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will most people steal if conditions are right

will most people steal if conditions are right

will most people steal if conditions are right

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Will Most People Steal If Conditions Are Right?

The answer to this question is a complicated one. It depends on the person, their circumstances and what they are stealing. For example, if someone has been unemployed for months and needs food then it is likely that they will steal something in order to survive. On the other hand, if someone steals because they are bored or want something without paying for it then there is less of an excuse.

Many people will accuse thieves of being born with a criminal mentality. However, it is not as easy to make such judgments about someone who has never been in that situation before. Conditions are what will determine whether or not someone will steal, and when the conditions are right many people may be inclined to do so.

It’s a question we’ve all asked at one time or another: will most people steal if conditions are right? The answer depends on the individual. If you’re an honest person, then chances are that when faced with the opportunity to steal something from someone, you will say no. But what about those who aren’t so honest? What would it take for them to commit theft?

will most people steal if conditions are right
will most people steal if conditions are right

It is the desire to have more that leads us to act badly and commit theft. We need only compare our own desires for peace or health with how selfishly we act in pursuit of them; this shows that all anyone needs do for what they want is already theirs, but they just refuse to perceive it. The more you can give your attention over to understanding this truth, the less you will be tempted by desires belonging to someone else. Remember that every now and then somebody gets away with stealing something; perhaps because they were watched by a good person who knew not why they themselves stole and did not judge them for it. No one steals anything but out of.

When you need to find out the answer to a difficult question, it’s important that you look at all of the evidence. This is exactly what we will do when we examine whether or not most people would steal if conditions were right. In order to determine this, we will first have to define what “most” means in context and then compare different studies on theft rates worldwide.

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Young man in mask trying to steal a car

would most people steal?

I’ve been applying for retail jobs online and often the question comes up: “I believe most people would steal if they thought they could get away with it.” Usually you are asked to say if you strongly agree, agree, are neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree. Also, on some questionaires, this question has popped up several times throughout, each time worded slightly differently. What is the correct answer to this question? I’m not looking to hear your personal beliefs of whether or not people would steal, I’m trying to find the answers employers want to hear and why.

  1. You’re smart to get advice and prepare for these interview questions. Likely the employers asking these kinds of questions are looking to see how you feel about the ethics of stealing or if you empathize with those who do steal. Also, believing someone would steal is different from saying you’d steal yourself. Obviously this is one of those “deep” questions asked to help get a psychological look at your philosophies of life. Answer honestly and be prepared to talk about your answer further in a follow up interview. If it were me, I’d tend to agree that, in our world today, most people would steal if they thought they could get away with it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to steal myself, just that I see the slippery slope of the world sliding in that direction. Try to imagine what could be construed about you from your answer and chose accordingly.

2. I think the answer most employers look for is general disagreement, but the reasoning for your answer is what is most important. If you disagree and think most people wouldn’t steal, even if they could get away with it, your line of reasoning should be that you tend to think people are generally good and well-meaning, and that you’d like to be optimistic that people wouldn’t be that way. When answering this way you must be careful not to come across as naive. You might follow up this response by mentioning that while you feel the majority would not steal, there’d definitely be some people who would be more inclined to shoplift knowing they could get away with it.


will most people steal if conditions are right
will most people steal if conditions are right

Honestly, I think you’re backing yourself into a corner if you answer that you agree with the statement. While you may be able to come up with an extremely intelligent answer regarding why you agree, chances are the retail manager you’re having the interview with is not a very intelligent individual to begin with. He or she is looking to weed people out with certain responses (in this case that you agree most people would shoplift). They only start to listen after you’ve given what, to them, is the correct response.

3. Although nurses are in high demand, applicants are screened quite thoroughly virtually everywhere in the US. This should not show up on any background check because you wern’t convicted and it happened when you were a minor. They will absolutely ask if you’ve had any criminal convictions, but I doubt they will ask you specifically about having stolen anything. I don’t get why you HAVE to say you have stolen even if you asked. Being innocent until proven guilty in criminal court is a wonderful thing, boo.

4. I’ve always wondered about that one, too. I usually say “disagree,” because I don’t want to seem like someone who is distrustful without cause of everyone around me, but I don’t have any idea what I’m “supposed” to put.



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