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what is a chaser in quidditch?

what is a chaser in quidditch?

what is a chaser in quidditch?

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what is a chaser in quidditch?
what is a chaser in quidditch?

what is a chaser in quidditch

Chaser was a position in the wizarding sport of Quidditch. There were three Chasers per team.
The Chasers controlled the Quaffle and attempted to get it through the goal hoops past the Keeper. Each goal was worth ten points.

Chaser is a position in the wizarding sport of Quidditch.

There are three Chasers per team.

The Chasers control the Quaffle and attempt to get it through the goal hoops past the Keeper.

Each goal is worth ten points.

History of the Chaser

The Chaser is the oldest position in the game of Quidditch, as the purpose of the game once consisted solely of scoring goals.

They were formerly known as Catchers in the early days of the game. The one major change to the role of the Chaser was in 1884.

when the rules were changed that allowed only one Chaser into the scoring area while trying to score a goal.

This was done in an effort to stop Stooging during a game.


Quidditch is a wizard sport played all over the world, by witches and wizards alike. The idea of the game is to get the most points by the end of the game.

The game ends when the Golden Snitch has been caught. The whole game is played while on broomsticks flying through the air.

pitch consists of an area set out by lines, and three hoops at either end. Quidditch is supposedly the most dangerous sport.


  • Though there is no limit imposed on the height to which the player can rise, but you cannot stray from the boundary.
  • The Captain of the team may call for time out. This is the only time a players feet can touch the ground.
  • The referee may award penalties against a team.
  • In the case of an injured player, the team must play on without a substitute.
  • The game only ends when the Snitch is caught, or by mutual consent of the two team’s captains.
  • Wands cannot be used during the match.
  • Under no circumstances are any players allowed to seize another player.


This ball is a light-weighted red ball, it has three hollowed out areas, designed to make holding the ball easier.


This ball is a black leathery ball, with an incantation on it to make it fly around and have a nasty temper. They fly at other people on the quidditch team, and it is the beaters job to protect their team mates from the bludgers.
“Nasty little buggers” – said by Oliver Wood about bludgers in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Golden Snitch

This is a small nimble golden ball with wings, that can fly around at high speeds.
Wicked fast, and damn near impossible to see. – said by Oliver Wood about the golden snitch in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

player who catches the snitch ends the game, and wins his team 150 points, which usually means the team who caught the snitch wins.


On a quidditch team there are 7 players.


There are a total of three chasers on a Quidditch team, and their job is to gain possession of the Quaffle and to score a goal by throwing the ball through the hoops at the end of the pitch. This is much more difficult than it sounds.

however; there are chasers on the other side of the field with the same objective, who can kick, and bash the chaser in order to get the ball, as well as a keeper they have to out-maneuver in order to score the goal.

Being the chaser is also dangerous due to the inclusion of Beaters, attempting to knock the chasers off of their brooms to help their teammates.

Each Quaffle scored is worth 10 points towards the final score.


These players carry bats around for the sole purpose of beating the bludgers attempting to hit, or distract the opposing teams chasers in order to make them drop the ball.

There are two beaters per team. The beaters also try and protect the members of their team, from being hit off their brooms by a bludger.

what is a chaser in quidditch?
what is a chaser in quidditch?


The keeper is like the goal keeper, they defend the hoops at the end of the pitch. There is only the one keeper.


There is one Seeker on each team, and his or her job is to catch the Golden Snitch to end the game. While catching the Golden Snitch does earn the team who caught it many points, it does not guarantee them the win of the game depending on if they are losing and how badly. However, almost always whoever catches the Snitch wins the game. This is why Seekers are often targeted in games (i.e. with Bludgers) since they play such a crucial role in the game. And, since the game doesn’t end until the Snitch is caught, there is no telling how long they will go on for. Sometimes they even last months.

Some known Hogwarts Seekers include: Harry Potter (Gryffindor), Draco Malfoy (Slytherin), Cedric Diggory (Hufflepuff) and Cho Chang (Ravenclaw). Ginny Weasley also played Seeker a few times when Harry wasn’t allowed to in the fifth and sixth books.

Viktor Krum is a Seeker as well, for Bulgaria. He catches the Snitch at the Quidditch World Cup, however they still lose the game to Ireland.


The first early form of Quidditch was played at Queerditch March (Quidditch is named after) in the eleventh century.

Since then many different variations of the sport have been played but Quidditch is vastly the most popular

There were also early names of the Chaser and the Beater which were the Catcher and the Blooder.

During the early 1100’s Snidget hunting was a big sport. It involved killing a Snidget which was a very fast bird similar to the Golden Snith. When almost all of them went extinct a blacksmith by the name of Bowman Wright crafted a ball which replicated the speed and look of the bird. This then led to the Golden Snitch being included in Quidditch.


These are the 10 most common fouls in Quidditch:

  • Blagging (All players): Seizing opponents broom to slow them down.
  • Blatching (All players): Flying with intent to collide.
  • Blurting (All players): Locking broom handles to steer opponent off course.
  • Bumphing (Beaters): Hitting a bludger to the crowd.
  • Cobbing (All players): Excessive use of elbows towards a player.
  • Flacking (Keeper): Sticking any anatomy in a hoop to punch the Quaffle out.
  • Haversacking (Chasers): Hand still on Quaffle as it goes through a goal hoop.
  • Quaffle-pocking (Chasers): Tampering with Quaffle.
  • Snitchnip (All except Seeker): Any player except for the seeker touching or catching the Golden Snitch.
  • Stooging (Chasers): More than one chaser entering the scoring area.

There are over 700 listed fouls in the Department of Magical Games and Sports Records but 85% of them are listed about different spells being used. The other 10% are just silly fouls like attacking a player with an axe etc.

what is a chaser in quidditch?
what is a chaser in quidditch?


  • Bludger Backbeat: The Beater hits the Bludger backwards.
  • Dopplebeater Defence: Both Beaters hit the Bludger at the same time for extra power.
  • Double Eight loop: The Keeper swerves around all three hoops at high speed to block the Quaffle.
  • Hawkshead Attacking Formation: Chasers form an arrowhead pattern and fly to the hoops.
  • Parkin’s Pincer: Two chasers close in on an opposing Chase on either side while a third flies headlong towards them.
  • Plumpton Pass: A seemingly careless move by the Seeker to scoop the Snitch in the Seeker’s sleeve.
  • Porskoff Play: The chaser flies up with the Quaffle to make the opposing Chasers believe that he is intending to score but the Chaser throws the Quaffle down to another Chaser to score.
  • Reverse Pass: A Chaser throws the Quaffle over one shoulder to a team member.
  • Sloth Grip Roll: Hanging upside down from a broom, gripping tightly with hands and feet to avoid a bludger.
  • Starfish and Stick: The Keeper holds the broom horizontally with one hand and one foot curled around the handle while keeping all limbs outstretched.
  • Transylvanian Tackle: This is a fake punch at the nose. A long as contact is not made, the move is not illegal.
  • Woollongong Shimmy: A high speed zig-zagging movement intended to throw of opposing chasers.
  • Wronski Feint: The Seeker hurtles down towards the ground pretending to have seen the Snitch but pulls out of the dive at the last second to make the other Seeker crash.
what is a chaser in quidditch?
what is a chaser in quidditch?

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