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can defensive driving lower insurance

can defensive driving lower insurance

can defensive driving lower insurance

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can defensive driving lower insurance
can defensive driving lower insurance

can defensive driving reduce insurance

Completing an approved defensive driving course typically results in a car insurance discount that lasts for three years. Discounts for defensive driving courses vary from 5% to 20%. Most insurance companies offer defensive driving discounts of about 10%.

will defensive driving lower insurance

The company offers both a claims-free discount and a good driver discount. The Progressive safety course discount or defensive driving discount is also available for drivers. The Progressive defensive driving discount is about 5 percent.

why is defensive driving important

Defensive driving describes the practice of drivers who consciously reduce the dangers associated with driving. Defensive driving techniques reduce the likelihood of a collision or incident and can even save costs related to vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption, by driving smoothly and steadily.

how often should you take a defensive driving program

Knowing and understanding the traffic laws in your state are essential if you plan on being a safe driver. Taking a defensive driving course every two to four years will help you stay up to date on any laws that may have changed.

Defensive driving discount – A way to save on your car insurance

Been picked up for speeding lately, added a teen to your insurance policy or just looking to save a bit of money when it comes to your car insurance premium.

You might want to consider taking a defensive driving class.

Taking a defensive driving course can help you become a better driver while also keeping your driving record clean and putting a bit of auto insurance money back in your pocket.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider a defensive driving course.

how much you can save on your car insurance premium and the best way to choose adefensive driving course.


  • A defensive driving course can help seniors and young drivers save up to $61 annually. Some of the insurance companies even offer discounts between 5% and 10%.
  • Groups such as AARP, AAA and the Safety Council offer defensive driving courses for both older and young drivers.
  • Defensive driving courses also help drivers to remove DMV points from their driving record and thereby resulting in decreased insurance rates.
  • A defensive driving class can cost drivers $15 to $100. However, a driving course that reduces violation points from driving records may cost more.

What is defensive driving?

A defensive driving class simply teaches drivers to operate a vehicle to make safe driving strategies a key component of their driving. Here are a few of the techniques that drivers may learn:

  • Speed control: Your vehicle should be traveling at a controlled speed. Never let the car get out of control or exceed a speed that you are comfortable driving. Posted speed limits should be observed.
  • Keep your distance: Keeping a safe distance between you and other vehicles is one of the best ways to avoid an accident. Always be aware of vehicles and other obstacles around you and maintain a safe distance.
  • Always expect the unexpected: This is a significant component of defensive driving. Always be ready for the unexpected when out on the road. Never assume you know what another driver is going to do, and always be prepared to anticipate mistakes that another driver could make.
  • Always stay alert on the road: This is probably one of the most important things defensive driving teaches you. Being aware of other vehicles, cyclists and even pedestrians can mean the difference between a safe day out on the road and an accident. Check your mirrors often and keep an eye on the road several vehicles in front of you, which will help you anticipate unexpected stops.

Why do you need to take a defensive driving course?

There are several reasons why you may need to take a defensive driving class.

It may be required if you have been picked up for a DUI, you may be hoping to save money on your car insurance premium .

or maybe you just want to be a safer driver. Here are a few reasons you may want to take a defensive driving course.

Legally required:

If you have been convicted of a DUI or other serious driving offense, you may be required to take a defensive driving course to reinstate your driver’s license.

New drivers:

A newly licensed driver (think teens) can often benefit from a defensive driving course. These courses tend to be more in-depth than a standard driving course and teach new drivers’ strategies for staying safe out on the road. As a bonus, some insurance companies offer discounts on your teen’s car insurance if they take a defensive driving course.

Remove a ticket:

Some states allow you to take a defensive driving course to keep a ticket off your driving record. This can help keep points off your driving record and keep your auto insurance premium from going up.

Lower your insurance premium:

Insurance companies offer dozens of discounts, and many insurers offer a discount to drivers who complete a defensive driving course. This is particularly true for young drivers and older drivers (65+), but some car insurance companies will offer a discount regardless of your age.

Being a safe driver: Some drivers may take a defensive driving course simply as a refresher or tune-up their driving.

Are defensive driving courses worth the cost?

In most cases, a defensive driving course is worth the cost, based on the savings you could achieve after a car insurance discount is applied. If you take a defensive driving course to knock a ticket off your driving record, the savings are worth it. In many cases, your premium can go up 20 to 25% for a speeding ticket or other minor infraction.

In addition to the financial savings, a defensive driving course will make you (or your teen) a safer driver out on the road, which can be priceless when it comes to peace of mind.

What are the benefits of taking a defensive driving class?

In addition to becoming a safe driver, there are several benefits to taking a defensive driving course. Here are just a few advantages of a defensive driving course

What auto insurance companies offer defensive driving discounts?

Many insurance companies offer a defensive driving course discount. The discount amount will vary by insurer, but in most cases, it ranges from 5 to 15%. Always check with your insurer to see if they offer a defensive driving discount and ask for a list of approved schools. Here are a just few examples of insurers who offer a defensive driving discount:

How do you qualify for a defensive driving discount?

In most cases, you simply provide your insurer with a certificate of completion for the defensive driving course you passed, and they will apply the discount to your policy.

It is always a good idea to check with your insurer prior to taking a course to verify that they offer a discount and have a list of approved courses. Some insurers may only offer a discount for courses that meet certain criteria; for example, Allstate requires the course to be at least six hours long.

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