the 2 hander into these items
      Could a warrior change their 2 handed sword into a pair of 1 handers if they fancied it for instance?
    • Procs – Some of them are quite clunky and difficult to actually go off. Some are fixed values and some are percentange based which may become a problem later on.
      For instance as a warrior, if I am not playing tempest I have to chuck in a lot of OGCD spells such as shields, slows or worryingly, interupts.
      If I am Riftblade I can’t take the mastery for two avatars as it is tied to regen. Lets take a look at these

Eternal Return: Black Survival – How to Level Fast Guide

"how do i level up my weapons on eternal
how do i level up my weapons on eternal

If you’re new to Eternal Return: Black Survival, you might be wondering how to level fast to get stronger. What makes this survival battle royale interesting is how creative their leveling system is. While you do have a main character level during matches, there are tons of mastery levels that build your stats. For in-depth information on how it all works, continue reading our guide below.

How to Level Up in Eternal Return: Black Survival

The trick to leveling in Eternal Return is that essentially everything you do provides experience. This means by simply playing the game, you’re more likely to level quicker than others if you use your time efficiently. Anything that provides experience to your mastery levels at the bottom left corner adds to your character level too. This includes walking, killing animals, searching containers, and more. Every time you do something that provides experience, a quick message will appear above the Mastery button.

While it’s important to gain experience for your mastery levels, you’ll still need to manage your SP carefully. This is the blue bar underneath your health that is frequently used for abilities and looting containers. If you run out of SP, you won’t be able to loot containers and depending on your character, use abilities. Also, you won’t gain experience twice for looting the same container, but it still consumes SP every time you open the same container. So be careful of wasting time looting the same container multiple times.

Every Way to Gain Experience in Eternal Return: Black Survival

how do i level up my weapons on eternal

As mentioned above, doing anything that contributes to the mastery levels will give you experience toward your main character level. If you want in-depth information on how to level each mastery and what they do, you can see more in our 10 Best Tips and Tricks guide here. Otherwise, continue reading below for a quick run-down of many ways to level.

  • Attacking players or animals gives experience with your weapon level.
  • Attacking animals specifically provides experience for the Hunt mastery.
  • Searching containers and crafting items or food gives experience.
  • Moving provides experience over time, even if it’s a bit slow.
  • Taking damage, crafting food, and healing provides experience toward your health.
  • Crafting beverages and/or using SP gives experience.

Using traps, whether it’s crafting them, hurting people with them, taking damage from them, etc.

Leveling Tips and Tricks


The previous section dives into the many ways you can gain experience in Eternal Return. So long as you take part in many of the bullet points mentioned above, you’ll consistently stay within a level or two of other players. Getting an advantage means you have to go above and beyond by either killing players or hunting tons of animals. The main benefit of leveling through combat is that you’ll gain experience for multiple mastery levels at once.

For example, attacking provides weapon experience, taking hits provides defense and health, eating food gives health, drinking beverages gives meditation, and even moving provides experience. You can still throw experience in from hunting animals or using abilities too. This is why you’re more likely to catch up and potentially pass other players by fighting, so long as you’re not spending too long doing it. Every character varies, but it’s important to kill some animals once you have your build weapon finished. Especially for a character like Jackie who gains a passive damage buff from hunting animals. Or Zahir that benefits from having higher animal kills than other players.




While it is important to do a little bit of everything, you need to learn your character first too. Over time you’ll gain a good understanding of where their build items are and how to play them well. Also, don’t be afraid to hit an enemy once or twice with an ability in the early game. Most players aren’t looking to fight and are more focused on looting, so they’ll probably ignore you altogether.

I hope this guide on how to level fast in Eternal Return: Black Survival helps you understand the game a bit more thoroughly. If you have any questions or need help with something, comment below the article. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our tier list based on wins and the 10 Best Tips and Tricks you should know.

Upgrading Doom Weapons

Throughout the many levels that you will destroy Demons inside of when playing Doom Eternal, you will find little drones. These drones will also be marked on your map, and they give you the option to pick mods for each of your weapons after collecting them.

After you pick these mods, you will be able to upgrade them, rather than upgrading the weapons base mode itself.

When you upgrade a mod, you aren’t just upgrading its damage or something simple like that. When you upgrade a mod, you are usually making it more effective and efficient, like in the case of the rocket launchers lock-on burst mod. This mod can be upgraded to have a faster reset and faster lock-on as shown above.

Upgrades cost different amounts of upgrade points usually ranging from about one to six points and can be unlocked in any order that you want. So you don’t have to start with the lowest cost upgrade to get the more expensive one that you want.

Unlocking all the upgrades that a modification has unlocks a mastery challenge for that mod. These challenges revolve around getting specific kills with the mod and once completed, that mod gets a pretty big upgrade that is permanent.

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